Typical Teenager

On the surface Lenna is a completely normal teenager of the 21st centurary; she is in love, she is doing exams and rebeling agaisnt the school. But after a series of confusing events leaves Lenna unsure of herself is she just protecting reality from herself? When she gets to the bottom of what's going on, it becomes a life or death situation. A situation in which she seems to have no influence...


4. "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. " - Albert Einstein

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. " - Albert Einstein

At the time it took us a while to work out what had happened. As we looked out down the corridor we saw that it wasn’t just us who had heard it. Gobby Year 9’s were shouting from the opposite side of the corridor. Our I.T teacher went out and had a look around to find out what was actually happening. He walked over to the congregation of teachers that seemed to have formed in the corridor outside the corridor and the seemed to be looked rather concerned about something. I headed back over to Thalia to find out whether she’d injured herself by hitting the deck so quickly.  There under the desk was Thalia in a little ball. Questions rushed their way out of her mouth asking whether we’d been bombed or attacked or whether someone was dead. My reply was rather blunt. ‘Do you really thing that was loud enough to be a bomb? And if it was wouldn’t we both be dead?’ She just laughed, nodded and started making her way out from her little hidey hole.

                After she was out and made sure she wasn’t missing any limbs we went back over to where the boys all stood talking. As we walked over our teacher walked back in. He explained to us what had happened. I know I mustn’t laugh but this was a bit humorous… The lift just to the right of our classroom had gotten stuck, that was what the loud bang was. The door to the lift opening at the wrong time and had somehow gotten stuck on the bottom of the lift, and to add to the failure of the lift, there was also a student in the lift at the time, now completely bewildered and rather embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

                This gave us something to talk about for the rest of the lesson. Speculation on to what had happened and how, what and become of the student trapped inside with only a small gap by his feet to contact people by. Apparently he wasn’t even meant to be in the lift. At our school the lift is for teachers and those students who can’t make it up the stairs for any medical reason. Obviously a huge bit of bad Karma for the kid. After the bell rang me and Thalia head our different ways saying a rushed goodbye. She headed off towards geography and I headed down the corridor to History.

                History. I shouldn’t complain because I chose to take it for GCSE, but I have to admit it gets a bit tedious after a while. Especially during Controlled Assessment Prep. Ugh. It really drags sometimes. The majority of the time I know what I’m doing for my controlled assessment and I normally do quite well at it too, but this lesson I just need to look up some more things up in a text book just to clarify a point I might make during the writing up of the assessment. I then might mock up an argument for one of the particularly hard points to argue. Regardless I have something to do so no distractions.

                It started off quite well. My plan that is. Getting the things I needed to do done. I was just starting on my mock answer. Then everything went out of the window. Not literally, the window is on the opposite side of the box classroom. I would have to have thrown in across two tables of six students to get even close to the window, trust me I’m not that good of a throw. To be quite honest I don’t exactly know what happened. One moment I was in the two toned classroom next to my friend Emily from form. She has lovely eyes and wears just the right amount of eyeliner to highlight them. She’s smaller than me but then again most people are. Me, her and Annie all went to the same primary school. The three musketeers since Reception! Until Helene came along and then three became four, but that’s not a bad thing is it? Anyway one minute I was there. Next I was in that room.

                Yes that one. The white one I was talking about earlier. I seem to be arriving at this room more and more often. To be perfectly honest it’s annoying me. It’s not like I am coming here voluntarily either. This dream will just hit out of nowhere. I don’t even want to be here…. Might as well find out what this room is while I’m here.

                The Winnie the Pooh picture hasn’t changed, neither have the pink roses. All still there perfectly still. Then I notice something new. A beeping. A steady beep, beep, beep. Then a door creaked open to my left. Footsteps made their way over to my side then they stopped. Something warm touched my head and circled up to my arm. Then thing on my arm left and landed on my forehead. I tried to flinch away but nothing happened. I must be unable to move for some reason. Oh well, no biggie I guess, it’s not like this is reality. It’s just a dream. The thing on my head then made its way off and a face came into view. Thalia. What the hell is she doing here in my white room? This is my place. She’s my best friend but this is my place of solitary. 'Wait Lenna this could be her dream and you could just be a weird part of it' said the Wendy voice in my head.

“Hey Lenna, how are you today?” I’m fine I tried to say. Nothing seemed to come out of my mouth. She walked out of view and I assume sat down. I could still feel her eyes on me though.

