Finally Wanted

Fight the pain. The emptiness. Why won't it go away? Molly is a 18 year old girl with
a complicated life. Her mother died and on top of the her dad abuses her. But when a boy comes in her life does he save her from all the bad things?


8. A lot Happens

Harry's POV: I rubbed my eyes as I sat up to see everybody asleep.My head pounded and I felt sick to my stomach. Zayn and Molly caught my attention though. He knew I liked her. I tapped on his shoulder roughly to see his eyes pop open. As he started to say something I shushed him to prevent him from waking everybody. "Get up now!" I whispered yelled to him. He got up and followed me into a bedroom. He knew exactly what he did. I closed the door behind me and turned to face him."How could you do this to me?!?!" I yelled at him. "Mate,I am so so sorry. I didn't mean to." I didn't believe him. "If you *didn't mean to* why did you do it?!" I screamed at him. He looked down at his fingers that fiddled. "Look i really didn't. Don't you believe me?" I sighed loudly. "Yeah I guess." "Sorry for getting so mad. I just really like her. I guess I just don't anyone else to. Wait. Do you like her? I mean more than a friend?" He met my eyes and nodded slowly. "Well it's her choice, maybe we will find out sooner or later. But hell she might not like any of us like that," Zayn smiled slightly. "She likes you Harry. A lot.The other day when y'all were gone she told me." "She does?!" "Yeah," he looks to the floor. "Oh mate," I sit beside him and put my arm around his neck. "I am sorry," "it's fine. I like her like she's my sister more than a girlfriend. And plus I met this really nice girl named, Perrie. I really like her and I'm going to ask her out today or soon," "good for you. I hope everything goes well between y'all." I state. "Yeah me too," he chuckles. I smile at him and give him a pat to the back before I walk out. He follows behind shortly after. Everybody is up except Molly. I kneel down to her and give her a soft kiss to her cheek. She smiles slightly like she's having a dream. God she's beautiful. I stand back up and go to the kitchen where everybody's at and watch Niall and Louis making breakfast. Well more like making a mess. I laugh to myself and sit down.

Molly's POV: I was awakened by a kiss to my cheek. I try to hide a smile but failed. I scream loudly. I'm going to attempt to scare all the boys. I hide behind a couch to see them looking around for me yelling my name. I jump out and grab someone's butt. The boys all turned around quickly including the boy who screamed like a baby girl who's butt I had a hold of. It was Louis. Dang that boy had a nice but. He gave me a smirk. "So you like my butt?" My cheeks flush red and he chuckles. All of them give me looks and I frown. "Oh god. This can't be good." They all charge at me and start tickling me. I laugh uncontrollably and plead for them to stop. They stopped a minute later once they heard the fire alarm go off. We all rush to the kitchen to see smoke rising from burning eggs. "Nice going guys," I laugh. They all turn to me and give me a playful-but-mean-look. I laugh at all their faces as they try to hold back laughter. As they fail at doing so they continue to finish the some what ok breakfast. We all finished eating and I go to get dressed. I undress and run the water till it's the right temperature. I wash my body and hair and wrap a towel around my body and my hair. I open the bath room door and see Harry on the bed. I scream loudly and make sure I'm covered up good. "Oh sorry!" He covers his eyes with his hands. I grab my clothes and come out shortly after to see his eyes are still closed tight. "You can open you eyes now," I laugh. He pops one eye open and I burst out into laughter. He laughs as well and walks over to me. He brushes my fairly dry hair out of my face. I look to the floor blushing. He takes his finger and raises my chin to look him in the eyes. He smiles and we slowly lean in. "What are y'all doing?!" Louis yells. We turn quickly to see him smirking at us. Harry throws his head back and groans. Louis runs off and screams,"Harry's in love with Molly!!" Harry charges out of the room after him screaming for him to shut up. I shake my head and giggle. I flop down on my bed and scroll through twitter to see a tweet. It's to Harry. It read.


Hey @HarryStyles I loved that kiss we had last night at the bar. I hope we do it again soon! Bye baby.

Why would he do that. He tried to kiss me and he just kissed a girl the other day. Tears run down my cheek as I shut off my phone. I run down stairs and out the door to be followed by all the boys. I run as fast as I can. With them hot on my trails I stop and turn around. "Stay away from me Harry. I'm not mad at y'all but I am mad at Harry. Don't ever talk or try to get In touch with me!" I scream. I run off to find a park near by. I sit down and sob into my hands. I think of how Harry looked when I said those last few words. :don't ever talk or try to get In touch with me: he broke down on his knees and cried. "Now now don't cry," I looked up and saw the one person I didn't want to see.

My. Dad.

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