Liam's Muse

Liam is a shy, quiet, sweet writer. Cecily, is a loud, good-hearted, girl with a free spirit.

After unexpectedly meeting each other, they find that they are exactly what each other need.

Find out what happens!
( sequel to Harry's slave)


3. Chapter 3

Cecily's POV

I wave my mom good bye and climb onto my red bicycle. 

I'm riding to my new apartment, I finally get to move out! It's only a couple of streets away from my family home, but hey, I'm cool with that.

I hadn't ridden my bike in a while, and it made a funny sort of duck noise when the wheels revolved.

I had gone a few miles when it happened.

The chain fell of the gears, and I had no control of how fast I was going. 

I looked around frantically, and finally decided to jump off into a nearby bush. 

I jumped into the prickly green leaves, and my bike went wheeling away without me down the hill.

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