Black Hearts (bxb) [Short Story]

It was the year 2055 and the few remaining people on Earth were still fighting to take back the planet from the undead. The ones who brought back these beings from the dead were Angels. Their reasons for this massacre, that's lasted for decades, was to punish the humans for all the wrong they've done. Killing each others, polluting the Earth, all the violence in the world. There was no end to it all, none. The Angels were sent in to punish us from the Almighty Man himself. No, and's, if's or but's about it. 'He' sent them down right after World War III in 2015 was about to end. The Humans never saw it coming, they were warned plenty of times. But of course we never payed attention or ever thought of them as warnings for the worse, just a reason to cause more violence and destruction of the World. So I guess in a way, the Almighty Man made it worse for everyone, instead of warning us he just screwed himself up.


8. All Aboard the Express!

I am the first to wake up, I look to my side and still see him sleeping. I check his pulse and feel him still alive. Thank god. I get up and exit the room we all slept in, I open the door and the cool morning breeze hits my face. I look out to the horizon and see sun barely lighting up the morning skies.

"Your awake."

I look behind me and see Jet and Joan getting out of the room as well. "I didn't even notice you two get up." They both smile. "We've been up for awhile. So should we start setting sail?" Joan ask. I nod my head.

She smiles and looks at Jet, "Hey Jet could you start up the ship and start sailing this baby outta here?" He nods his head and yawns, "Yeah sure." He walks up to the small cockpit and starts to turn on the engine. It turns on and he shouts, "Its on! We can leave now!" Joan smiles brightly and then we hear the others getting up. I peek into the room and still see Angel laying on the bed. Damn.

The Red Heart's walk out onto the deck and watch the sun halfway rising into the beautiful lite sky. The engine roars and then suddenly dies out before we even leave the harbor. "Jet! What happen?" I yell at him. He walks out of the pit shaking his head.

"Damn! We are out of freaking fuel. We don't have any left." He exclaims. "Do you know where there's any at?" He looks around us and stares at the boats.

"Maybe we can take some from the other ships. If they have any that is." He walks to the front of boat and jumps onto the port. "Wait I'm coming with you!" Reanne yells running to him. He looks back at her and winks. She stops and gives him a disgusting look. She shakes her head and gets off the ship. They walk over to a near boat and jump on it. They head into the boat and disappear.

Suddenly we hear crashing noises from the tracks. "What the hell was that?" Joan says looking over at the tracks. 

We all run to the edge and look in the direction also. Suddenly we see dozens of the undead limping and running towards us. "Holy crap!" Charel yells out. The Fighters run into the rooms to get their weapons.

Joan and I jump onto the port, she conjures up lightening in her hands. Otit jumps onto the port and stands in front of us.

"Otit?" Joan whispers softly. 

He extends out his arms and the wind starts to pick up. Then from his bare hands two blasts of wind start to blow against the undead. Somehow the wind starts to slash and cut the undead into pieces. Blood starts to mix in with the blast of wind and turns in red. Undead parts start to fly everywhere in the sky spraying blood onto the ground and some on us. He suddenly stops and the last few dozen of undead come running, crawling, and running on four legs towards us. I light up my hands on fire, Joan with her lightning.

We both charge past Otit and fight them head on. Joan cuts through the undead like butter. Splattering blood on everything. I throw my fire balls, burning them to a crisp in an instant. I look behind me and see an undead within inches of me about to bite. No! As I'm about to throw a flame, something pull's my arm back. I look back and see an undead without legs grabbing onto me. I stomp on its head and blood splatters on my legs.

I look back and the undead dives at me, before I can react I freeze. I blink and the next thing I know the undead crashes to the ground and the head rolling around on the ground. I look behind it and don't see anything, then I look to my side and see Otit kneeling down beside me. Wait wasn't he way behind me?

He must have a quick step, that's the only way. He gets up and his hands are covered in a aura of wind with blood mixed in. He nods his head at me and then quick steps to help Joan. He instantly kills four undead circling her. She looks around, then at me with the most confused look on her face. I look behind her and see Otit kneeling down, she follows my gaze and sees him. She walks to him and he gets up. "That was sick!" She says jumping up in delight.

