Finally Wanted

Fight the pain. The emptiness. Why won't it go away? Molly is a 18 year old girl with
a complicated life. Her mother died and on top of the her dad abuses her. But when a boy comes in her life does he save her from all the bad things?


10. Lazy Day

I was awakened by sweet kisses that were placed upon my neck. I giggle when I see his hair is all messed up. "I'm glad your awake, I was getting lonely," His voice was soft and gentle. "Aww. Your like a little sad puppy," I joke as he makes a cute little pouty face. I crawl on top of him letting my hair dangle down in his face. He laughs loudly. "your hair is tickling me," I laugh at him and sit up on his stomach. I pull my hair band off of my wrist and throw my hair up in a messy bun. I lean down inches away from his face. "God your so beautiful," he grins a little as I blush. I take my teeth and gently tug on his bottom lip. He groans and pulls me in closer. I could feel his breath on my lips. When we make full contact he wraps his arms around my waist and sits up not breaking the kiss. He licks my bottom lip asking for entrance. I open my lips letting him slip his tongue in. His tongue explored my mouth. He flips me over to where he's on top. He kisses my neck and back up to behind my ear. I shiver and he smirks. "Just found the sweet spot," he chuckles a little and attaches our lips back together. One hand cradles my neck and one hand on right cheek. "Do you want to have a lazy day today?" He grumbles upon my lips. I nod desperately just so I can stay in his arms all day. He laughs and says ok. "Well I'm going to get us some coffee," I start to get up as he grabs my arm. He protests," no. Let me. Stay here an find us a movie," I smile an nod. He kisses my lips and gets out from under the covers. Oh. My. I gasp. He chuckles. I stare at him as he stands there only in his underwear. "You like what you see?" He chuckles. I realize I was starring and look down embarrassed. He chuckles once more and starts to walk off. "Yes I do," I say in a small voice and laughing a little. I was hoping for him not to hear but he did. I hear him laugh. "Thanks, love," I hear him echo through the house. I stood up and walked over to the movies. Boring. Boring. Not boring. I picked up a romantic comedy an pushed it in. I jump back into bed shortly after to see the curly headed boy with only boxers on. His body was glorious. I can tell he works out a lot by his stomach and arms. He hands me my coffee and a cookie. "Thank you," I cheer like a little kid. He laughs and says your welcome baby. "So what movie are we watching?" He asks pulling me closer to him with His bare skin on mine. It felt so right to be in his arms. "I don't know. Some romantic comedy." I look up at him and smile. "I love you so much," "I love you to my little munchkin," he says as he kisses my lips sweetly. As the movie plays are legs tangle together and my head lays on his bare chest.

Hey guys it Kylie! I'm sorry I havnt updated I've been very busy. But like comment and favorite. And give me your feedback on this chapter. Love y'all byeeee

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