My heart beats for you

When Isabella first meets Harry,Harry suddenly falls into a deep love for her. Not to mention, Zayn falling in love with Isabella also. But who will Isabella fall head over heels for?. comment if you want to be my best friends in the story! competion ends 11-23-13 (only up to three people) comment what boy you want! (Cant have zayn. sorry) :)


2. The Party

~A curly haired guy shows up. "Ladies settle down. Give her the dress! theres more over there!" he settles it and walks away now Some boy calmed us down,but i dont care! i still got the dress! i walked away. i turned around to see the same boy again. with my phone. I guess i must've dropped it while "fighting" He kindly returned it to me. and given me a wink and said,"Check your contacts." and with that said,he left. "Look! That boy gave me his number!!" i say aloud ? looks at the boy. "Harry,did you give her your number?" his gf says. "Babe,I really didnt like you." Harry said leaving. "FINE THEN BE WITH HER THEN!!!" his gf says "You given me permission". He looks for you but cant find you. so he texts you. ~H:Harry ~I:Isabella H:Hey,whats your name? I:Bella,why? H:Well my gf and i just broke up and i think your cool. can we hang out some time? I: Yea sure! anytime!! when? H:Tuesday I:Okay. fine by me. H:Ok bye <3 I:Bye I gotta date with Harry Styles! ~Tomororow H-Lets meet at jr. Park okay? ...I-Sure. I wear the dress i got from yesturday! Harry pov Should i call Louis? No Zayn!! i need advice! I will call Zayn! ...Hello...i ned advice...Okay...I will kiss her at 8:00...bye.
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