Facing the player

''hey Logan !''
''Yeah , man ! what's wrong ? ''
''you're serious ?! Haven't you heard ?! '' ''Heard what ?!''
''It's huge ! This new girl Clara , screamed in the cafeteria , in front of the hole high school , that she whatever what , she's never going to fall for you . ''
Yup , it's me Clara Parker . And I , challenged Logan , the high school player .


1. Chapter one : Clara Parker


I just moved to our new house , I just miss the old one . And today  is my first day at the new school . My dad just look ridiculous .
''Dad , please . It's not funny .'' 

'' oh , yeah . There's no way my baby girl go to school alone . ''

''DAD ! it's embarrassing ! ''
''what ?! , he said in his confused tone , I want all of the neighborhood to know that my little girl is untouchable .''
''Dad ! stop it ! I AM not a kid anymore !! I'm seventeen ''
''Oh , sugar ?! It's not a big deal  if all the boys around here , knew that ...''
''Dad !! stop inventing stuff  ! ''

I looked furious at my  dad's thinking face . I knew he will say something weird , like : I will kill for my baby girl . Trust me , he did it before in my old school , dad is crazy ! And  since not even  a boy came near me  . I felt insecure , ugly and rejected . I don't want my dad to blow my  second chance .  ''Mum !! ''
''Yes , sweetie ?''
'' Dad is going to threat the neighborhood , again !! ''    '' Fred !''

I heard my soft mum  voice coming from the kitchen . Then she enter the living room : ''We already talked about that . You are not going to ruin her life , again . '' '' what do you mean , huh ? I'm just protecting my daughter ''
''Fred , we both know that you are too protective . and in a crazy way . ''

''But ..'' 

''Fred , this conversation is already over . Clara is going to school alone ''
''yeah , I deserve to have a life .'' I looked at my mum in a victorious look , than she lead me to my room when I put on this :

I was soooo freaking worried with this all new school thing . I arrived to school , a bit late , yup , an  awesome beginning . The high school was  huge , much bigger than old one . Lots of blond girls , sure ... the popular ones . And there's lots of boys too , hey , here a cute one . I walked , shyly in the hallway , all the eyes was pointed at me . I couldn't help not to blush . I went down to the office   . A woman that's actually of the age of my grandmother was sitting there , writing something . I thought it would be ummm I don't know actually . ''hello , I'm Clara , can I see Mr. ...ummm....well  ..the director of the ...''
''Webster high school , miss '' She said her nose stiffed in her notes .

''oh '' I answered lost in my thoughts .
then she added coldly . ''I'm the principal Mrs. Dekson ''
Waw that was a shock . Our school principal is a woman and ...old ? what the heck !
''You are the new student , I guess , oh dear, you look so young . Well , just a few years younger than me  .''
seriously   *oh dear ?* . Is she nuts ,or what ?! Few years younger than me ?! yeah sure maybe in dog years 
  This is freaking weird . ''Your class start in three minutes M. Dupont is your French teacher . Follow me , Miss Parker '' We walked through the hall way , again and then she dragged me to a the class .
''Excuse me  , Mr. Dupont . I'm here to introduce you Miss Clara Parker .'' The blond man , looked at us in a curious way , then he said in his weird French  accent : ''Bonjour , Mrs Dekson ! Hello demoiselle Parker . '' 

 Then Monsieur Dupont said : ''s'il vous plait , demoiselle , 'introduce yourself ''

