Typical Teenager

On the surface Lenna is a completely normal teenager of the 21st centurary; she is in love, she is doing exams and rebeling agaisnt the school. But after a series of confusing events leaves Lenna unsure of herself is she just protecting reality from herself? When she gets to the bottom of what's going on, it becomes a life or death situation. A situation in which she seems to have no influence...


5. "If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I." - Michel de Montaigne

"If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I." - Michel de Montaigne

I feel so rough. I feel like I haven’t slept at all, but I know I have because time has passed and I can’t remember doing anything. It’s 20 minutes to 1 so my plan almost worked. Besides from the fact I feel worse than before… so much for feeling ‘confident enough to reply’. I look at my iPod again. The notification sat there again along with a Facebook message from some other friends. I guess the news of my fainting had spread around the school rather rapidly… oh well.

                I got up and found my phone that still lay in my school bag on the floor. 9 messages. Someone’s popular today. 3 messages from Thalia, 2 from Emily, 1 from Molly, Eve and Avalon. The final one was my brother. Why he’d texted me I don’t know… normally he doesn’t even answer his phone so this was completely new territory. Thalia’s texts seemed to consist of “Oh My God! What the hell happened?!” and "Ring me!" Then again so did the rest of my friends’ texts. My brother’s text just said “Well-done dipstick” – Aaah brotherly love.

                I thought it time that I reply to Matty, after all, if I left it for any longer who would probably think I was ignoring him. We don’t want that now do we? No. The answer to the question is no, we really don’t want that. I pluck up the courage to open up the message. “Long time no see” just stared up at me from its little bubble. Oh god how do I reply?! Should it be jokey, or flirty or what? I should have just stayed asleep. I decide to go with “I know! How long has it been?” I know it’s basic but I couldn’t think of what to say – better to play it safe than not at all right?

“I’m not sure, It’s felt like years” He replied. Wow that was quick.

“So how’s life?”

“Better than it was the last time I saw you, much better in fact”

“I’m glad to hear it”

“Thought you might be ; )” Now that was just right out flirting. A winky face – 2 can play at that game.

“Well you would be right then”

“I always am” At this point I’d gotten out of bed and decided I better get changed into something a little more appropriate for studying. My eyeliner was still in-tact but I decided to re-apply some concealer-ry stuff to hide my bags.

“Oh are you now? If you are, then why am I at home?” I replied.

“Because you missed me so very much”

“Oh really? That’s interesting to know” I put my iPod on my bedside table as I went to find some school books to put on my bed so it looks like I’ve done something productive.

                As I was doing so I heard footsteps come up the stairs. At first I thought Matty had broken in, I wouldn’t put it passed him to be honest. The I started to think realistically, it was probably Mum. It was. She said she had heard movement and wanted to see whether I was awake and whether I was feeling better, I told her I was but she saw straight through my lie. She said her boss had rang and needed her back at work. I could see that she had a conflict of interests she wanted to look after me but she also needed the money, I told her to go I was just going to get some work done and probably have another nap anyway. With a concerned look she conceded and decided to go back to work for the remainder of the day. It was only 1’oclock she had another 4 hours of work left to do. She hurried downstairs and grabbed the car keys. They jangled as she ran round the house picking up the last bits and bobs. She shouted up that the door wasn’t locked and shut it. Car doors slammed outside and then an engine roared and slowly died away. Mum was gone. I was home alone, and I was going to do homework… I know, I lead such a wild life.

                The whole time Mum was checking on me I hadn’t noticed my iPod going off, only when I checked it for a reply did I notice I had 6 new messages from Matty. Just as I was about to open the first one I heard a rather loud tap. It sounded like another bird had flown into my bedroom window again… I was not dealing with that again so I ignored it. I didn’t have my white window blinds open so the bird wouldn’t have been able to give me the big ‘help me I’m dying eyes’. They’re such drama queens!

                I was just finding my pencil and there it was again. That couldn't have been another bird they’re not that stupid. I opened my blind. There was Matty stood on the drive with a handful of rocks. It had been a rock not a bird. Thank goodness. I opened up my window so Matty and I could talk properly. He said he’d thought I’d fainted again, I asked him how he knew but he just replied with ‘sources’. He knows a lot of people at my school so it was probably on Facebook or something by now. I moved from the window to get my iPod then hopped onto the windowsill. I dangled my legs out of the window as I unlocked my iPod and looked at my Facebook messages. From my perch on the Windowsill I could see the whole street and the neighbouring fields. It was a pretty place to sit on bonfire night and watch the fireworks light up the sky, or just somewhere that felt closer to nature without having to leave my room... or the radiator that sits just below my perch.

