I'll Fight For the Things That are Worth It - A Nathan Sykes fanfic

Having a step brother you despise is one thing.

But when they're Nathan Sykes it's something else entirely.


"Come on sweetheart, stop acting like you hate me," Nathan smirked throwing his arm around my shoulders, squeezing me into him. I scoffed and shook it off, grimacing at his touch.

"I'm not acting believe me," I pursed my lips, edging away so I was squashed up against the edge of my seat.

"Darling, this plane doesn't land for two hours so you should start acting friendly," he darted out his tongue to wet his lips then smiled derisively.


A tale of hatred, spilt tea and romance against all odds.


1. Snails, Twitter and a Roast Dinner

*Amber's P.O.V*

He was going to be here soon. He was going to be living, sleeping, eating, breathing right here soon and I wanted nothing less than to change the locks and pretend no-one was home. Of course I couldn't do that. Not that I would've suggested it anyway, despite Nathan and I's very public dispute everyone else in the house seemed to adore him. It was nauseating. His fake happy-go-lucky persona and cocky ways made me want to do nothing more than to puke all down his Ralf Lauren polo shirt and skinny jeans. Ugh. He was going to be offering everyone tea and fucking American cookies as if he owned the place - which let me tell you he didn't - and flaunting about all these different American delicacies and oddly flavoured Jelly Beans. Like I cared... Well to be honest the Jelly Bean flavours America seem to come up with do intrigue me but that's a entirely different thing all together.

I passed a mirror and smiled at how little of an effort I had made to 'welcome him home' after two months of being away. The only traces of make-up I had on was yesterday's mascara, my hair was unbrushed and I wore a baggy jumper and leggings - in other words I looked like shit and I really didn't care either.

"Run a brush through your hair Amb!" My Dad scolded as he walked past holding a frozen bag of carrots ready to cook for the roast Karen was preparing. I rolled my eyes and followed him into the kitchen.

"And who have I got to impress exactly?"

"No-one if you keep dressing like that!" He shook his head and filled a pot with water and started to bring it to the boil, placing the carrots inside.

"Phil, love, leave her alone at least she's not dressing as if she's about to go wait on a street corner is she?" Karen countered, giving my shoulder a little squeeze as she walked past. Dad mumbled something about me looking like I should live on a street corner because I looked like a tramp and that I could have at least made an effort. Karen tutted at him and opened the oven to check on the potatoes.

I watched as Jess walked in and flopped down into one of the dining table chairs looking worn out.

"What's up Jess? I wondered, picking at the already half scratched of varnish on my nails.

"Homework, homework and more homework," she groaned, resting her head in her arms. I nodded and smiled sympathetically, I really did feel for her. She was starting her second year at sixth form and I had just finished and begun my gap year before I started at uni. Of course I still had a lot of revision to keep on top of but that was all by my own schedule, I knew more than anyone how overwhelming the volumes of homework you get in her year. It wasn't fun.

"Mum, shouldn't Nath be here by now?" She said, lifting her head up a few inches. Her mother turned around from the stove and shook her head.

"He rung an hour and a half ago saying he's driving home from the airport now, so he should be about twenty minutes," she informed, turning back to make sure the carrots hadn't over-cooked in her ten second absence. This elicited another groan as shoved her head back in her arms.

She got on so well with Nathan unlike me, which I suppose was understandable seeing as he was her actual brother. It wasn't much fun being constantly talked about by his fans and his constant dismissal towards me. They never really sent me any hate, actually most of them were actually quite sweet but it didn't stop the fact that they were his fans and they were in love with him.The only reasons they even tweeted me was because they knew I knew Nathan.

I pulled out my phone and tapped onto my twitter app, scrolling through my mentions.

'-Are you excited for @NathanTheWanted to come home? :) xx-'

-'Oh no @NathanTheWanted is coming home, should we all prepare for world war 3? ;)'-

-'Did you know Snails can sleep for three years straight?'-

Okay so that last one was a bit random... But at least she wasn't centring all of her attention around Nathan and instead asking me about insects... Wait Snails aren't insects... What the fuck are they? Reptiles? Surely not? That's an entirely different subject...

I pressed follow on the girls profile regardless of the fact she had 'TW' and 'Sykes' in her name. I scrolled through some more of her tweets and saw the sheer volume of tweets she has sent Nathan and couldn't help but feel bad for the fact that he still hadn't noticed her. As much as I disliked him though he treats his fans like princesses and tries his best to make them happy. To be honest that annoyed me further, don't get me wrong I'm happy how well he treats the fans but it gives me less of a reason to not like him, which angers me more than anything.

Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on his twitter name, reading through his most recent tweets.

-'Had such a good time in the US, gonna miss the sun and you beautiful fans!!! :)'

'@NathDawg_TW of course all of the #TWfanmily are beautiful, I didn't mean it like that haha :) xx'

'Lovely meeting all of the fans at the airport, on my way home now, mum says my roast is on and cooking :) #homesweethome'-

I was in the midst of rolling my eyes when I heard the door click open. I stared at my phone screen intently, making an extra effort to show I didn't care he was back. The blood drained from my fingers as I was clinging onto my phone so tightly and my eyes started to go blurry from not blinking. I heard everyone greeting him in the hall and him saying something about how good the food smells, foots steps made their way up the hallway and into the kitchen, I did my best to ignore the fact that he was there and nonchalantly looked at my phone. Then all at once I felt his breath dangerously close to my face and him murmur,

"I know you've got this obsession with me but I didn't think it would come to you stalking my twitter."


I quickly pressed the button to lock my phone and placed it screen side down

onto the table. I turned round in my seat to face him, giving him a sweet smile in counter to his cocky smirk. "Don't think so highly of yourself, I was just about to press the block button."

He raised an eyebrow and retrieved a fork from the draw, stabbing it into one of the carrots that were on the boil, blowing it before placing it in his mouth and chewing before swallowing it and making a satisfied sigh. His Gloucester accent was more pronounced this time, "of course you were."

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