i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


16. you're so cute

after that we had a long day. Justin was writing new music. He ALWAYS wants to please beliebers. They're his world. i saw Justin go on twitter. i could tell something was wrong.

"Justin sweetie, whats wrong?"

Justin: beliebers... some don't want to be beliebers anymore... the haters are growing.. & i was just informed one committed suicide.....

i saw the tears form in his eyes & stream down his face. i went & sat on his lap & put his head on my chest. he just cried.

"here baby, lets get some rest.."



i woke up before Justin. i rolled over so i could see him, but i was slow because his arms were around me.


his eyes begin to flutter, then they opened.

"Justin, youre so cute."

he giggled & kissed me. i felt him smile during the kiss.

Justin: and you, my princess, are about to hate me.

he smirked.

he stood up & threw me over his shoulder. he threw me on the couch & began to tickle me. i couldn't stop laughing.

i managed to get up & i ran from him.


"doubt it!" i teased.

i hid under the table.

Justin: babyyyy, whereee areee youuuuuuu?

i felt hands grab my hips & pull me out from under the table. he lifted me up & walked over to the couch & set me on his lap. he put his arms around my waist & held me tight.

Justin: please don't ever leave me.

"i wont baby."

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