“I brought your favourite book to read. It’s been a while since we spent some time together, just you and me. Oh, you know Jamie and Laura? They broke up earlier today! I was shocked but you knew it didn’t you? You said it from the beginning it wouldn’t last. So yeh anyway I brought Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone to read”. Jamie and Laura are going out? Wait what? They were going out? I’m so confused! I didn’t even know that they were going out? Oh well! You know how to win your way to my heart Thalia, pass it over!

“Chapter 1. The Boy who Lived” She obviously hadn’t heard me. 'Thalia I can read on my own, I’m not a baby.' I tried to say.

“Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank-you very much.” 'Thalia, very funny pass it over.' I tried again.

“They were the last people you’d expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious”

I’d given up. She was obviously deaf or she was being stubborn, not letting me read for myself. I let her read to me and I closed my eyes and let images form on the inside of my eyelids.

 When I woke up it wasn’t Winnie the Pooh I saw hovering over me but my history teacher. His coffee breath circulating my nostrils. He checked that I could hear him by shouting in my ear really loudly and that I could see by waving his hand in front of my face extremely quickly. I’d had enough of his weirdness I decided to sit up. Wait ‘sit up’. Why the hell did I need to sit up? I was at my desk a minute ago. I’d only drifted off to the room with Thalia in it for a minute or so. Hadn’t I? After I was up and back in my seat Emily offered to take me down to Matron’s office to make sure I really was ok.

                On the way down I asked Emily what the hell had happened. She told me that one minute I was perfectly fine (just as I thought), the next my head hit the desk suddenly. It had shocked her and once she had recovered she shoved me to wake up and started laughing  and what I'd just done but when I didn’t raise my head again she had gotten concerned. She checked me over to see whether I was ok and she found that I was completely unconscious. She told sir and between them they had manoeuvred me onto the floor and into the recovery position where I lay for a solid 3 minutes. The first aider SLT member that had been called up, and they were considering calling an ambulance when I finally came round. I apologised a lot after that. That must have been so awkward for Em. Nevermind – Hakuna Matata.

                After Matron checked me over she thought it best that I get sent home so she rang Mum at work and told her about the whole thing. Exactly what I need, more medical questions; Mum used to be a radiographer so she know all of the medically things needed to bring up accident prone kids. I just wanted to go to bed and sleep. I felt so tired. My eyes kept closing and it took a great amount of effort to stand up properly.

                After Mum had picked me up and asked me every question she could think of, she pinned it down to lack of food. I think she blamed it on the food because she has nothing else to blame it on, because she, more than anyone, knows that I always eat some food, not necessarily all of it, but some. My build sometimes gives people the impression that I could be anorexic, but as I said I do eat something, and I’ve got that whole situation in my head. You know the unconscious thought process getting noticed by my 'Wendy' self then a little argument happening in my head. Yeh you remember now? Ugh. How very annoying.

                When we finally turned left into our road, something caught me by surprise. There in the middle of the road was Matty. I hadn’t seen him in what felt like years. He’d grown. His mousy brown hair had been cut off and out off of his face like it had been when I’d last seen him. He’d gotten caught up in drugs and things when his parents had gotten divorced and his mum re-married. During that period, he’d asked me out. We went out for a couple of days but he just seemed to dependant on his next fix. I told him to call me when he’d sorted himself out.  Apparently he was clean now. Apparently he had started giving up when I’d left him and he knew I wasn't coming back. It was one of the hardest things I'd ever had to do. He smiled at me. His childish grin that always used to make my tummy do a back-flip. He walked out of the middle of the road to let my Mum past. He stood on the passenger side of the road, I think he did that deliberately so I would have to look at him and his smile. That smile though, it made his whole face light up.

                We got to the drive and parked up after a few attempts. I went upstairs and dumped my things. I checked the time on my iPod, there sat a notification telling me I had a new message on Facebook from one, Matty Kirk. I decided to leave it for now. I locked my iPod again and the realised I hadn’t actually checked the time. I checked it again. 11 O’Clock. If I have a nap now I could get up for Lunch at one. I would probably feel a lot better and might feel confident enough to reply, and get some work done of course. If I didn’t get some work done Mum might have had a fit. I got changed and clambered into bed. What a weird day it had been. I should give Thalia and the girls a text when I wake up too. It didn’t take me too long to drift off into a dreamless sleep.


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