“It is interesting to know, but it’s true”


“Lenna have you fainted again?”

“Lenna if you don’t reply soon I’ll come round there and throw rocks through your window”

“Oh crap that’s not you window – your brother's room has a rock in it”

“I’ll throw 5 rocks and if I get no reply I’ll break in and make sure you’re ok.”

A big grin creeped across my face, he seemed so concerned. I looked up and saw Matty just sat on our drive staring up at me. His legs were crossed and he was just playing with the rocks he'd picked up. His dark blue jacket was zipped up to the top like he used to wear it when he put up his hood for dealing.

                He asked me if I’d just been talking to my boyfriend, he’d only ever seen girls smile like that when talking to their boyfriends. I simply replied with a “No he’s my ex”. He simply replied with his little grin. We talked for hours, we talked about school, drugs, family, birthdays, each other and eventually we got round to before.

                I should have seen it coming to be honest; you can never really talk to an ex without the past coming up one way or another. He’d asked why I’d broken up with him, I told him the truth. He just seemed to dependant on his 'pick me up' as he used to say, and always sided with his friends and never me. He understood. I’m glad. It meant we could move on.

                I hadn’t noticed the time we had spent talking on the drive until my brother walked up the street. He greeted Matty politely but inside you could see that he still didn’t like him. After we broke up I was really upset 'cause I really liked him, my brother blamed him for making me so upset. He’s become rather protective recently, and the rugby he’s playing has given a build so that guys don’t tend to mess with him. Matty wasn’t fazed, which is both good and bad. After my brother had gotten into the house I saw someone else walking up the street. Thalia.

                When she saw me with my legs out the window she ran up the street to ask me what was going on. I say 'ask', but it was more shout. I decided it'd be best if I came downstairs and explained what was going on. After I had made it down to street level I introduced Thalia to Matty and told Thalia not to worry about me and my fainting. Turns out Thalia had invited herself to her boyfriend Ollie’s, she was concerned about me and he lives about 5 minutes walk away from me. You have to walk past my street to get to his. I only realised all this when I saw him stood futher up the road watching what was going on.

               Like Matty he was a year older than us but understood that we were best friends so whenever we were talking about something he sort of left us to it. He was always close by so Thalia knew he was there. I liked Thalia’s boyfriend, he was polite but always liked a laugh. He respected Thalia’s boundaries, which is very hard to find in a guy this age. After about 10 minutes he walked over to ask whether we were done with our chat, we weren’t but I offered to walk with Thalia to his so we could finish our chat. He was fine with the compromise.

                I ran inside and quickly pulled on my converse, leaving Thalia and Matty to chat. We turned out of the street and decided to walk the slightly longer way along the canal because it was much prettier. I didn’t notice at the time but Thalia had asked Matty to come along whilst I got my shoes on, because she didn’t want me fainting half way home and no-one know. Understandable really. Me and Thalia walked ahead of Ollie and Matty talking about the latest gossip. She told me that my friend Laura was now going out with Jamie. I got very confused and explained to Thalia that I thought they’d broken up. This led to an explanation of what happened when I had fainted. This seemed to scare Thalia, I’m not surprised it would scare me too.

                When we finally reached Ollie’s street he moved from behind us to Thalia’s side. He grabbed her hand and pulled her away. I gave her a goodbye hug then left her and Ollie to walk the remainder of the street. I turned around and there was Matty sat on a barrier that stopped people falling into the canal. It was all battered and broken, I’m surprised it held his weight. He jumped down and explained why he was there. He explained about Thalia inviting him along. He liked Thalia, then again most people do, she’s hard to dislike. He then started talking about Ollie; he didn’t mind him but thought that Thalia could do better. I asked him whether he meant himself. He said no, he only had eyes for one girl at the moment then gave his cheeky little smile. I felt myself go red. We headed home and he asked me about my friends at school, this eventually led to dating. I told him I’d been asked out and things but I’d never dated anyone. This seemed to make him happy.

