Dirty Little Secret

Amethyst Irwin. Ashton Iwrin's little sister. The one the boys never met because she was in juvi. She got out when Ashton and his band went on tour with one Direction. Now that the tour is over; Ashton has no choice but to introduce the boys to his sister.


1. Pinky Promise.

Let me know that I've done wrong
When I've known this all along
I go around a time or two
Just to waste my time with you


"You really don't want to go to the airport to get your brother?" My mom asked.


"Nope." I shook my head, "I'm not going to be in an hour long car ride with you and dad. Besides, Ashton is to busy with his friends to hang with me."


"Amethyst, don't say that! Ashton is looking forward to seeing you! The last time he saw you, you we in a orange jumpsuit." She said.


"No, I Face-Timed him for like a minute yesterday. He didn't tell his friends about me and they were there so we couldn't talk long." I said.


"Oh.. Well please get dressed and be ready to meet them." She said and left. I just plugged my ear buds back in and scrolled through Twitter. My mom texted me about an hour later saying she was on her way back with Ashton and his friends. I sighed and got up, taking my ear buds out and putting my phone onto my dresser. I picked out faded red denim shorts and a white mesh button-up shirt. I put them on and added a bright red bra under the mesh shirt since it matched the shorts. I put on black liquid eyeliner, winging my eyes just a bit and straightened my curly hair. When I finished straightening my hair I heard a car door shut. Then three more. I quickly brushed my teeth then popped a piece of gum into my mouth. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs to the kitchen; which would be the first place Ashton would go.


I hopped up on the counter on top of the dishwasher. I heard the front door open and talking. I didn't really care what they were saying so I just texted my friend William. I heard footsteps and ignored them cause I figured it was Ashton. But it wasn't. It was a guy with a lip piercing and a red beanie on.


"Who are you?" I asked.


"Who are you?" He asked.


"Amethyst." I said.


"Luke." He smiled.


"Why are you here?" I asked.


"With Ashton. Why are you here?" Luke asked.


"I live here." I said in a duh tone, forgetting they didn't know about me.


"Luke! What are you doing?" Ashton walked into the kitchen.


"Who is she? She says she lives here." Luke asked Ashton.


"Oh. Um. Uh. This is my little sister, Amethyst." Ashton said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.


"YOU HAVE A SISTER?!" Luke screamed.


"SISTER?!" I heard someone yell and a guy with bright pink hair and another with black hair and a purple beanie on ran into the kitchen, almost knocking Ashton and Luke over.


"Uh, guys this is my little sister." Ashton told the other two.


"She doesn't look very little." The one with bright pink hair said, giving me the once over and biting his lip.


"Michael!" Ashton hit his arm, "She's fifteen. Going on sixteen."


"Owwww!" Michael grabbed his arm. I hopped off the counter, put my phone in my back pocket, and stood in front of them.


"Does that one have a name?" I asked, pointing to the one with the purple beanie.


"That's Calum." Ashton told me, "Guys, this is Amethyst."


"Hi." They smiled in unison.


"That's creeptastical." I said, giving them a funny look. 


"Creeptastical?" Calum giggled.


"Yup. So Ashton, I don't get a hug cause your friend are here?" I asked, smiling. Ashton laughed and hugged me really tightly.


"So why didn't we meet her before?" Michael asked.


"Because I was in juvi." I answered for Ashton, smiling wide at the other.


"How long?" Luke asked.


"Three years." I said.


"You went to jail when you were twelve?!" Calum shrieked.


"Thirteen." I corrected him, noticing Michael was staring at me. 


"Guys, I gotta to talk to Amy. Go upstairs. I'll be there in a minute." Ashton told them. Calum and Luke dragged Michael out because he would not stop staring at me. It was cute and weird at the same time.


"What do you have to talk to me about?" I asked.


"Don't touch them." Ashton said.


"What?" I asked.


"Don't touch them. Don't hug them. Don't kiss them. And do not, I repeat, do NOT have sex with them." Ashton said, putting a lot of emphasis on the word 'not'.


"Why can't I hug them?" I asked.


"Because Michael will grab your ass." Ashton said.


"Fine." I sighed, rolling my eyes.


"Promise?" Ashton asked.


"Promise." I nodded, then he held out his pinky to me. 


"Pinky promise." Ashton said like a child.


"Pinky promise." I smiled, locking pinky's with him.




So this is the story that me and Tony are

going to be writing together!

I hope you guys like it! Cause it likes you!

Lol, well yeah.

That's really it.



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