i need you justin..

Shay is a 17 year old from Oklahoma. Justin Bieber is her bestfriend , & he is 19. love isn't all ways paradise...


20. Colder Weather

the next day it snowed & there was ice everywhere. we couldn't go outside it was too cold & we would fall. & considering I just got out of the hospital, that's not the greatest idea.

NEWS: Oklahoma Blizzard coming. Everyone stay inside & cancel your plans for today. traveling conditions are SEVERE.

justin: well there goes our Thursday.

he laughed. I started to tickle him.

justin: PAYBACK!

he began tickling more. I laughed harder & harder. I went upstairs & locked him out of our room.

justin: SHAY! open the door babe!

"I'm sorry, no can do mister."

justin: you know I can break down this door!

"YOU WONT." I teased just to see what he would do.

I heard his footsteps walking away from the door. I was scared he was actually gonna do it so I layed on the bed. I heard the door unlock.

justin: forget I knew where the spare key is?

he smirked & ran & jumped on the bed. I flew up but he grabbed my waist & pulled me to him.

we watched movies for the day. then about 8pm, the power went out.


justin: what?

"I hate the dark" I wined.

justin: let's go put on a fire I'm freezing.

he grabbed a big blanket & walked downstairs

justin: here hold this

I took the blanket as he started the fire. he sat down. I sat inbetween his legs & we put he big blanket around us. he put his hands on my side & my legs & I snuggled into him as he leaned against the chair. the fire was warm & comforting.

my parents & jake & Lauren came downstairs. everyone woke up because they were so cold. we all sat around the fire. for the most part we were quiet , but there was small talk every once & awhile. I ended up falling asleep on justin. apparently the power came on a little bit later because when I woke up jake Lauren& my parents were all gone. it was just me & justin.

justin: let's get my princess to her real bed.

he carried me upstairs bridal style to the bed. he put the blanket over us. I pulled his shirt to show him I walked him closer to me.

justin: awe does my princess wanna cuddle?

I nodded & he scooted closer to me . I put my head in his neck & my arm around his side. he put his hands on my back & kissed my forehead as I fell asleep.

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