Freak Of Nature

Nicole Williams has always been bullied. Why? No one knows she's just obviously different. One day the doctor diagnoses her as inhuman. Rare creature. Suddenly Nicole is able to control anything make you believe something is there when it's not. She's brought to a secret gonvernement facility to be tested on. when she escapes she decides to never let anyone hurt her again. She decides to change her name to Selena Gomez. She has everything you could ever want but the day she meets Zayn Malik her world crashes underneath her.She seems unable to manipulate him. Was her powers leaving or was he too inhuman?Soon everything seems to spiral apart.A best friend from the past has come back,but why? With the threatening notes,texts and secrets one can only call her a freak of nature.


20. Secrets

selena's p.o.v

i wake up  sweaty and shaken.i look around the room for blood stains,realizing there are none i scream with joy! not only did zayn not rape me, but emily wasn't coming for me and everything was alright. I don't know what would happen if  my secret got out....

unknown p.o.v 

I actually feel a little bad for selena, i mean to think no one was coming for you when they are....well she will find out when she turns on the hot water. Emily left a little something in the mirror...

selena's p.o.v 

All I could do was stand in shock as my brain comprehended the words-immortality bitch

words ive only heard emily speak................

 author's note 

sorry for it being short.

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