Liam's Muse

Liam is a shy, quiet, sweet writer. Cecily, is a loud, good-hearted, girl with a free spirit.

After unexpectedly meeting each other, they find that they are exactly what each other need.

Find out what happens!
( sequel to Harry's slave)


2. Chapter 2

Liam's POV 




Stupid paper.

Stupid pen.

Stupid, stupid words.

They can mean very many things.

Here's the difference:

"Hi mom" is lame compared to

And that one word can change everything.

Just one word.

I can't write. I have no idea what to do.

I have an acute case of writers block, which nobody believes to exist. I used to write beautiful things.

Poems, sonnets, and I even wrote a few plays.

Ever since I broke up with my ex, Sameerah, I haven't been able to write.

Ugh. I'm so sick with myself.

I crumpled up the paper and decided to go for a run around town. I live in London, and I usually go for a jog around the small shoppes.


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