i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


22. nerves

the day has come.

competition day.

my heart was beating fast as I paniced to get ready with still 3 hours left.

justin: baby calm down.

we both giggled & he kissed me.

I got ready & we left.

we walked in & the nerves hit me. justin rubbed my back, he could tell I was nervous.

justin: look at me.

I looked.

justin: your going to do great.

I nodded & I noticed my team. I kissed him goodbye & met with my team. we went to warm ups & then we were on deck.

as we walked out I saw justin I waved & blew him a kiss & he acted like he caught it & I laughed. I saw my parents & waved.

the music started.

about halfway through the routine , I landed my tumbling & I saw justin & my family screaming for us. I ended the routine & saw justin shouting & clapping. We hit the routine.

I smiled & walked off the mat. After being excused by my coach until awards I went to find my family & justin.

I saw justin & ran to him. he picked me up & spun me around. after I hugged my parents & jake & Lauren.

we got 1st. i was so happy & justin was for me too.

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