Black Hearts (bxb) [Short Story]

It was the year 2055 and the few remaining people on Earth were still fighting to take back the planet from the undead. The ones who brought back these beings from the dead were Angels. Their reasons for this massacre, that's lasted for decades, was to punish the humans for all the wrong they've done. Killing each others, polluting the Earth, all the violence in the world. There was no end to it all, none. The Angels were sent in to punish us from the Almighty Man himself. No, and's, if's or but's about it. 'He' sent them down right after World War III in 2015 was about to end. The Humans never saw it coming, they were warned plenty of times. But of course we never payed attention or ever thought of them as warnings for the worse, just a reason to cause more violence and destruction of the World. So I guess in a way, the Almighty Man made it worse for everyone, instead of warning us he just screwed himself up.


7. Open Wide

"What?! Are you nuts?!" Jet screams at me. I smile weakly, "What other choice do we have." He shakes his head, "Who's going in?"

"You are, duh" I say plainly.

He stares at me. "What?" He shakes his head again.

"I will try and pry open its mouth open or something and you get inside and do something. Got it!" he nods his head.

I look above me and the dragon is within a few feet of us. We put ourselves right side up and Jet swims to the left and I swim straight for the mouth.

It opens it mouth and I see the flames coming. My bow appears and I shoot it in its throat. I hear the explosion happen and I see smoke appear from the teeth. It roars and its mighty jaws stretch open. I grin and swim for the mouth, as it claps shut its mouth I swim through almost getting caught in its teeth. As I enter the mouth I hear Jet screaming his head off, "Nooo! What are you doing?! Brian's going to kill me!!"

All I see is blackness, then I light up the inside with a bright aura. I look around and don't see much but everything still filled with water. I guess I should just shoot around and hope for the best? My bow appears in my hands and I charge my arrow. As I'm about to shoot I start to hear explosions outside. Then I hear Jet scramming and cursing at the dragon. I think hes fighting it with Aztec because I hear little roar and I know its not from this dragon.

I release my arrow and shoot it down its throat, after it explodes I hear a roar gurgling through and yup it pries open its mouth. Smoke and the roar come soaring through the water. I grab hold of the little big dingily thing at the back of its throat for dear life. As its about to close its mouth I see Jet riding on his dragon, shooting straight for the mouth, but as hes about to go in with the dragon the Dragon brings its claws down on him. Aztec head get's taken off as Jet got blown away a good couple feet down. Snapping shut its mouth.


I let go on the slimy thing and I shoot more and more arrows down its throat. More and more smoke arises from its throat, but no roar. Did I kill it? Then I hear something rumbling inside the Dragon, I look down its throat and see a even brighter light approaching me. I look turn around to see if the mouth opened, but it was closed.

"Oh shit! Its going to burn me inside of it! Jet!!!" I swim to the teeth and start banging on them, I then hear Jet screaming back, "Whats wrong!?"

"I'm gonna get fried! Jet! Its going to burn me alive, and it wont open its mouth!"

He shouts and curses in anger. "DAMMIT" He screams.

I look back and see the light getting brighter. So I pry my hands in between its teeth and try to lift it open. With all my strength I start to very slowly lift open the mouth.

I look in between in cracks of the teeth and see the Dragon swimming at high speed to the surface. I see it following Jet out of the water, he splashes through the top of the water on Aztec and then the Dragon bursts through as well. I see everyone else that we left behind in shock at the enormous dragon before their eyes. Brian yells at Jet, "Where is he!?" Jet looks worriedly at me, through the cracks still trying to pry it open slowly. Jet points at me and Brian follows his finger and barely sees me. I see him turn completely red with fury and anger.

"Joan!!! Keep Brian back!!" I yell at the top of my lungs at them. Joan suppresses electricity around her finger tip's and grabs Brian's shoulder, his body starts to form into fire. His eyes fire red, and his hair turns into flames then red flamed wings form behind him.

Joan's electricity keeping him from moving.

The Dragon flies even higher into the air, and I look behind me and see the light getting brighter and closer up the throat. I think its charging itself up or something. I need to get out fast!

The Dragon continues to fly into the dim lite sky and I start to feel the water draining from its mouth. Suddenly I pry the mouth open a few feet and the water exits it mouth.

Joan lets go of Brian as he begins to cool down. A lightening bolt appears in front of Joan and she jumps on it. Both Brian and Joan dive into the air.

I put my feet in an opening and stand on its teeth and then the other. I then lift up and push down with my feet. The dragon stops and looks behind it, I see Jet with Aztec, Joan riding a bolt of lightning and Brian flying with wings on fire! Holy crap..he doesn't look happy.

They get closer to me and Brian yells for me, "Babe! I'm coming for you!" He starts to soar through the air faster than the others. "Brian!! I cant free myself, I'm stuck. I cant move, its putting to much pressure on me!" Brian stops and his eyes open wide in fear and his mouth forms words but no words come out. As does the same for Joan and Jet.

