i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


14. support.

I'm a allstar cheerleader, so I have competitions & practices. today I have practice , & a competition this weekend.

"justin , I have practice today, it's 2 hours."

justin: do you have to go?

he gave me a pouty face.

"justin, I have a competition this weekend , I have to go."

justin: okay. but can I come watch?

"as long as you can sit upstairs in the watching part, & stay quiet , yes."

he grinned. he just likes seeing me in sports bras & spanks. silly justin.

"are you wanting to come to my competition?"

justin: OF COURSE BABY! I'll scream for you & clap for you & be happy with you & give you a big big hug & kiss after you perform!

"haha okay justin!"

justin: I have a little fun suprise for you ..

he winked & went upstairs & got a bag. he pulled out a tshirt that said "CHEER BOYFRIEND"

I swear I laughed for 5 minutes. that was the funniest tshirt I've seen in awhile.

justin: you like it?

"OF COURSE !" I laughed. "it's perfect, especially on you" I laughed harder. "babe , I need to go get ready for practice."

he picked me up & went upstairs & threw me on the bed. he walked over to my "cheer dresser" (3 drawers of cheer shorts , sports bras , & cheer bows.

justin pulled out black nike pros (he liked how tight they were.. a blue sports bra , & a blue with black lace bow. I went in the bathroom & changed & did my cheer hair (poof with ponytail & put in the bow & went back into the room. justin looked up & down me with a grin on his face.


justin: what?

"stop it."

justin: stop what baby?


he got up & walk towards me & grabbed my hips & pulled me closer .

"I'm sorry baby, your just so beautiful."

he kissed me passionately.

"I love you justin."

justin: I love you too shay.

I grabbed my bag & walked to my moms car, & justin followed. my mom was already in the car.

she drove us to the gym. my mom went home, she had stuff to do & parents weren't supposed to watch, (gym rules). justin went upstairs & watched the practice. every once in awhile I'd look up & smile at him. he kept his eyes on me the whole time. his eyes never left me.

when we got back in the car , I was so worn out , so justin let me lay my head on his lap.

justin: you did good baby.

"thanks. I try" I laughed & did a little fake hairflip. he giggled & leaned over & kissed me.

when we got home it was about 10pm. we went upstairs & crawled in bed & fell asleep.

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