Black Hearts (bxb) [Short Story]

It was the year 2055 and the few remaining people on Earth were still fighting to take back the planet from the undead. The ones who brought back these beings from the dead were Angels. Their reasons for this massacre, that's lasted for decades, was to punish the humans for all the wrong they've done. Killing each others, polluting the Earth, all the violence in the world. There was no end to it all, none. The Angels were sent in to punish us from the Almighty Man himself. No, and's, if's or but's about it. 'He' sent them down right after World War III in 2015 was about to end. The Humans never saw it coming, they were warned plenty of times. But of course we never payed attention or ever thought of them as warnings for the worse, just a reason to cause more violence and destruction of the World. So I guess in a way, the Almighty Man made it worse for everyone, instead of warning us he just screwed himself up.


9. Departure- FINALE

After we set sail, of all the things to happen. Redrick had to get sea sick! That dumb ass is puking his guts out. Lana has to keep healing him, if he pukes too much he could die. So she did something funny. She freaking put him a sleeper hold to knock him out during the sail. He's been out for the majority of the trip.

But my journey is just about to go to a whole other level of dangerous. Its almost time for us to infiltrate Heaven. As cool as it sounds, its way dangerous. We don't know if we'll survive or not. But we are going and that's that. No and, ifs, or but's about it. 

After two weeks of floating towards Europe we finally see land a couple miles away from us.

When we hit land Reanne, Otit, Joan, Rai, and myself will separate from the others while they head to the facility. And we are going to fly into the night sky. 

After Jet woke up from his little long nap he was fully recovered and rested. We all were for that matter. We all felt woken up, and rested. But sadly Angel still hasn't made any recovery. He's barely healed any, Lana would still try and heal him as much as she could, but nothing. But he'll make it, right? 

Redrick, he wasn't as sick as he was. Not as much puking, but he still had his moments. Now we're just 5-miles from land. My heart starts to beat faster and faster with every inch we get closer. I can feel the pressure and anxiety in the dry moist air. 

We eventually get to land and pull up onto the empty shore. We all jump off the boat and gather up our things. I carry Angel out bridal style. I put him in Redricks arms. Still sleeping, but barely breathing.

I kiss him on the forehead. And I walk to Reanne, Otit, Joan, and Rai beside the boat. Joan jumps on her lightning bolt with Reanne. Otit forms a little tornado around Rai's and his legs, they start to float into the air. I look to my sides and my flaming wings appear.

I look back at the others and I see a tear in Jet's eyes.

"We'll be safe Jet. I will take care of your sister, as long as you take care of my love. Promise?" He smiles weakly, wiping a tear from his eyes. "I promise Brian." I raise an eyebrow at him. "Remember what happen last time you promised me that?" I ask him and he looks down in disappointment. "I said I was sorry." I smile back.

"I was kidding, jeez. Everyone else," I say to the Fighters, "You all are to make sure you get yourselves safely to the facility. If anything happens to them," I point to Angel and Jet," I will beat the hell outta you and then kill you. Understood?" They all nod their heads.

"Your in charge for now little brother." Joan says happily to Jet.

He smiles back, "Thanks sis, be careful. I love you." She smiles back brightly. "I love you too little brother. Take care." And with that we take a step back away from them. Giving them one last wave goodbye we soar through the air, leaving a trail of smoke behind us all. I look down and see them getting smaller and smaller. I look up into the night sky and see the star night sky glittering like Angel's eyes. Beautiful. 




This really is the finale for Book One. I never intended it write a sequel, but I did! It's called "Black Heart's: Redemption" and it start's off almost exactly where you guy's left off. The only difference between the two is that Book Two has a lot more everything. You guy's are gonna be introduced to a few new character's in the beginning, action, Heart, what exactly the Black Hearts really are, etc. It's pretty cool! So expect that sometime soon? The only way you guy's can actually get Book Two is if you do a number amount of thing's. 

1)LIKE this story

2)COMMENT letting me know what you hope to expect in the next one

3) FAN me so you know when to expect the next part


Not too much, anyway's. I hope you all have a fabulous day! <3

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