I look behind me towards the boat and see in the undead that passed us running on deck. In an instant I start running to the ship. I jump onto the deck and slash my way through them trying to get to him. As I reach the doorway to the bottom of the ship where he is I stop and turn around to a dozen undead charging at me.

I look down into the rooms and see the others with their weapons in hand protecting him. I nod my head in thanks and look back to my foes. I light my hands on fire and conjure up fire balls. As they draw closer I unleash them and in a blink of an eye they all fall to the ground in ashes. I look around to Joan and Otit finishing off the last. Then I hear Jet and Reanne rustling their way arguing out the boat on the other end. The stop and stay silent while they look around to see the undead 'dead' all around the ground.

"What the hell happen?!" Jet screams.

I laugh and the Fighters exit the rooms and enter the deck. "Whats it look like happen?" I yell back.  He shrugs. Reanne shakes her head and smacks him in the back of the head. He rubs his head and shoves her back. She gives him a stern look and her face glows red with rage. She grabs him by the shoulders and throws him to the ground and jumps on top of him. All I hear from him are girly screams and Reannes growls and evil laughing.

After the commotion stops Reanne appears again and pats her hands together then cracks her knuckles. She smiles down at Jet, who is probably beaten to death. She jumps off the deck and starts to walk towards us. I look at Joan and see her laughing her ass off on the ground wiping tears from her eyes.

"Jet got beat! By. A. Girl!" She barely gets out in between gasp of air. Otit looks down at her shaking his head in annoyance. 

Reanne walks over to Joan and helps her up. Her laughing dies down.

"That was hilarious! I love my brother, but he deserved it" Joan says pointing in the direction of Jet. He still hasn't gotten up yet, I hope he really isn't dead. Charel jumps off the deck and rushes over to his boat. She jumps onto the deck and looks down at him in shock, quickly crouching down over him she wipes away blood from his face.

"Reanne, he looks horrible! Damn girl, you're freaking brutal!" Charel yells to Reanne.

"Well he shouldn't have messed with me in the first place. I hope he learned his lesson!" She replies back to her. Charel help's up Jet by putting his arm around her shoulder, they slowly make there way towards us. Charel smiles to herself as she glances at Jet, she's staring at him like's him. Shaking my head I look over at everyone else and see them all fine and well. 

Reanne jumps onto the deck and turns to Joan and Otit "All aboard the express to Europe!" Joan shouts. Everyone walks onto the center of the deck. Charel lightly lay's Jet down on the deck, wiping away more blood from his face. "Lana!" She perk's up and looks at Joan. "Yes?" 

"We're leaving. Lets go! Wake him up or something!" Joan yells at her. Lana shrugs her shoulders. She kneels back down and start's to heal Jet. Of course, hes got his butt kicked by her. Shes pretty tough. Well he probably didn't fight back because Reanne was a girl. Looking back down the stairs to the bedroom underneath the boat I see Angel's head laying on a pillow still asleep. Sighing to myself I cross my arm's closing my arms.

I miss him badly, I wish he woke up already. But I need to be strong if I want to get that magic for him. I have to. When we get through this I plan on marrying you. Joan and Jet have known about this since last month. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are a part of me. I just want you, all of you. I love everything about you. From the way you laugh, to the way you looked so damn sexy in those outfits we had to wear for training. Damn I'm really turned on right now. We still haven't even had, you know, done 'it' yet. We've been with each other for months and it took me a day to fall in love with you. Gosh I remember the first time I laid eyes on you on that training field. It was almost like love at first sight..

Ok, I cant think of that now. I need to be strong for him, for us all. We're all going to have to be strong.

"Reanne, you forgot about the gas tanks." Reanna sighs, looking over her shoulder she see's Rai standing there. "Rai, could you be a sweet heart and get them for me? Please?" Rai looks at her. "Of course! Anything for you, just don't kick my ass. Please!" He runs off the deck and jets towards the boat. He comes back with several tanks of gas. He goes into the base of boat to fill the tank. 

Charel takes Jet to the rooms and lays him down on the bed next to Angel. Walking into the cockpit to turn on the ship. The engine roars to life! Thank goodness. 

After several minutes we finally set sail into the horizon, no problems. For now. Finger's crossed.

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