A Twist In Thyroid

16 Year Old Jessica's world has totally changed when she was diagnose with Stage IIV Thyroid Cancer. She meets a suspiciously drop dead gorgeous guy and her whole world flips.


1. 1. When Petals Fall

Hi, My name is Jessica Corley. I am 16 years old struggling with stage IIV Thyroid. I am doing okay, trying to survive. My mother Anna is currently struggling with depression and schizophrenia. She's in a mental hospital and recovering slowly like a puzzle. Piece by piece. I attend Harley Ran High School. It's a public school full of full on bitches and I try to avoid them as best as I can. I do not have many friends... I am considered "not popular and cool" and left behind because I look pale all the time due to cancer. THANKS A LOT CANCER YOU MAKE ME LOOK FABULOUS. While I lay on my bed, I loom over at the roses from prom, slowly dying. It makes me feel free and infinite when I think about dying.. I want to die. I immediately spring up when I suddenly hear the doorbell ring.

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