Finally Wanted

Fight the pain. The emptiness. Why won't it go away? Molly is a 18 year old girl with
a complicated life. Her mother died and on top of the her dad abuses her. But when a boy comes in her life does he save her from all the bad things?


5. Breakfast

Molly's POV: I yawned and stretched my head to check the time on the clock. It read 8:00. As I sat up I remembered the kiss and the fight. I frowned thinking about what happened last night but then grinned because of the kiss. Wait. The frown popped back on my face as I just realized that the kiss was a dream, but the fight wasn't. I groaned and heard I quiet voice singing in the kitchen. I crept up behind him slowly but quickly grabbed his sides and said boooo. He jumped so high it was unbelievable. His breathing was rough as he said,"Stop doing that," He had a playful mad look on his face. Which made me laugh way harder than I should have. He chuckled at me before he spoke. "Do you want some breakfast? I'm making pancakes, bacon, and eggs." I gasped at him. "How dare you make pancakes! We both know waffles are much better." I giggled at him as his mouth formed an 'o' shape. He got sassy and said," oh I see how it is," he gave me a smirk and dipped his finger in the batter and smeared it on my face. My mouth dropped as he laughed so hard tears filled his eyes. I wiped it off my face and faked crying. It looked real because I took acting acting in highschool. I fell to the floor followed by Harry beside me. "I'm sorry. Molly I'm so sorry," I wiped it off my face and looked him in the eyes. He gave me a sympathetic look but it faded into a surprised look as he had batter all over his face. I laughed my butt off as he tickled me. "P-please," I laughed even harder as he gave me a sassy look. He hovered over me thinking if he should continue tickling me. But wait he stopped he was leaning in. I'll finally get to fill his perfect pink soft lips on mine. We were about to kiss as the coffee maker went off. He groaned and helped me up. He fixed me a plate of everything after he finished my waffles. He gave me a mug of coffee and sat done beside me. He leaned his head on my shoulder and stayed quiet. I grinned as he started to sing "Story Of My Life. I wonder if he likes me more than a friend. I thought that question over and over again in my head as I ate.

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