Black Hearts (bxb) [Short Story]

It was the year 2055 and the few remaining people on Earth were still fighting to take back the planet from the undead. The ones who brought back these beings from the dead were Angels. Their reasons for this massacre, that's lasted for decades, was to punish the humans for all the wrong they've done. Killing each others, polluting the Earth, all the violence in the world. There was no end to it all, none. The Angels were sent in to punish us from the Almighty Man himself. No, and's, if's or but's about it. 'He' sent them down right after World War III in 2015 was about to end. The Humans never saw it coming, they were warned plenty of times. But of course we never payed attention or ever thought of them as warnings for the worse, just a reason to cause more violence and destruction of the World. So I guess in a way, the Almighty Man made it worse for everyone, instead of warning us he just screwed himself up.


5. Train Station Battle

Waking up before the sun's set, we all pack our equipment. As we finish packing our pack's, everyone stand's near the door holding hands. Brian teleports us to the huge elevator leading up out of the facility. Behind us we see everyone from the Facility waiting for our departure. They start clapping as the doors to the elevator open, we step in and look back to our friends. We wave to them good-bye as the door's are about to close our Protector's whisper "We'll see you soon." Closing the door's the elevator go up.

"So what are we to expect up there Brian?" Zalez asks.

"I don't know the undead probably. If you happen to get bit, let Angel know immediately."

'Why?" Lana asks looking at me. "Because he can cure you, but if you're too late he will either have to decapitate that body part you were bitten on, or kill you."

"You can really cure the infection?" Zalez asks me. "Yeah, it took awhile to be able to. I had a lot of practice." They nod their heads.

The elevator makes it's to a stop and the doors open. We walk out with the sun barely setting down shinning past the door's from the deserted lobby.

"Beautiful sunset." I tell them. Everyone smiles. "So how long is it going to take to get to the Ocean?" Fredrick ask. "We should get there by noon tomorrow. So we should get going." Jet says walking out of the elevator. We all follow him through the lobby in an old abandoned building. We look around, the fighters take out their flashlights and we hold up our hands and a blue aura forms around them. We walk out toward's the door leading outside feeling the cool light breeze coming in from the entrance. We walk to the double doors, the fighters put their lights back in their pockets and hold their guns in there hands.

Keeping our aura lights out and continuing walking, we suddenly stop when the smell of rotten corpses from outside drift in with the breeze. "Do you guys smell that?" Jet ask.

"Yeah we smell it." Joan answers back. My bow and arrow appears in my hands and I ready myself. Brian and Jet take the lead outside. We walk outside and see everything destroyed. The dead walking about outside, entering homes, walking into cars, poles, etc.

"Dumb asses." Zalez says out loud. Lana and Joan chuckle. Joan and Jet stop using their aura and pull out daggers from there pockets. Brian leads us down the steps, looking back at the sign above the building reading, "National Museum of American History". The undead barely notice us, we quickly start running down the road toward's the highway.


"Its 3:15, are we almost to the port Brian?" Charel ask.

"Almost we just need another couple miles before we do. How are you all holding up?" Brian asks us. We all look at each other, "We're fine." Joan says.

Brian looks back and asks me "Buttercup, can you go into the air and check up ahead?" I nod my head and I disintegrate my bow. I press my hands together. I look to my sides watching my wings starting to form from a puddle of water near me. My wings grow a couple feet apart and I start flapping them about. Then I dash into the air. I look down and see everyone getting smaller and smaller. When I'm several hundred feet in the sky, I start going forward. I look ahead and see a few undead walking on and off the highway. I look down and wave a green aura, letting them know we have to fight. They nod their heads.

I drop back down to the ground with a soft landing. I look at Brian and he starts forming fire balls in his hands, Joan and Jet do the same with their abilities. Zalez and Lana get out a pistol. Rai and Charel both take out two pistols and Redrick takes out a two bladed dagger.

"How many buttercup?" Brian asks me. "Their are about 50 of'em. They are just the normal slow undead. We can take them down easily." I smile. "Okay then, lets go kick some undead ass." Joan says jumping over the destroyed car. I flap my wings again and soar upwards into the air over looking the battle.

