Liam's Muse

Liam is a shy, quiet, sweet writer. Cecily, is a loud, good-hearted, girl with a free spirit.

After unexpectedly meeting each other, they find that they are exactly what each other need.

Find out what happens!
( sequel to Harry's slave)


5. Chapter 5

Cecily's POV

I  woke up, and heard small groans coming from the room across the hall. I got up to investigate.

I found Liam hunched over a desk, scribbling speedily.

He put his pen down for a second and grabbed his hand.

"You know, it would be much easier to type" I said eyeing his Mac.

He looked up startled, then calmed his glance.

" I guess it would, but  then It would be difficult to bring to people."
He explained.

I was about to say something about emailing, but then a word caught my eye.

" can I see?" I asked him gesturing to the papers.

He nodded, handed them to me, and then blushed.

I read

' C is perfect. C is fine. C is the only one that I want to be mine.'

Was the first poem.

Who was this 'C' girl?

I read a couple others and they were really good.

" Woah, Prince Liam, these are great! You should make a writenow account!" 

He looked at me quizzically.

"It's a site online that let's others read your writing!"
I explained.

"Oh cool."

I stayed at Liam's the night, helping him make an account, and post the poems.

After, we crawled into his bed.

" Do you mind if I stay the night?" I asked softly.

He shook his head. 

"I'm just the prince, you're the princess." He said smiling warmly.

We agreed to sleep in his bed on opposite sides. 

It ended up with my face in his comforting chest and his muscular arms wrapped around me.


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