Hate Me

After a shocking experience in his past, sixteen year old Christian Rothschild is left with twin babies: Clarice and Jacob - their mother Amber long out of the picture. Twenty-six year old art teacher Alex Archer is a divorcee left alone with his four year old Elijah. His life has long since been happy.
What happens when these two meet at a single parent's club? And even more, what happens with Christian goes home with Alex?
Can Alex get over his homophobia, and keep afloat with all he's got on his plate? And can Christian keep their relationship secret, when he is on the rise to fame?


4. Christian

Cathleen took a massive sip from her smoothie and grinned at me. “So your parents are finally okay with you coming back?” she exclaimed, and I nodded slowly. It was a Saturday, and the twins were with the Ferrys, like they were every weekend. Cathleen shrieked, attracting the attention of a few passers-by. I frowned at her, before turning my attention back to my smoothie. “Its gunna be so much more fun with you there! I mean, I know we only share English as a subject – but we can hang out at lunch and break! Oh – and you can meet up with all your old friends!” She almost buzzed with the excitement. I felt like if I moved to touch her, I would be shocked like an electric current had passed through me. “Cathleen…” I began, and she faintly acknowledged me. “I’m probably only going when I feel up to it. With night feeding, and if the twins get sick, and with my band and everything – I’m probably not going to finish school.” Her face fell a little.

“But on days you’re there…we can have fun!” She exclaimed, and I smiled at her, putting an arm around her shoulder.

Suddenly Cathleen gasped and pulled off the bench and crouched behind it. “What the actual fuck, Cath?” I asked, chuckling softly. She shushed me almost instantly.

“It’s my art teacher!” she explained, pointing forward. I looked up, and saw two men walking out of a tattoo parlour. “Which one?” I asked.

“Mousy brown hair.” Cathleen hissed, and I caught sight of the man she meant. He had shaggy brown hair, and pale skin. He was a fairly slim man with light muscle toning. He wore a long sleeved top and shorts, despite it being winter. A tattooed section below his knee wrapped in cling-film. I gasped, “He’s beautiful.” I commented, and Cathleen made an agreeing noise. He was stunning.

I knew Cathleen planned to watch from a distance, but I felt the need to mess with her life. I jumped off the bench, and ran towards him – Cathleen having no choice but to follow. I threw my empty smoothie cup in the bin and stopped in front of the two men. “Hi!” I shouted, and they both stopped, looking at me oddly. “You’re my friends art teacher.” I told the man with brown hair, and he raised his eyebrows. “You’re friends with a high school kid?” He asked cautiously. I nodded slowly. “Well I am sixteen and all – it just seems like a natural person to be friends with.” I commented, and I saw shock and embarrassment in the man’s eyes. “I thought you were like twenty! I didn’t think sixteen year olds could develop stubble like that.” He explained, smiling. His dimples were much more prominent when he did. “So are you not in school then?” He asked, and I shook my head, grinning. “No, but I’m joining the sixth form soon.” I explained. Cathleen had now shown up by my side and was hanging around gingerly. “Oh, hello Cathy.” The man greeted, and she smiled meekly. “Hello, Mr. Archer.” She replied, and my jaw almost hit the floor.

“Holy shit.” I gasped, and then realised what I’d just said. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to, but I just!” I stuttered, and Mr. Archer laughed. “That’s quite alright. I allow my sixth formers to swear anyway.”

“It’s just…you helped my class for art when I was in, like, year seven!” I exclaimed, and he stared at me long and hard. “Well this is embarrassing; I can’t seem to associate you to any of those kids.” He commented – his Scottish accent had never sounded so familiar to me. “Chris Velasco.” I told him, and he cupped a hand over his mouth, “Christian! Yeah, I remember you now. God, you were such a small kid when I saw you last. This makes me feel really old.” He admitted, and I laughed.

“I’m a lot older now – a parent and everything.” I said, and Mr. Archer’s friend stared at me.

“A dad at sixteen?” He questioned, and Archer whispered something in his ear - probably the story everyone knew me by. There was then a hasty apology. “So what did you name yours then?” He asked, swiftly moving the conversation on. “I have twins. My son is Jacob Christian and my daughter’s Clarice Amber.” I said proudly, and he grinned.

“Must be a handful. I have a son – Elijah Richard. He’s four years old now, but it seems like just yesterday I was holding him as a baby.” He told me warmly.

“Do you think you and your wife will have anymore?” I asked, and Cathleen and Archer’s friend looked at me as if I’d summoned a demon. Archer’s face hardly changed, though. “Me and my wife called it quits soon after Elijah was born.” He explained, and I felt a pit form in my stomach.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir – I -”

“Nah, nah, its fine - And please don’t call me ‘sir’. I’m twenty-six, not a-” A heavy drumbeat cut him off, the music changing into an upbeat song. Mr. Archer frowned, and dug in his pocket until he found his phone. “Speak of the devil and she appears…” He muttered, putting it to his ear and departing away from the crowd a bit. “Well…um…” She looked at Mr. Archer’s friend, and he looked back. “My name’s Nick.” He informed her.

“Well, Nick, I think we’re just gunna leave you guys alone – you probably want to rest, what with the new tattoo and all, so, um, bye!” She called, grabbed my coat sleeve, and took off running.

“It’s not even cold enough for a coat, Chris.” She said, pacing quickly. I found it easy to keep up with her. “Hey, what can I say, I’m used to warmer climates.” I reminded her, grabbing hold of her wrist to stop her. “Cath, what’s your problem?” I asked her, and she looked away.

“Dude! Mr. Archer is…not only attractive, but he’s also into our type of music, and he’s also sweet, kind, awkward and organised.” She began, and I smiled at her.

“Somebody’s got a teacher crush.” I sang, and she scowled at me, pulling her wrist free.

“Not everyone is into guys like you.” She spat, turning to run from me. I paced up beside her,

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked her, and she kept turning away from me, and I kept turning with her – persisting. “Just because you’re becoming a big star, and you’re gunna be famous and have people chasing you doesn’t mean I have to.” She snapped, and I stared at her, not even trying to hide my confusion. “Cath…I never said you had to.” I told her. “I thought you didn’t think I would change when the album got released. Have I?”

“No…” she said quietly.

“So can you help me understand what you’re upset about?” I asked her, and she blushed.

“You’re just…your album is getting more popular, and that means more fans, and they’re all saying how hot you are, and everything, I was afraid you thought everyone looked at you like that, and I just think that guys like Mr. Archer are cuter than you.” She explained, and I chuckled.

“I don’t care what my fans are saying about me. It’s not going to change who I am, and I don’t care who you’re interested in – as long as they don’t hurt you.” I told her, and then smirked, “and besides, you liking me would be kind of awkward – since I’m gay and all.” And Cathleen looked at me, smiling too. “I suppose that would fuck up our friendship a bit.” She replied, and we both burst out laughing.

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