Black Hearts (bxb) [Short Story]

It was the year 2055 and the few remaining people on Earth were still fighting to take back the planet from the undead. The ones who brought back these beings from the dead were Angels. Their reasons for this massacre, that's lasted for decades, was to punish the humans for all the wrong they've done. Killing each others, polluting the Earth, all the violence in the world. There was no end to it all, none. The Angels were sent in to punish us from the Almighty Man himself. No, and's, if's or but's about it. 'He' sent them down right after World War III in 2015 was about to end. The Humans never saw it coming, they were warned plenty of times. But of course we never payed attention or ever thought of them as warnings for the worse, just a reason to cause more violence and destruction of the World. So I guess in a way, the Almighty Man made it worse for everyone, instead of warning us he just screwed himself up.


4. The Team pt.2

As I wake up I'm still laying against the tree on my side. I try to get up, but fall back down. The pain is too great. I put my hand out and a green aura forms around it, I hover it against my side.

The pain slightly subsides and I get up. I look down at my clothes and see it torn and dirty. I look around the field and see the disaster after that explosion. Almost everything is gone, their was a huge crater where the explosion was. "Joan! Jet! Brian!" I start shouting for them. I grab hold of my arm and start walking to where Brian was laying.

As I get closer I see him still laying on the ground. Forming a yellow orange healing shield over his body. I sit their watching the blood dry up, his wounds healing back up and bruised skin on his face from my punch going back to normal.

He starts to twitch a little, slightly moving his arm. He lift's himself up easily and looks me in the eye. He smiles, "Nice punch. But it hurt like hell, why did it do so much damn damage?" I disintegrate the shield and look at my hand.

"I never told you that I had super strength, did I?" I giggle to myself as Brian shoots me another angry glare. Winking at him he helps me up off the ground.

Brian looks around and then finally notices my injuries and the field. "What the hell happen?! Wheres Joan and Jet?! Are you okay?! Who did this to you!?" I grab him by the shoulders to hold him still. "Brian I'm fine, I think. It was Joan and Jet. Something incredible and scary happened."

He touches my arm. I wince in pain. "How did all this happen?"

"Both they're powers connected, but they lost control and made this huge explosion. It was like Wow." I say with awe.

He nods his head. "I'll explain it to you while we look for Joan." He nods his head again. I begin explaining about the incident.

We reach to where Joan fell back down to the ground, I see her laying stomach to the ground with some rocks on her. Her body is almost all the way in the ground.

"Brian, can you pull her out?'

"Yeah, just be sure to heal her quickly." I nod my head. He grabs her by the arms and starts to pull her slowly out of the ground. She starts to make faces trying to open her eyes. Brian takes her out of the ground and lays her on her back.

I put my healing shield around her. Her injuries immediately begin to heal. She flutters her eyes and looks around, she slowly raises herself up and looks at us. "Are you okay Joan?" She smiles weakly. "I think so, I'm not dead. I don't think."

I chuckle. "I think I'm alright now, thanks." she says smiling. I disintegrate the shield and Brian helps her up. "Thanks Brian. Wheres Jet?"

"He's over their in that corner. He got thrown pretty far. I actually think he collided into the fighters." We all laugh.

Brian teleports us to Jet. We all see Jet in the middle of a huge mess of people collapsed onto each other. Pieces of small rocks on top of people. I don't sense anyone dead, thankfully. I put both my hands out in front of me making huge force field around them all. Their wounds start heal up and they all start getting up slowly looking around them. Jet is the last to get up, and when he does he yells and jumps onto his feet into a fighting position. Everyone starts to laugh at him. His face flushes red and he walks towards us. I disintegrate the shield.

"That was some intense shit!" Jet says happily and excitedly.

"I hope your all better now. You can thank our medic for his healing abilities." Brian says pointing to me and I smile and shake my head. They all clap and tell me 'Thank You'. I nod my head to them.

"Now against the wall please. So we can choose." The fighters all walk to the wall and lean against the wall. " Though we didn't have time to of course go over who we wanted, we will choose those with abilities. We would like the following to step foreword. Rai, Redrick, Lana, Charel, and Zalez please do so." Brian announces their names. All five of them look at each other and step forward together.

"You five will accompany us on the trip. And are here by known as Red Hearts. The rest of you can exit the training arena." Jet tells them, and the rest of the fighters tell them good luck and may their hearts ever be red. They exit the field.

We walk up to the fighters and shake their hands. "So what can kind of training do each of you have?" I ask them.

"I am the best in hand-to-hand combat, sir." Zalez says.

"We are experts on any kind of weapons." Charel and Rai say together.

"I'm an expert in the medical area." Lana says.

"I am an expert in weapons/guns, hand-to-hand, and I can consume the energy of my enemy and use it to my advantage for myself or my team." Redrick says.

We all look at him surprised. "You can consume energy? How does it benefit the team?" Brian ask him. Redrick smiles, "It benefits the team by boosting your expertise or abilities strength. Sir." We all smile and nod. "Well I'm sure you will make a great part of this team! Now lets go to the room they assigned us all. We head out tomorrow night." Jet tells us.

We all nod our heads. "Brian." I say and he smiles at me. I grab his hand and everyone else grabs hold of each other in a chain. He teleports us to the room, with eight beds. Me and Brian always share beds, I'm glad that they know already. I smile to myself as we walk to our bed's and dive into them. A few minutes pass, and the snoring feast begin's. Goodnight. 

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