Thawing of heart

Tom Riddle is evil- that fact is well known, isn't it? But what if Tom Riddle found a way to travel forward in time, to the year 2013? What if he met the children of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley? They would be immediate enemies, of course. But what if there was a girl, a muggle-born girl called Aly, the girl that would begin the thawing of his heart?
"I'm not who, or what, I seem. You should stay away from me, or you will get hurt."
"You think I haven't realised that already? I know that you have a secret, a crippling secret, and that your heart has been bandaged up way too many times, so many times that you have encased it in ice. I want to help you thaw that ice."


1. Fifth Year

hey, this is my new book, I hope you like it :) and just a warning; this book contains evil slytherins!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

sorry, i kind of spazzed out there...

Tom Riddle strode down the hallways, prefect badge shining on his chest as he checked for late night stragglers, pointedly ignoring the Slytherins that were painting the great hall blue and giving a gryffindor detention for forgetting the gryffindor common room password. All was normal in Hogwarts; well, as normal as a magic school could get, as Hogwarts was, without doubt, a school of magic.

Tom hexed a muggleborn Hufflepuff that was wandering past the transfiguration common room and continued on to the library, where he strode in like he owned the place, ever the pompous Slytherin. Pulling a book from the restricted section, he placed a muffling spell on the book and opened the cover. These books had a habit of screaming at him, which was quite annoying. But before he could read, a torn-out page wrapped around a small object thumped to the ground. He opened it, staring at the compass-like thing and reading the page.

It's a time-turner.

Grinning, he decided to have some fun. Switching the device to forward, he put the chain around his neck and turned it once, twice, three times. But he had misjudged these turns; had he read more of the page he would have realised that this was a special time-turner, different to all others. And so, he was sent forward to the library of 2013.


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