Joan dashes shooting out her lightning bolts and kicking the undead. Jet uses his hand-to-hand combat skills with ice wrapped around his fists as he fights, slicing through the undead like butter. Brian shoots waves of flames at the undead hes fighting. The others keeping a distance and shooting the undead when they get too close to the Black Hearts or them. Suddenly feeling a strong pressure coming from behind us. I hear wing's fluttering. The Black Hearts kill the last of the undead and look up above at me. I turn around and see two Angels within a few feet from me. I hear Brian yell my name. But I don't dare take my eyes off the Angels.

The Angels stop within a few inches and stare at me. "What are you?" One Angel asks me with a deep husky voice.

Without answering I quickly shoot an arrow at the one talking and hit him in the ribs. He falls down to the Earth with a loud thud. I hear the others rushing toward's him to take him out. The other Angel cracks his neck and dives at me and tackles me. We roll in every direction, I free myself of him and steady myself. He looks at me with pure anger and hatred. He dives for me again, but I dodge out of the way.

I shoot an arrow at him and miss his head by a few inches. He laughs and then forms a spear out of nothing and throws it at me. I put up a shield and deflect it. His fist turn pure white and he punches my shield causing me to stumble back a few inches. He continues to punch until my shield starts to form cracks. "Oh shit." He takes one more punch causing me to stumble back. He flies upwards and crashes against me, pushing me down toward's the ground.

We hit the ground with a loud crash. I look at myself and see an arm in the ground and a leg. He laughs and grabs me by the neck and pulls me out of the ground and lifts me off the ground. Tightening his grip around my neck, making me gasp for air. I close my eyes and my wings disappear. I open them fast and my fists make a purple fiery aura around them. I knee him in the gut and he drops me, I land on one knee and I get up and start swinging at him. I land a few punches on him. With every punch blood splur's out from his mouth. He jumps back and his hands burn with the white aura around his fists, he quickly wipes away the blood. We both dash for each other blocking each others attacks, getting hits on each other. Blood smearing the road.

I quickly pull a dagger out and slice a piece of his wing off. Blood shoots out and splats against the road and cars. I drop my dagger back in my pocket and charge for him, as he examines his wings he finally sees me coming for him. But like Brian he was too late. I punch him square in the center of the face and smash his head into the ground causing a crater in the ground. Chunks of rock hurling everywhere. A fog of dirt forms around us, as the Angels body starts twitching. I see half the head in the ground, smashed. A pool of blood forms in the crater where the Angel is.

I look at my fists and see the blood on them. I look over at the others and see them too finishing off their Angel. The Angel is on his knees bleeding all over his body, he spits blood at Brian. Big mistake. Brian wipes away the blood and smiles at the Angel.

He lights his hand on fire and it turns to a fire blade. He take's one swipe at the Angel. Then Brian looks at me and starts walking towards me. I look over his shoulder and see the Angel's head sliding off his body and falling to the ground. The lifeless body collapsing on its side.

The others start walking towards me as well. Brian's blade disappears, and he takes my hands. "Babe are you okay! I saw you get slammed to the ground. I tried to come and help you, but the Angel got in my way" I smile weakly as he grab's my hand. 

"I'm fine. I do have a little headache though." He pull's me out of the crater and I look at everyone else, they have a few bruises and cuts. But nothing worth healing. "Nobody got bitten did they?" I ask them. They all look at each other shake their heads. "Good. Should we keep walking?" Zalez asks.

"Yes, all the noise is bound to attract more of the undead and Angels. C'mon. Angel while we're walking you should heal up, you look a little beat up." He smirks and I punch his shoulder.

"Do we just follow this highway to the Ocean?" Charel asks. "Yeah, its a couple more miles and we'll be there in no time." Jet says looking at his wrist.

As we continue our journey down the highway, we come in contact with more of the undead. Thankfully no one gets severely injured or bitten. But what surprises me the most is that no Angels in sight. None. It's a relief, but still doesn't feel right and Joan felt the same about it.

We finally reach it to the city of 'Mimi'. We see the city in ruins. Buildings in flames and destroyed. "So we have to go to the other side of the city?" Fredrick ask. "Yup." Brian replies.

