i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


15. justin, JUSTIN!

I woke up to shaking & tears going down my back. justin was crying into my back.

he kept mumbling "no , no , don't leave me , no NO! I need you. no please stay, I can't go on alone. stop!"

I turned & faced him. he was shaking , still sleeping. the tears came harder & he was panicking in his sleep.

"justin, JUSTIN! baby wake up. wake up justinnnn please."

his eyes flew open. he sat up & looked around the room . he was searching for something.

justin: SHAY!

I rubbed his back & his eyes finally reached me.

he pulled me into a tight hug, & he wouldn't let go.

"justin, baby. I'm here I promise. you're okay. I'm okay. I'm here. shhh baby."

his tears fell even harder.

justin: I.... thought.. i .. I lost you.

"i promise you baby you didn't I'm still here."

his tears slowed down a little bit. but they were still falling. I grabbed his face & pulled it from my shoulder so he can look me in the eyes. he finally cooperated & I was looking him in the eyes. his eyes we're still wide with fear.

" baby , look at me. I'm right here. I promise."

I kissed him long & passionately to show him I'm here. I played with his hair as we layed down & he rested his head on my shoulder/chest.

he finally calmed down & just layed there. he kept a tight grip on me. & he drifted to sleep. I fell asleep too.


when I woke up , justin was awake , but now he was my pillow.

justin: Goodmorning sweetheart, you sleep well?

"yes baby. Goodmorning."

justin: I have a gift for you.

he pulled out a long , jewelry box. inside was a Purple Heart necklace. my face lit up & he giggled.

"thank you so much justin I love it. it's beautiful.

justin: just like you.

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