What is love?

Kate recently lost her long time boyfriend. The one she was completely sure was the love of her life. She started believing that rue love was just a fairytale, a lie.
When she then meets this curly haired, green-eyed boy her life changes.


1. It's only been a week

Love sucks. Okay? Love sucks. Love is just a fantasy that parents trick their kids to believe in. A good night story to make them dream happy dreams. True love doesn’t exist. 

Love. What does that even mean? L-O-V-E. I don’t know because no one has got the answer of what love really means. Can you see love? Can you touch love? Or is it just a feeling? A tingle in your body? 

Watching him die made me realise that love is just an empty word. Because if love really existed, I wouldn’t have lost him. I wouldn’t have lost the love of my life. He would still be here. Sitting right beside me whispering in my ear with his sweet, warm breath how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. 

He told me he loved me, and then he left me. Left me here. Alone. In this big unsafe world. When he was around I felt magical. I felt that I could do what ever I wanted. I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t scared. But since he left I barely have the courage to open my eyes in the morning. He left me, scared and alone and with no one to hold on to. 

He’s the reason I believe that love is just.. an empty word with no reason. 

- Good morning Kate, honey, time to get up, you can’t lie around here all day sweetie, I could hear my mum rip apart the curtains that made it impossible for any sunshine to get in the funky room I was currently living in. I grunted and rolled over to the other side of the bed. 

I felt how she sat down next to me and started patting my back. 

- We could do something fun today Kate, only you and me, it was a long time ago we spent some mother and daughter time together, she said and kept patting my back. 

- No, I said without even opening my eyes. I just wanted to lie here, in my beloved bed and sleep. Sleep, sleep and sleep. 

- Come one pumpkin’.. you can’t just lie..

- Please, go out, I said before she even got time to finish her sentence. - And close the curtains before you leave, I added. 

Without a word, she went up from the bed and walked away to the window closing the curtains and then walked out of the room, closing the door as she left. I sighed and pulled the covers over my head. I didn’t want to get up today. Or ever. My bed was currently my best friend. 




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