We decide it best to go along the sides of the city for more safety. If we go through the center who knows what we'll find. So no one objects. "We need to get to the train station and from there we take the tracks to the ocean ports. From their we will find a port and let the submarine know we're here." Brian tells us as we start walking to the station.

"And how long will it take us to get to the port Brian?" Charel asks. "It should take us about and hour or two." Jet replies. "How are we going to let the submarine to know we are here?" Lana asks.

"Jets going to dive in the water and go after it. He will get their attention and then it will raise back up and we will teleport on top of it. Simple." Joan explains smiling at Jet. He gives her the finger. Everyone chuckles.


"How long till we get to the station?" Fredrick asks. "It should be around this corner and down the block." Brian replies.

As we draw closer to the train station I start to feel a pressure on me that I haven't felt since that last fight with the Angels. I stop and look down, the Black Hearts feel it as well. We all look at each other. My eyes widen with fear, and we all say together

"Undead Angels."

Brian looks me in the eye and I nod. My wings, made of rock and pebbles, appear and I lung for Lana and Charel. I grab them both and they don't resist. I soar upwards into the air and fly over a six story building and land. I set them down softly.

"So we wont get hurt." Lana says to me. "Yeah, we don't want you guys to get killed so early." I say with a smile. "Can we help in any way?" Charel asks.

"One don't let any of the undead get through that door and if you see Angels call for me and I will come. Two, use a silencer for your guns so you don't attract attention. I'm going to go get Zalez, Rai and Redrick."

They both nod. I run off the side of the building and I swoop over Zalez and Redrick grabbing hold of them both. Rai grabs Redricks hand. I swoop back up over the building and set them down. "Charel tell them what I told you. And be careful, you guys are important to this team as much as us Black Hearts." I say to them with a smile.

She nods her head and starts talking, I run to the side of the building and I see Brian looking up at me. I jump off the building and land softly on the ground. Brian takes my hands and kisses them, "Be careful. Okay?"

I smile, "Of course. I always am. Do we know where its at?" He shakes his head. "Its in the station. I think we should lure it out and take it out before it calls for help." Jet exclaims. We all nod our heads. My wings disappear and the rocks and pebbles drop to the ground. "I will lure it on the tracks. When I do I want Jet to get him nice and wet, then I want you Joan to shock it. After shes done, Brian, you and me will finish him off." They all look at me surprised. "What?"

Brian smiles and pecks me on the lips. "You better be careful. I'll be watching you from the roof." I nod my head and I start walking to the entrance.

As I get closer to the entrance I feel the pressure growing more and more intense. I start to feel light headed. I immediately put up a shield around and I walk through the open double doors. The smell of fresh blood and rotten corpses still lingering in the air. I look behind me and see the sun already halfway up, it illuminates the lobby and I see a few dozen of the undead moving around aimlessly, but no sign of the undead Angel. My bow appears in my hands and I hold a few arrows. The undead start to notice me and they start to limp themselves my way. I release my arrows and it hits every single one of the undead. Blood scattering in every direction, as my arrow even manages to slice through droplets of blood still free falling in every direction. Blood covering the ceiling, walls, and the ground.

I still feel the presence of the Angel as I walk into the center of the lobby. I look around and everything is still for a moment before the pressure increases, I start to loose my focus thinking about where the Angel is.

When I manage to get myself under control a wall to my left crashes down and the Angel barges through. Dust scatters everywhere, but detours its way around my shield. The undead Angel looks at me. I could see where they undead took a chunk of meat from his neck.

The blood is still fresh, its wings were still a white, but where the slices of the wing were missing you could see skeletal pieces for the missing parts of meat. I steady my breathing as I charged an arrow to max power. Letting go of the arrow, shooting faster than light and sound, it dig's through the Angel's chest and out, sending the Angel soaring backward's through the station walls. Landing outside on the tracks.

Walking through the broken down walls, I jump down onto the tracks. It gets up slowly, I look behind me and I don't see Jet, Joan or even Brian. I notice the sound's of gunshot's and crashing. Metal wings appear on me, from the metal rail's, and I fly up into the air. Hovering in the air, I look to where the Fighter's were and notice them fighting off the undead, along with the Black Hearts facing off the Angels. 'It looks like it just started.' I look back down and don't see the undead Angel.

