To love some unconditionally, you'd do anything to be with them, at the expense of your own happiness. You know smiling doesn't always mean you're happy Sometimes, it simply means you're a strong person.


3. My Chick

I deserved the slap I received. I know I was the girl her boyfriend was cheating on her with and not just any girl, his first ever girlfriend and girlfriend turned ex-uncountable times. Jade didn't seat beside Justin like she normally did she found another seat and was spewing throughout class. I didn't look at Justin I couldn't, the love I felt for him all these past years finally went down a whole damn lot after what he said and was turning into hate.

I knew by the time lunch came the whole school would have found out about how I was such a boyfriend stealer and I honestly couldn't care any less. I deserved the title especially when it wasn't even successful and I was only meant to ever be the side chick.

He knew he had my heart, so instead of letting me go fully, he kept messing with me because I loved him so all he ever did was play games with my heart. Yet I believed all he said when he said he loved me and nothing would ever change, and now he was trying to hurt me and blatantly telling me to my face he was falling for someone else, while he knew I loved him and him only.

I left the classroom, lost in my own head so I did not notice anyone or anything going on around me, I moved to my next class my body on autopilot. Anna was the first to find me, but she didn't say anything, walking beside me, Sally came next, she and Anna exchanged worried expressions yet they did not say anything to my relief. I felt like crying.

I didn't notice Sally and Anna weren't leading us to class until it was too late, we were heading for the girl's locker room, where Natasha was standing in front of the door when she saw us, she waved and entered, with us following in behind her.

Natasha was resting her back on the door, so no one would just barge in. Anna unplugged my earphones and took my phone from me.

They were all looking at me expectantly. What did they expect me to say? He ripped my heart out from my chest and handed it back to me after he was done playing soccer with it, all kicked and bruised.

"Let it out Tasya," Sally said when she got tired of us looking at each other.

"He chose her, said he has feelings for her too and I should still wait, I said no and she had snuck up on us and heard our conversation and slapped me."

"She slapped you? And you let her?" Natasha angrily spewed out, looking murderous.

"He is her boyfriend and I'm the one he was cheating with," I said calmly to her, but it doesn't calm her down—it just shut her up.

"I'm never going back to him, it's officially over. It's time for me to move on, screw him and if Jade decides to stay with him—I wish her luck because she's going to need it."

"They deserve each other." Anna finally spoke. "But you know what Tasya? Take this as your closure, he was never meant to be the one. You're free of him once and for all, you get to get a fresh start when you move to college, with no ties holding you back here, well apart from us and your family."

I broke down, I bawled my eyes out to them, telling them word for word what had happened when I had confronted Justin. Natasha didn't hesitate in insulting and cursing the life out of Justin, Sally kept suggesting how she could help me ruin Justin's pretty car and teach Jade a lesson, going into vivid details, making me laugh. Anna just hugged me and wiped my tears away, listening patiently to me. When I finally had cried it all out of my system, I felt tonnes better and grateful for the kind of friends I had.

"Now this celebration, calls for ice-cream. Let's get out of school!" Anna exclaimed when we had all gone quiet.

"Anna! She's still sad you mug!" Sally's eyes were bugging out at Anna. I couldn't help it I found it funny so I burst into laughter which set the others off, knowing I wasn't finding any of it offensive.

We left the locker room and headed for the entrance of the school, we had had enough school for the day and it was time for some ice-cream and fun with the girls.

Justin and Jade were making out by the entrance of the school. Had they made up that fast? Oh, now I saw why Justin said he liked her. She just caught him cheating and she forgave him within an hour, does she not spell E-A-S-Y our footsteps alerted them to their oncoming audience.

When Jade saw it was me and my friends she smirked evilly at us, and then put a hand on Justin staking her claim. I smiled at this sign, they really did deserve each other. I paused when I reached them. Justin looked uncomfortable and red in the face. I didn't even bother with trying to read whatever message he was trying to pass to me with his face.

"I'm sorry Jade, I went behind your back with him, I assure you this. He and I would never ever happen again. I'm completely over him and ready to step into the next chapter of my life and stop visiting the past. All these thanks to you." I looked at Justin fully now and let him see how over him I was. Jade hissed, but nothing could bring me down anymore, at least not right at that moment. I gave them one final look, seeing the confusion on Justin's face, but like I thought he's a wimp and he did not care for me as much as I did for him.

I left them and joined my friends who were waiting for me. I linked arms with Anna and Natasha, with Sally walking ahead of us. I was no longer a side chick. It was never meant to be my position in life to be someone's side chick...I finally found it in me to let go and freed myself from all that was holding me back.

I finally was free.

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