i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


17. run.

we heard a knock at the door. we walked up to see a girl on the other side, she had dark hair & blue eyes. She looked like she is 20.

Girl: justinnn! babyyy! i missed you!

Justin: Jayden, im not your baby, im shays baby.

Jayden: oh Justin, i know you want me. i see it.

she ran over & kissed him. i ran out the door. i didn't want to stay to see that. i ran to she nearest park. i sat at a park bench & pulled my knees to my chest. it was freezing. i could see slight snowfall around me. i was in a tshirt & sweat pants. i was really cold. the tears streaming down my face didn't help either.

i saw Justin running down the sidewalk. he hadn't seen me yet. he was crying hard. i buried my head in my knees.

i suddenly felt a jacket around me & then some arms around me. they layed my back on their lap & supported my head on their arm. i felt their tears fall on me.

Justin: open your eyes.

my eyes opened, there was Justin, tear stained with his red puffy eyes.

Justin: please baby don't do run from me.. i need you.

"i wont."

i kissed him & i put my face his stomach. he picked me up bridal style & carried me home. he took me upstairs. he grabbed big blankets & put me in bed & covered us up& we went to sleep.

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