I look all around me, but I don't see anything. I descend to the ground and my shield regenerates back up. I look around where the Angel was and I see a few droplet's of blood. I look around me again, and I finally see the Angel in the doorway of the lobby walking towards the other's. "I cant let you hurt them." I say to myself as my wings of metal appear and I soar through the building and I grab the Angel and slam it into the wall causing the whole building to shake. Dust and dirt fall from the ceiling as I punch and jab the Angels chest. As I'm about to throw another punch the Angel grabs my knuckles and flings me across the room breaking through a table.

I get up quickly and see the Angel very angry showing it's sharp fang's, it pounds on its chest with a fist and then charges at me. I quickly shoot an arrow at its legs and it falls to the ground, but gets back up quickly and charges for me again. I'm about to shoot another arrow when something crashes through the ceiling and lands on top of the undead Angel, crushing its head against the ground. Blood splattering in every direction. The Angel leaps off the dead body and looks at me and smiles. "You will die now." He says and lunges for me with one hand.

I dodge out of the way and elbow his back to the ground and kick his ribs. He gets flung to the wall and the building shakes even more. I tackle him against the wall and he hurl's backward. He breaks through the wall and half his body hangs out. As I'm about to punch him with my super strength, he opens his eyes and jumps up. He opens his wings wide and grabs hold of me by my waist and soars into the air upwards through the hole in the ceiling. I look over at the building the others are fighting on and I see the fighters backed up on the corner of the building rooftop by the overwhelming number of undead. I see the Black hearts crashing and breaking through everything inside the building, fighting the Angels. I hope they're beating the shit out of them!

I look back up at the Angel and he smiles at me and lets me go. I laugh to myself as I free fall to the ground, he probably thinks I cant fly. Idiot.

Wings made from the clouds form around me and I fly back up to the Angel. He looks me in the eye shocked and surprised. 'What are you?" He asks me with a confused tone.

"I'm a Black Heart." He laughs. "And how did you get those wings Black Heart?"

"Its one of my abilities." He smirks, "Well then can your wings do this?" He scream's.

His wings turn to blades and he flies straight to me. I shoot an arrow at his wing and it barely chips it. I dodge out his way and I fly above him and use both my feet to kick him back down to the ground. As he free falls to the ground I soar straight for him and punch him on the side of the face sending him flying back faster into the building. As he crashes through the roof, a loud explosion happens in the station.

I charge my arrow to purple and shoot it. The arrow soars the air piercing everything in its path. It hits its mark and an enormous explosion happens, it startles even me. The entire building gets blown up, sending shards of wood, metal, glass, and body parts in every direction.

I cover my face with my arms and a shard of glass pierces my arm. The black smoke engulf's me and I can still hear items being flung around from each explosion. I uncover my arms and I see the blood seeping out of my wound, then I look ahead of me and see the Angel soaring towards me. I cover myself in a shield, but the Angel breaks through it sending me backwards. The Angel punches me a couple times before I get a hit on his ribs.

He covers his fist in a white aura and he starts swinging at me. I try to dodge his first swing, but gets struck clean across the face. I land a couple blows on him, but he lands more on me. He charges up his fist and socks me across the face sending me across the sky.

Crashing on the rooftop where the fighters are now watching. I hit the ground and I roll out to a stop. The fighters run to my side, "Are you alright!?" Lana ask me. I nod my head. Looking around the rooftop I see the undead, dead. 

I start to cough up blood. The Angel lands on the rooftop and stares at us. "You bore me. I thought you would have put up more of a challenge. Sorry, my mistake." He says with a pout. "Fuck you!" Zalez screams at him.

"You all will die. Just let me take care of the Black Heart and I will deal with you weaklings later." he says coldly. "I wont let you hurt them." I spit back at him. He laughs.

I get up with blue flames forming around me. He looks at me startled. "So this is your true color Black Heart. I bet you have many more, I think this will be fun after all." He says smiling. "Get out of here." I say to the fighters. "But-"Lana stutters out.


And with that they run to the stair way on the side of the building and run down them.

I continue to hear the crashing noise and the rumbling of the others fighting inside the building under me.

