Typical Teenager

On the surface Lenna is a completely normal teenager of the 21st centurary; she is in love, she is doing exams and rebeling agaisnt the school. But after a series of confusing events leaves Lenna unsure of herself is she just protecting reality from herself? When she gets to the bottom of what's going on, it becomes a life or death situation. A situation in which she seems to have no influence...


2. "Hell is oneself, hell is alone, the other figures in it merely projections. There is nothing to escape from and nothing to escape to. One is always alone." - T.S. Eliot

"Hell is oneself, hell is alone, the other figures in it merely projections. There is nothing to escape from and nothing to escape to. One is always alone." - T.S. Eliot

Ugh. It’s 6:45am. Meaning it’s time for me to get up.

                Somehow my brother managed to change my phone alarm to the ‘Cup Song’. I can’t be bothered to change it to be perfectly honest. I guess it’s a cheery tune to wake up to. It’s either that or the Sugar Plum Fairy. Now this may sound a bit weird but I love the Sugar Plum Fairy. It’s so light and uplifting. I can just drift off into an alternate reality where ballerina’s dance along the table tops, in long flowing dresses, hair pulled into a bun, all looking symmetrical. Apart from that one girl who didn’t apply enough hairspray so as 2 small ringlets by each ear where her hair has begun to fall out. I guess she symbols individuality. Standing out from the rest in smallest of ways. Unfortunately I cannot stay there for too long because something always drags me back, like the slam of a book somewhere in the classroom or something along those lines. Darned book.

                Anyway back to waking up. I don’t think its straight forward for anyone to be honest. For me I need to open my eyes and locate the source of the noise on my bedside table. Next I need to wriggle through my bed to be able to reach my phone and turn it off, clutching the duvet to my chest as I move through the cold half of my double bed. After plunging one arm into the icy cold room to turn off my alarm I flick on my bedside lamp. As my pupils adjust, I start to prepare myself for leaving the pit I call my bed. I navigate the mess in my room and eventually reach the bathroom. After taking out my retainers and peeing I make my way down the creaky as stairs.

                I wish that choosing my breakfast cereal was the hardest decision of the day – Crispies or Shreddies? Recently I have come to the conclusion that alternating between the 2 daily is the best way. Simple answer. After pouring out my cereal and milk, grabbing my spoon and shutting off the kitchen light so the ginger lump I call a dog can get some more sleep, I head back upstairs. And yes before you ask I have milk and cereal – about an even mix of them both. Some of my friends have dry cereal and others have the smallest amount of cereal drowning in milk. I guess everyone’s different. You know, one of those things. Once I get back to my bed the heat from the duvet seeps back into my bones. I sit there eating. Now you may be wondering why I eat my cereal in bed? Well let me enlighten you; as you can tell I like being in bed (who doesn’t?!) and it’s warm, I also find it’s an excellent place to watch a bit of T.V whilst eating or getting on with some last minute revision for that progress test I forgot to do. I seriously suggest you try it sometime. Its excellent.

                As soon as my program finishes or whenever the sun starts to push it’s way through my blinds (whichever comes first) I get up and shove on my hideous uniform. I say hideous, but to be honest I could be a lot worse. Maroon tie and a grey jumper/black blazer, black trousers and white shirt. Like I said it could be worse but it never seems to fit me. I’m tall for my age, but, you’d think they’d stock thin waist but long legged trousers? No. Apparently that type of person doesn’t exist whatsoever... yet here I am. I stand at 5”11 and trust me that’s not a height you want to be. Ask anyone tall, it’s a pain to buy clothes… and you can’t wear nice heels to parties because everyone is smaller than you and you’re just there like ‘hey, I can see over all your heads…you guys really need to grow’. It’s not fun. However my friends are starting to catch up – thank God, I don’t think I would survive in the real world if I didn’t have tall friends.

