Finally Wanted

Fight the pain. The emptiness. Why won't it go away? Molly is a 18 year old girl with
a complicated life. Her mother died and on top of the her dad abuses her. But when a boy comes in her life does he save her from all the bad things?


1. Bruises

Molly's Pov. When I awake all the memories flood back from the previous night. Bruises and cuts covered my body from head to toe. My dad, Mark, beat me because I wasn't asleep.He wasn't always like this. 3 years ago. Laughter filled the room as my mom, Jenny, told a joke. We had loads of fun,but not anymore " Well I'll be back at 5:00. Love you guys!"With that my mom closed the door. We soon later get a phone call from the hospital. They said she got hot strait on by a car,and was killed instantly. My dad stayed depressed for days,while I started cutting. After a while he got abusive. Hitting me. Cutting me. Each day it got worse and worse. Present Time.

Sorry I would continue but my phones acting up I'll continue in just a minute. -Kylie

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