i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


5. um, Jake.

We walked in, & i was still holding Justin's hand.

Jake gave us a odd look. Lauren walked in & smiled.


Justin: "Jake, please don't kill me, but im dating your sister now..."

Jake: "well, this will have to get some getting used to." he half smiled.

Justin; "so does that mean we are okay?"

Jake: "i g-uesss... but if you EVER hurt my sister, im willing to get out my hunting gun."

Justin looked scared.


Justin: "o-o-kay."


"Come on Justin, lets go upstairs."

Jake gave me a worried look but i walked away. He can talk to me later when Justin isn't there.


i went into my room & Justin followed. I turned on the tv.


Justin: "will you come cuddle with me baby?"


"well of course."


i layed next to Justin & he stared at me.




Justin: "It just feels like a dream. I'm laying with this amazing, beautiful girl, who i have been waiting for years to do this with. The one ive been waiting for is in my arms & she is mine. Shay, you're the one. The one ive been looking for." he smiled.


i giggled. i started blushing so i put my face in my hands.


 Justin: " Come on. let me see my princess."


I moved my hands just so he could see my eyes.


Justin: "let me see her entire face."


i sat up & scooted away a bit & crossed my legs facing him. he grabbed my wrists & pulled them away from my face.


Justin: "theres my beautiful girl!"


he leaned over & kissed me.


"those kisses will never get old." i smiled & he kissed me again.


we laid back down & began to drift to sleep in his arms. he began to sing the words to Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore. he wasn't a big fan of country but he knew i loved that song.


i fell asleep for the first time in his arms, & ive never slept better.


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