                The canal is so pretty this time of year. Orange leaves float along the still water and ducks build up their nests. The banks or the canal had become covered in long green grass and the trees hung over the towpath like little arches protecting you from the sky. Leaves scattered the floor and crunched under shoe. I'm glad I live so close to such a beautiful place. We silently passed a field on our left. Matty suddenly grabbed my hand and ran off into the field. I had no chance to think about anything I just complied. He took me through the head high grass, that hadn’t been cut for the last year, until we reached a tree. He then released my hand a started to climb. He used the nobbles in the tree as foot holds for his Black converse. After a few minutes, and a few different branches, he reached a branch and called up for me to join him. Now growing up with a little brother has its benefits, for example I have learnt from long walks with my brother how to climb trees elegantly and even in dresses. I guess you could say I didn’t make myself look like an idiot. I had forgotten how much I liked climbing trees. I reached the branch Matty was sat on and perched next to him.

                The view from our branch was amazing. I could see my house, I could see his. I could see hills rolling out behind them – a beautiful backdrop. I could see the canal in all its splendour. It was beautiful. He asked me what I thought about it. I was speechless. He then proceeded to tell me how he’d found this place. It  turns out he’d found this place the day we’d broken up. He wanted to find somewhere high up. I think you could maybe guess why. But the view had stopped him. So he sat for hours staring out at the view. He’d watched the sun set over this beautiful view. Subconsciously he’d carved our names into the tree, you know, like in cheesy American films? Just like that, but I couldn’t help falling for it. He’d done it. In one day he’d made me fall for him all over again, and I didn’t mind. We sat there for an hour until the sun had set. I looked up at him and asked him why he’d brought me here,

“Well why wouldn’t I? This view is amazing, I couldn’t not show you. It’s just like you, beautiful.” I couldn’t help laughing. I almost fell off the tree I was laughing so hard. He laughed to. After I’d managed to calm down my head seemed to rest on his shoulder of its own accord. He didn’t flinch, he  just rested his head on mine.

“So what now?” I asked.  Now in previous experience this is the make or break question. The deal breaker. Lads if you’re ever asked this you must think very carefully about how you answer. Assess the situation then answer, if she’s obviously flirting then I guess you’d know what to do. If she’s isn’t don’t be forward, that’s the wrong answer. Matty’s example would work but isn’t necessarily the best way of doing things;

“Matty?” I asked looking up at him. “Let’s get you home, you’ve gone blue” He helped me down the tree and we set off back through the long grass. We reached the towpath again. I was cold. It was colder than it had been up the tree. I crossed one arm over my belly and held my other arm with my hand. This meant one arm was by my side. This happened to be the arm closest to Matty. With one swift move of his arm our hands caught mid-air. I moved closer to him to share some of his body heat. We reached our road, not a word had passed between us since the tree. I hadn’t realised how tall Matty had gotten. He was taller than me, most of the guys I know are small so this was a whole new thing for me.

                I looked up at him as we got back to mine. Mum still wasn’t home so it must only be about 4:30. I was about to go inside when Matty pulled me in closer. Now you can probably guess what happens next, well let me just say you’re wrong. It was weird what happened next. He pulled me in closer and hugged me. Warmth flooded over me not just from how warm he was. My tummy went all funny and I just smiled. I buried my head in his shoulder and held him tighter. I could have stayed there for forever. I felt so safe and so warm. Like I belonged.

                But thanks to myself I couldn’t just have that moment without it being ruined. I was so happy and then my head went all funny and I felt sick. Before I knew it I had collapsed into Matty’s arms. I’d fainted. Well done Lenna way to mess things up! I don’t know what happened next because, you know, I was kind of unconscious. Next thing I knew I was laying on my Living Room sofa. There were about 3 blankets draped over me. My left hand was dangling over the side of the sofa, I went to move it but something stopped me. I hadn’t realised but Matty was sat on the floor resting his back on the sofa holding my hand. I smiled and rolled on to my side. Matty noticed that I was now awake.

“Thank God you’re alive! I thought you were never going to wake up!”

“How long was I out?”

“About 5 minutes”

“You’ve never taken first aid have you?”

“No why?”

“I wasn’t in the recovery position I could have chocked on vomit or something” He looked at me with shock. Next came about a thousand apologies, I couldn’t help it, I just laughed. I showed him what the recovery position was just for future reference – you never know when Lenna might collapse again. She obviously likes collapsing in the most awkward of times. After I’d gotten back on the sofa I seemed to drift off. I don’t know how I fell asleep so quickly.

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