The Angel lunges for me. I form a pink aura around my fists and I swing at him. I successfully land a hit on him and he stumbles back surprised. I smile and he wipes away the blood flowing down his mouth and nose.

He lifts up his hands and a spear appears and he flings it at me. I put up a shield and deflects it. I suddenly get a sudden boost of power coursing through me. I never get like this, what's happening?

My blood starts boiling and my eyes turn Black. I can feel the flaming blue aura around me changing to purple black flames. I look at my hands then to the  startled Angel. He looks scared shit less, but tries to hide it with a smile. My wounds start to heal and black and purple winged auras sprout behind me.

I take a step and suddenly appear behind the Angel. He turns around and swings at me, I catch his attack and break his wrist. He screams in pain and crumbles on his knees to the ground. He starts breathing hard and looks up at me in anger. I cock my head to the side and smile at him evilly. I grab him by the throat and lift him off the ground. I punch him the gut, sending him soaring upwards in the sky. He soars through the sky and then I appear above him, he looks up and I clap both my hands together and hit him in the face. Blood spills from his nose and mouth as he falls back down to Earth face first.

I soar down with him and grab him by both his ankles and I start doing flips, we start to flip faster and faster. I stop and with one more flip I throw him back down to the ground. A new bow appears and I charge my arrow as the Angel continues to flip towards the ground. The color of the bow is now red, purple, and black a color that's never turned before. The Angel hits the ground and causes a huge wave of chunks of rocks and cars flipping over. I release my arrow, hitting him a millisecond after the he hit the ground.

I watch as the mass fog of smoke, dust, and dirt clear and see a huge crater in the Earth. I sweep down to the ground and the Black and Purple aura subsides back into my body. The Bow changes back to its normal blue form. I kneel down and look inside the crater, I see some of the Angels feathers scattered around in it. Then I see the upper half of the Angel, blood seeping out of the him.

I look around to see where I'm at. I'm near the building just a few feet from it. I see the Fighters walk around the corner slowly. They see me and freeze. "Are you guys alright?" I ask them.

They all look at each other and nod their heads. "What happen to you?" Rai asks me. "What do you mean?"

He frowns, "I mean how you changed completely. Your aura, it was different. It actually scared us a little. You were so fast and strong, after the other Black Hearts finished off their Angel they went on the roof and saw you soaring through the sky. They saw it all happen." Rai tells me, as I walk closer to them.

"I think it was some kind of power boost or something. I think I learned a new power, but I don't feel it. Where are they?"

"Right here." Brian says behind me. I look back and see him with a smile on his face. Joan and Jet both give each other a fist pump. All three of them look pretty beat up, I wish I could of helped them.

Joan and Jet rush over to me and give me a bear hug together. They both set me down, "You were so freaking bad ass! If you could of seen yourself! It was like WOW! The way you spun both of you at the same time-!" Joan cuts off Jet, "And how you fucking shot his ass with that powerful ass arrow! It was truly amazing! You were so fast and quick, and the flames made it all work. I was actually a little scared to watch it. But it was worth it." Joan finishes saying out of breath and gives me another quick hug.

"You were really good back their kid. You're really getting stronger." Brian tells me then kisses me. I start to blush. The fighters walk towards us and Lana walks over to Jet and forms a little green aura in her palm and heals Jets wounds. I put a shield over Brian and Joan to heal their wounds. "Was anyone bitten?" I ask.

"No, we barely did anything. If it wasn't for them we probably would have been murdered." Redrick says and looks over at my friends. "What exactly happen?" I ask.

Charel walks over to me as we all sit down. "Well we were watching you walk into the station, as soon as you walked inside,  Zalez saw a glimpse of an Angel behind us hiding against the wall. So he called for Brian. When Brian came and confronted him, more than one were actually their. About 3 or 4 Angels came out and all of them lifted Brian into the air and soared back down into the building through the roof and started fighting them all head on. That's when Lana yelled for Joan and Jet. They came, and then the noise attracted the undead. They started attacking us." Charel explains and I nod me head. I look over at Brian and put my hand through the shield and grab his cheeks. "My big boy took on 4 Angels, hes such a strong man. Aren't you? Aw, if only I recorded it." Everyone chuckles and he swipes away my hand, crossing his arms he pretends to ignore me. So adorable.

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