i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


24. red

I walked out on this little platform infront of a bunch of people , hand in hand with justin. I blushed.

guess my days of being normal & a nobody are over.

I smiled & said hello to the reporter & so did justin. his name is Chris.

Chris: so justin.. who is this?

he pointed to me & held the mic to justin.

justin: um this is my girlfriend shay.

he smiled at me & I heard an awe come from the crowd. but some peoples jaw just dropped & remained silent.

justin: she makes me very happy.

chris: well I'm very happy for the both of you.

we said thanks at the same time & looked at each other & smiled.

chris: so justin? how was the believe tour?

justin: it was amazing. I love seeing my beliebers. their smiling faces always warm my heart. I love meeting them & putting on a show for them. I want to give them a great performance & I always want to please them.

chris: shay I just want to tell you, justin don't get mad, but you are very beautiful.

"thank you."

I sort of felt justin tense up but I squeezed his hand to reassure him.

Chris: so justin , do you have any clues about your next release in the music business?

justin: all I can say is that it's going to be huge. it will be a sound beliebers haven't really heard from me before.

chris: sounds exciting.

justin: it definately is.

chris: well justin nice to speak with you, & nice to meet you shay.

"nice to meet you too."

we shook hands & got into the car.

on our way to the car beliebers shouted at us. some I couldn't understand but I did hear a few...:

"f*ck you!"

"why her justin"

"awee you guys are so cute"

"should've been Selena"

"she's ugly"

"justin you could do better"

"I love you both!"

the nice ones brought warmness to my heart, but the mean ones broke my heart.

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