I suddenly feel a cool warm breeze flow up my back. I turn my head slowly back and see the flames coming straight for me. In an instant I put up a shield around me. I feel Brian and the others getting closer, but the Dragons tail swipes at them. Hitting them all as they crash back to Earth. The flames stay in place, not going past my shield or around. I start to feel even more pressure colliding on me and then my shield starts to crack. I look around me and don't see anyone, I look back at the flames. "Good-bye Brian." And with that I push my shield outwards. The force opens the mouth wide open pushing the flames back down its throat. I charge my arrow to black and shoot it at the flames.

As it collides with the flames, the flames turn to black. Shooting back both at me and down the Dragon's throat. As it impacts my shield it instantly breaks my protection. As it breaks my shield it causes an explosion sending me back to Earth in a mound of purple smoke. I fall back to Earth with the Dragon at full speed. Both of us in purple mounds of smoke and blood filling the sky's from the Dragons throat being blasted out and jaw missing.

I hurdle back down to earth at such a high speed. I barely open my eyes and see Brian, Jet, and Joan right behind me trying to catch up. I look to my left and see the Dragons eyes on me and still alive. And with all its strength it winds up its claw's and hurdle straight for my friends. I look back at them and only see Brian notice it. He dodges out of the way, but hits the other two. They both get knocked off there rides and too fall back down to Earth, unconscious. 

And with all my strength I slowly lift up my hand and form a shield around Jet and Joan so they can gently hit the Earth. Brian form's a huge ball of fire. He throws it at the opening in the dragons throat. When it enters, the insides of it start to burn like wildfire, the dragon begins to burns from the inside out.

Brian takes speed and reaches out his hand to me, but I cant move anymore. I don't feel anything, but my heart racing. I close my eyes and I hear Brian scream, "Grab my hand! Angel! Please!" I slightly open my eyes and he turns his entire body into flames and soars past me. His flames dissapear and catches me in his arms. As he swiftly drops to the ground, he softly land's. I close my eyes, I can't even keep my eye's open.

While I'm unconscious I still hear everything around me. I hear Brian yelling and what sounds like him trying to wake me up. As badly as I want to open my eyes and jump into his arms, I cant I'm stuck in this darkness.

I cant wake up. I cant wake up. I cant wake up. Please Brian I cant open my eyes, help me. I terrified!

I can smell my flesh from when it got burned in the explosion.

How badly am I injured? I need to wake up.

Brian calls over the Fighters. "Find Joan and Jet in the water and get them back here! Lana you stay here." Brian's voice sounds so scary and commanding. I feel Brian hover over me.

"Please! Please get up! I need you to get up, I cant lose you! Get up." His voice starts to crack, "Angel please. I cant go on without you." I start to feel water hit my face and I manage to open my eyes ever so slightly and slowly to see him crying. The pain is too great, that explosion was to much. I cant move much without sending waves of pain through out my whole body.

"Lana can you heal him!?" He screams

"I'll try, but his injuries are too great." She says in a low voice.

"Can you at least do something, your a medic for gods sake!"

"Just stand back. I'll do what I can." She says moving him away.

I feel her hover over me and I feel her aura as well. I feel her power barely doing anything to my wounds. Just removing the blood and little bruises from my body. I start to feel dizzy and then I close my eyes and the pain shocks through me. Crap. It hurts to much, I'm think I'm going to.... somehow I fall unconscious.

~Brians P.O.V~

"His burns aren't healing! Why aren't they healing!?"

"I don't know, I think it had something to do with the Dragons flames. It must of been a very deadly and old Dragon to have this kind of powerful magic."


"Yes magic. Brian we live in world full of the undead, Angels, Black Hearts, Dragons, and who knows what else, of course there's such thing as Magic. Not your typical pull a bunny out your hat kind of magic though. This is the real shit. It powerful, and the only way to heal his wounds is to get the most powerful magic their is to stop him from being in more pain or worse death."

Lana drops her gaze from me and looks at AngelHe looks like hes in so much pain. I cant believe I let him go with Jet. Then again if he didn't go, the people they found would have been dead, maybe even Jet. But he still got hurt, and Jet promised, but Jet is probably hurt badly also.

"Where do I find this magic?" She keeps her gaze on him and continues to try and heal him. "Lana?" my voice starts to get angry, "Where do I get the magic?"

"You get the magic from Heaven." someone says behind me.

I look over my shoulder and see the two human from the ship walking towards us. They kneel down and examine my Angel. "Hes severely wounded, I don't know how he even survived the flames. He should be dead, its a miracle." The woman exclaims. She gets up and looks into the sky.

"You want your magic to heal him, its in Heaven. That's where you need to go to find it." She explains.

Lana frowns, "How did you know this?"

She grins, "We're the government we know things. I just know your best bet is to go there and take it or at least some." Lana stops healing his wounds and gets up and walks next to the woman. "And who has the magic?" The woman turns towards her, "Why the protector of the magic. He is second in command to God. Kill him or at least distract him for a bit and you can get your magic and heal him. But of course it wont be easy."

She looks over at me. "You wont be able to do it alone either. You'll need more people, you all wouldn't make it past the gates. So when the Angels and the mysterious powerful thing attacks, which my best bet will be the Protector of the Magic, we will go in and fetch it."