                So once I’m changed I sort out my frizzy hair. I tend to sleep with my hair pulled into a bun because, I don’t know how, it curls my hair. I have one of the weirdest hair types possible. I have long hair (boob length) but if I leave it natural its neither curly nor straight just there. It’s awful. I’ve come to the conclusion I suit curly more than I do straight hair. To be honest it’s just quicker to curl my hair than straighten it. If I ever ask you to straighten my hair, politely decline. One time it took my bestfriend Thalia 2 hours to straighten my hair. I think it’s safe to say she won’t be doing that again anytime soon. So Lenna how did it take Thalia 2 hours to straighten your hair? Well like I said my hair is just weird. I think I’m just gonna leave it at that instead of boring you with details… After sorting out my hair I do my make-up. Now I don’t have bad skin, which I am very grateful for, I just have big black circles around my eyes, and their really noticeable. Even if I get a half decent night sleep. So I put on my eyeliner and put this concealer stuff over my bags. It says its meant to help reduce them... but I think they’re just conning me. Nothing seems to have changed… oh well I can’t be bothered going out to buy some more. Can you tell that make-up doesn’t really interest me that much?

                Then at 7:45 I leave the house with my little brother in tow. Yay, school. Urgh I absolutely hate that hell hole. More so now I’m in year 11 and the heads have changed. They have the ‘school’s best interests at heart’. That’s a load of rubbish. Surely their main priority should be the happiness of the children? Nope, not at my school it’s not. Ok so I admit the school has dropped in the league tables recently, but if we’re being honest that’s because of the drug dealers, and they’re not going to listen to your stupid new rules.

                That house has sold. That was quick. The new born will have a new home soon and the parents will be even more stressed out than they currently are. Good luck to them. I hope life treats them well. I want life to treat everyone well, but from we’re I’m standing it just likes piling on the shit. Ten ton of it, at that. Isn’t it interesting how much difference a day makes in life? One day can sell a house. One day can open up your whole life. One day could turn your world upside down; for better or for worse.

                The bus stop. The congregation area of the weary travellers, the chavvy teens and the tired human beings. This morning it’s a mix of the latter. 20 teenagers stand dotted about the place. Some listening to music, just like me. Some being social and talking to people. Some smoking, some texting, the usual really. It’s no different to how it was yesterday, apart from the fact it’s slightly warmer than yesterday. The sun peeking its way through the branches of the row of trees opposite me. Occasionally flickering, making the shadows dance on the pavement as a lorry blocks the light. My phone goes off – buzzing in my pocket. Probably Thalia asking me where the bus is and whether I’ve set off on it or not. I ignore it, I love Thalia she’s amazing, but today I just can’t be bothered. I don’t know why, I just can’t.

               The B29. The bus for the people in my area. Our chariot that will take us to school and, hopefully, back again. You never know these days though, the buses are pants. Never on time, and always breaking down. Especially in the snow. After it stops and the doors fly open I put down my money say ’60 please’ to the driver and walk on, I never wait for the reply. I’d never realise if he ever said anything else to me. Then again at this time of a morning it’s amazing he even gets ’60 please’. I haven’t even said good morning to my mum, for all I know I could have lost my voice today. But now I know my voice works. I look for Marni. My eyes glance about as I walk down the bus aisle. No Marni. How weird. She normally sits in the exact space every day. Has done since I met her. I throw my bags on an empty seat. I sit on the one in the aisle. I can’t be bothered with any cocky little year 7’s thinking they own the place, trying to get me to move. I was here first so they can jog on.

               The bus sets of again and we pass through the town and all the fields surrounding it. The greens and oranges flash past so quickly, I never really observed what was actually in each field until I had to walk home in the snow last year. I never appreciated how much was in them until then. Now they whizz past and I don’t have the time to see whether the cows are still there grazing or whether the horses are still galloping around in their paddock. I take off my jacket and shove it in my bag. That’s one of the new stupid rules. No ‘hoodies’. It was brought in to stop the drug dealers hiding their faces when dealing on school premises. Hasn’t stopped them though. It’s the innocent that is suffering. I love my hoodie, it not only keeps me warm but protects me from all the idiots that surround me. Taking it off is weird and I don’t like it. Like I’m shedding a shield or something. As soon as it’s off I am part of the school system. A cog in the machine. A cog without her jacket. Bzzzzzz. My phone goes off again. I check it this time, I owe Thalia a reply.

               Funny thing is it wasn’t Thalia, nor was it any of my other close friends. It was my Mum.

“You’ve left your lunch at home you dipstick. Come back and get it” and

“I’m assuming you’re not coming back. I’ll eat it then. Enjoy hell.” It makes me smile ‘Enjoy hell’. Mum’s obviously in a good mood, she never really jokes like that when Dad’s away. I decide not to reply, she’s probably at work anyway. I decide to text Thalia and tell her the bus has just parked up.

                Hell here I come.

                Devil. I’ll see you in Maths.

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