Facing the player

''hey Logan !''
''Yeah , man ! what's wrong ? ''
''you're serious ?! Haven't you heard ?! '' ''Heard what ?!''
''It's huge ! This new girl Clara , screamed in the cafeteria , in front of the hole high school , that she whatever what , she's never going to fall for you . ''
Yup , it's me Clara Parker . And I , challenged Logan , the high school player .


2. Chapter Two : Black and White


''Who's Clara Parker ?''


My heart fell to my stomach . My mind was in on the bottom of my panic alert . My hands shacked violently as the tall entered . I just knew it was him , the silent beats of mine turned around the clock . He was looking everywhere , searching , scanning every figure in the cafeteria . It was me he was looking for , it was me that ruined all his hopes and proud carrier . He wanted his revenge , I knew that . he wants me to beg him , to die for him . I took my breath , and stood up , I know now that what I'm going to say is going to be written on my stone . I said , trying hard not to faint in front of the attraction  ,that  Logan was making me feel , even though he wasn't staring at me .In despite of all my hate vibrations , that was facing him .

 ''I'm Clara Parker . You need something ? ''


The tall guy turned suddenly , his looks emphasized a specific point : my silhouette . His deep  eyes waved from the color of the ocean to the flow of the dark horizon . While my eyes went from hazel to a bright green glow . The player  was in a braze of anger , so I smirked making him frown . The words I said were challenging the frozen time , his history . Also  damaged his future . He took a fast stare on my aspect , then stammered in his revolution upon me :

''May ...we  ... have a word in the hallway ? '' All the students looked at us , whispering .

''Alone .'' Logan added between his teeth . I had a ironic smile . ''I'm sorry , I 'm too busy . ''

He looked at me confused than said : ''What do you mean ?''

''I mean that I don't want to . Okay ?'' Sally was looking at me in  jealousness . ''Logan , baby . Don't bother to talk with this idiot Clara . She's just a___'' Sally spoke suddenly but her spontaneous boyfriend interrupted her , talking to me : ''So your name is ...Clara ?'' I nodded proudly , as I felt all my  fears flying away . Then I continued : ''If you excuse me , I need to go . Right Emma ? '' My cousin nodded victorious . ''I didn't give you any choice .'' Logan added furious , frowning even more . ''Well ,  (I said calmly ) it's clear I 'm not under your power .''

I passed him , hitting his shoulder not even paying attention to his silly comment -not yet - .

And as I got to the door , that was giving to the hallway , I added before leaving :

''Not even in your wildest dreams , Clarks .''


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