I look at her, "We?" She smiles.

"Yeah we, us two," she says pointing to herself and the man kneeling down still examining Angel's wounds," are going with you."

Lana interjects, "Why?"

She smiles even more bright. "Because he saved us. And your other friend, Um Jet? They both saved us. And we owe them this." Lana and I smile. "Thank you." She nods her head.

~Minutes later~

The Fighters rush back onto the port in the boat Zalez and Redrick found. They get off the boat carrying Joan and Jet.

I rush over to them and see blood rushing down Joan's head, and Jets arm broken and bleeding. "Joan! Jet?" I shout at them. No reply.

"Set them down next to him" Zalez sets Joan down on Angel's right side, and Redrick sets Jet down on the left side. "Where did you find them?" Charel sits down and replies, "We found them floating about in his shield. We couldn't find Jet, so Redrick dove into the water and found him still in his shield while he was hovering in the water. So we brought them both up and tried to clean the blood, but it wont stop." She stops for air. Lana immediately kneels down next to Joan and starts to heal her head.

After a couple minutes, Joan starts to tremble abit and Lana stops healing. Joan flutters her eyes open and lifts herself up slowly. "What happen?"

"You were hit by the Dragons claw." Lana answers back. "And I'm alive? We were falling from the sky, how?"

Lana replies, "He," she points to my Angel, "put a shield around you both before you hit the ground."

Her eyes start to water up. "Is he," she gulps," dead?" Joan looks at me and I look away. "Brian? Is he dead?"

"He isn't dead, but hes severely injured. We need to heal him quickly." Lana replies for me again. Lana gets up and walks around to Jet and starts to tend to his arm. She grabs his arm quickly and snaps it back into place, the snap makes Joan and I cringe.

Joan stares at Angel and Jet. Then she runs her hands down Jets arm. "Will he be ok?" Lana smiles and nods her head. "He should wake up in a couple minutes. But for now, lets just let them rest."

She stops healing Jet and gets up and pats the dirt off her knees. "So what do we do now?" Charel ask.

"I'm going to go get that magic and I'm going to heal him. While you guys take him to Europe." They all look at me like I'm crazy, giving me those insane look's especially Joan. 

"Wo! You are not going alone! I'm going with you." Joan snaps back at me. "No your not, your going to help protect him along the way. There's no telling what might be in Europe."

She slaps me clean across the face, "Are you fucking stupid or stupid!? You don't even know what its like in Heaven! You cant just leave him while hes in this state!" I rub my cheek looking at her speechless. I feel the slight burning pain on my cheek, hesitant I speak up after a few second's. 

"Joan what do you expect me to do. Just sit around and watch him get worse or die! I'm going to go get that magic and I will get it. And I will bring it back to him! And there's nothing you can do or say to stop me!" She shakes her head in anger. "Well fine then! But I'm going with you! And there is nothing you can say or do to stop ME!" She scream's putting emphasis on the 'me'. I sigh. Of course she would wanna go.

"Fine then. They are going also," I say pointing to the man and woman standing in the back, "they know how to get in, where to go, when, and who we will go against. So we will be ok." Redrick walks up to us. "What about us?" I look at him up and down

"You guys will go with Jet and help him protect Angel, I'm only taking one of you though." They all look at me. "Who?" Charel asks.

"I'm taking you."

They follow my point and see Rai. "Rai your the best in weapons and we can use it in case we come up with something weapons related which we will if we have to fight the Protector that protects the Magic. Your weapons could penetrate its armor plus your explosives can rig the gate to Heaven. We need you." He gulps and nods his head. "So much pressure." He chuckles.

"When do we leave?" Joan ask. "We leave when we drop them off in Europe. Just so we know they are safe on the ocean. After that we part ways." They nod their heads.

"So whats your guys' names?" Zalez ask the two sailors. "Oh us? My name is Reanne. And that quiet fellow is Otit." The woman replies back.

"What can you do?" Joan ask. "Well I am an expert in stealth. And Otit is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and can control the air slightly." We all look at Otit sitting over the water making little tornado's on the water. "That's pretty cool. Is he is Black Heart?" Rai ask.

"I don't know, we found him on the way heading here actually. He didn't have much to wear so we gave him these sailor clothes. He doesn't talk much, he was just floating in the water in the middle of the ocean. He was a little hurt, but not too much." We continued staring at him then he slowly turns his head towards us giving us a sheepish smile. 

Jets starts to wake up, he opens his eyes and lifts himself up. "What the hell happen?"

"Hey buddy your alright. How do you feel?" Joan asks him. "I feel like I got hit by a damn claw. What about you?" He ask her back. "I feel like a million bucks."

He looks next to him and sees Angel. "Shit. Is he going to be okay?" Jet's eyes start to glow blue. "We don't know."

During the remainder of the afternoon we start explaining everything to Jet about the discussion we had earlier. With little resistance he accepts protecting Angel. That night we all laid in the boat to sleep. The next day we set sail for Europe and maybe even our deaths.

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