Freak Of Nature

Nicole Williams has always been bullied. Why? No one knows she's just obviously different. One day the doctor diagnoses her as inhuman. Rare creature. Suddenly Nicole is able to control anything make you believe something is there when it's not. She's brought to a secret gonvernement facility to be tested on. when she escapes she decides to never let anyone hurt her again. She decides to change her name to Selena Gomez. She has everything you could ever want but the day she meets Zayn Malik her world crashes underneath her.She seems unable to manipulate him. Was her powers leaving or was he too inhuman?Soon everything seems to spiral apart.A best friend from the past has come back,but why? With the threatening notes,texts and secrets one can only call her a freak of nature.


8. Ready Or Not

                                                                Zayn's P.O.V

Wow, if she thinks she is going to win this battle she is mistaken, though I do think her seductiveness was sexy.'I love you Arianna' I say, loud enough for everyone to hear. She giggles and bites her lip. Ok that was definitely more sexy than Selena. I look up at Selena and see that she looks hurt I looked down and almost said game over when I looked up again and saw her kissing Harry's neck.

                                                                                Selena's P.O.V

Hmm...if I can't get Zayn to quit I can get Arianna to's time to play dirty

                      You don't like Zayn,I send to Arianna's brain.

                                                                              Arianna's P.O.V

You don't like Zayn...Suddenly something takes over me and I'm repulsed by the sight of him.How dare he touch me?

                                                                          Zayn's P.O.V

I hear Arianna's thoughts and realize Selena's playing dirty.Don't listen to the thoughts Selena sends you, you love me.I send to her brain and I  feel her tension go away and she slumps back into me and kisses my neck.'I love you more'she giggles into my ear and then she lightly nibbles my ear bringing a smile to my face.

                                                                                Selena's P.O.V

UGHHHH! Looks like I can't play dirty with Zayn around...guess I'll have to wait.Until then I'm going to be really sickly sweet towards Arianna. Enough to know that I don't like her but not enough for her to suspect that it's because I'm in love with her boyfriend.Until then, looks like I'm going to have plenty of fun with Harry..

                                                  AUTHOR'S NOTE

Sorry for a short chapter but I am going to let you in on a little secret....there  is only 12 more chapters in this boo.....until the next book in this series and im so excited because i have already got what the ending of this book is going to be and the next book is going to be super adventurous and sad.Any way about this book,1 more favorite for the next chapter. Tell me what you think about a next book in this series would be like....

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