To love some unconditionally, you'd do anything to be with them, at the expense of your own happiness. You know smiling doesn't always mean you're happy Sometimes, it simply means you're a strong person.


2. Main Chick

I had made up my mind. I was telling Justin to go ahead and dump Jade. My heart was in ruins, hearing him say to Tasya he would always love her in that tone had scared me to the point where I no longer wanted to be his dirty little secret. I had had enough of this treatment and I was now ready to get it over with and face the consequences that would be thrown my way if I got back together with Justin.

"I say forget him," Sally said all of a sudden bringing me out of my reverie, was I that obvious in my thoughts? We were all on our own bean bags in Sally's room, where we would all fall asleep. I stuck my tongue out at Sally who rolled her eyes, lately, my love interest in Justin has been the girls' number one topic and quite frankly it's annoying and bruising to my already broken heart when they were constantly reminding me.

"True love is hard to forget guys and everyone is weak for their true love."

Anne said in a faraway voice which got a scoff from Natasha and Sally throwing a pillow at her. I smiled at her, see why she was my best friend? She understood me and what I was going through. "I think he is just using you Tasya, come on you're hot."

I was in shock, did she know about me and Justin's secret relationship? The look on her and Sally's face said they knew but I couldn't be too sure, it may be the guilt of not telling them that was making me see a look of knowing on their faces that weren't actually there. "Sorry, but how is he using me?" as soon as the words left my mouth I got tackled from my bean bag to the fall by both Sally and Natasha before they proceeded to seat on me.

"What do you take us for? Of course, we know Justin and you are sneaking around." Natasha said to me, I looked at Anne, who looked at me with innocent eyes. "How could you not tell us? Betrayer!" Sally shouted at me in a mock horrified voice, I just groaned because it's no fun having two people seating on you with all their weights. I struggled to get out the words I wanted to be heard.

"Because you guys make it very clear how you feel about Justin! Duh! Get off me you freaking oafs!"

I struggled with them and finally, I managed to throw Sally of me and Natasha got up, I panted dramatically as I regained my breath, crawling till I collapsed onto my beanbag. Everyone settled back on their beanbags and turned their eyes to me since all was out about Justin's and my relationship, I might as well tell them what I was going to do the next day when I saw Justin.

"I'm going to ask him to break up with Jade."

They all started clapping and wolf whistling praising me and saying how they agreed and liked what I had said before I proceeded to tell them about Justin and I's discussions despite their complaining about not wanting to hear about what we both spoke about, they still listened and offered their thoughts on Justin. Me being in love with him didn't stop them from not liking or trusting him and rightfully so, he was cheating on his current girlfriend with me, what was stopping him from cheating on me? After all, I took him away from another girl, so I should know.

The sleepover proceeded and we all had fun telling stories about ourselves or people we knew and did our assignment, it was a school night after all and slept like babies, with Sally's mother waking us up early in the morning the next day.

I found the perfect opportunity to issue Justin the ultimatum in geometry class, the class was fairly empty and no one would pay any heed to us, I approached him and sat down beside him on his desk to his surprise. I smiled sweetly at him, while he smiled back at me alarm all over his features. He so did not know how to act unsuspicious.

"Mornin' love," I said to him, and he smiled at me not saying anything, he looked ready to bolt out of the seat and be at a safe distance from me, really? "You don't want to be seen with me right?" he shook his head no, but still looked like a thief that had been caught stealing. "Did you have a nice date with Jade last night then?"


"Don't Tasya me, look Justin I'm done. You said it's me holding you back right? Okay break up with her, I don't care anymore."

I looked at Justin, but the look on his face broke me, he wasn't going to do it. How foolish had I been to think he had meant what he had said to me. Now that I was calling him out on his bluff, because that was really all his words had been, I could see how blinded I really had been. "It's complicated, I actually do like Jade and I can't break up with her now." I couldn't believe my ears and him, I felt so humiliated and my whole body felt like it was drowning. "I trusted you, Justin," I said to him at last. "Give me more time, I love you." He told me. I got up from the seat and looked at him coldly, once again he had played on the bout of emotions I felt for him leaving me high and dry in the end. "You can keep it," I say and turned to go to my own seat, when my heart flew to my mouth, standing there and looking ready to kill stood Jade. I smirked inside, take that Mr Two-Timer, you just lost your main chick and side chick.

A hard slap landed on my right cheek, Jade had just slapped me.

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