 He was so hilarious , omg his accent ! Please , Clara , focus  ! they are waiting for you ! oh my god , dear god . All the students was freaking looking at me . I blushed violently , and I after I said my name whispering , I sat on the front  of the class .
the class went well actually  in a good way . I actually chose a locker , so instead of walking alone ,  I  decided to prepare my stuff , then I turned to see....
-Oh my gosh ! Emma !!!
Yup , my cousin is  the ''Emma '' . We are totally  opposite , she had blond ,  straight hair, amazing blue eyes , plumb pink lips while I  had brown wavy hair and very bright green eyes . She was tall , I was well , short . yeah , she was from the most popular girls , and I well I  have no idea what I am , was or will be  .
'' Clara ?!'' she screamed hugging me till suffocate ,'' i missed you ! i missed you ! sooooo freaking much ! omg ! i can't believe it ! you are at the same school as me !! yay !'' she added  jumping while i was laughing .''Anw ,  I missed you too , baby '' I replied , hugging her at my turn .
''Oh , oh ,oh ! now we can fall in love in the same time !  and , and we can  ....have double dates ! '' she yelled , dancing around like a crazy person .
''wow , wow , slow down , i just got here . Plus , i didn't actually met any cute boy yet . hey ?! Don't you have a boyfriend named Toby ? I wanna see him !! I wanna see him ! '' I said  like a nine years old child who wants a candy . ''yeah ! you should meet him ! C'mon ! Let's go ! ''
she dragged through the hall way , huh , again .
Then we went to the cafeteria , and i slid my eyes on  a bunch of boys , and she drew me there . ''Toby !'' A slender guy turned his head, he had bright  eyes, brown hair and a bursting smile .''hi baby !'' .He hold her tightly. He was perfect for her . Just like soul mates ! Anw ! it's so sweet .
''Hi ! I'm Toby . and you are ...? ''
''She's my  cousin , Clara . Isn't she  adorable ? '' he  nodded . ''Nice to meet you . '' i said shyly . ''Me too '' he said smiling . ''Emma , baby , i have to go now .I have to practice . I'll miss you a lot . he said , softly kissing her forehead '' she smiled than added :'' I'll miss you too .''
Toby walked . i just knew he loves her . He should know that he 's lucky to have her as a girlfriend . ''Clara , come sit with us . ''
i followed Emma to a table , lots of attractive girls where there . Actually I was the only ''normal ''brunette . Emma sat next to me , she whispered to  me then : ''see this girl sitting  in front of us ,'' i nodded as she continued , '' Her name is Sally. She's a total bitch '' I wasn't shock it was obvious . Emma continued lowly : '' The school player , Logan Clarks ,  is dating her''
Logan Clarks .
That wasn't a new name for me . Emma texted me last year , about her awesome boyfriend , that turned to be a total joke. It was Logan Clarks . Emma fall for him too , and dated him, like the half  of girls  the city  . The other half was on Logan's waiting list . well... expect  : me.
He broke my cousin's heart , and scars . He played all the girls he met . like about 350 girls . yeah a huge number . For me he's just a monster . i hated him . really . and I didn't even saw him or met him yet .
Sally broke my silence reflection , and talked to my spoken mirror . ''So you fall for him already ? '' I  looked at her confused .''what ?''
''For Logan . I can recognize every face that is  dreaming about him. ''
wait ...WHAT ??!! me fall for ...Logan ?!!! SHE LOST HER MIND OR WHAT ?!! i tensed  in anger , as Emma answered her , offended like me .'' Sally . You are being ridiculous . She doesn't  even know him ''  the  witch looked at us in her evil eyes . ''oh , please ! who doesn't know Logan Clarks ? And she seems very easy to get .''
Her tone ringed in my ear like an annoying ricochet . She just passed her limits . ''Excuse me ?!'' Emma said once again . ''what is it , sweetheart ? '', Sally replied in her arrogant tone than she added : ''you are afraid that your cousin , get dumped like you ? and what's wrong with her  ? she seems too weak  even to speak . Just tell her that Logan is mine . or maybe she can't hear too ?'' she said laughing  , with her ugly ducks . That 's it ! I'm done with this slut ! i stood up tensing than i yelled :
''Everybody listen !'' the cafeteria was still noisy so I yelled again : ''Listen !!'' the room turned to a deep quite place . Everyone was looking at me shocked , confused .
''I'm Clara . Clara Parker . And I ,  whatever  what happens , i'm standing straight . I'm never ever going to fall for Logan Parker . ''
Logan P.O.V
I just finished  my courses .I 'm soooo freaking bored . yeah I got bored from lots of things , especially from easy things like math , history , physics , movies . And of course ....girls . I was just going to walk to the school garden , but I saw  Roy waving for me .
''Hey , Logan ! ''
''Hey , man , what's wrong ?'' ''Dude , haven't you heard ? It's huge ! '' ''what is it ?'' ''oh... you 're serious ? you haven't knew that : this new girl , Clara , screamed in the cafeteria , in front of everybody , that she's whatever will happen , is not going to fall for you ? '' I frowned , I just wasn't understanding the words that got  out of his mouth .
Back to Clara POV
Everybody was looking at me when I sat down after having my speech that obviously amazed all Logan 's victim  . The rest of the girls , that was all deeply in love with him , including Sally , was mocking me . Even though , I felt victorious . I mean , I kind of got Emma's revenge . Logan won't hurt me , right ? I mean....he won't...r.r ..r right ? What he can do ? No , no,  I ' m strong enough . I saw some boys getting out of the cafeteria . I'm sure they went to tell Logan , the big news .  I wonder what his reaction would be like  . I didn't do a mistake , right ? no , rr.right ? Damn it , I 'm  nervous  .
''Carla , you are officially my hero !. Toby didn't do that yet ! oh , yes , c'mon we should  partayy !!!!! '' ''Emma , calm down , it wasn't that big deal . I just was clear to everyone '' Emma looked at me then said  nervously : ''Well ...I think you should ..stay a hero for ...now '' She stammered looking at specific point . ''What's wrong ?!'' I said lowly . Not even paying any attention to my question , she whispered angrily :
''Logan '' I turned and I froze . A tall boy , quite handsome was bursting in anger . His deep blue eyes was piercing my soul , even though he wasn't staring at me . I felt an uncontrollable fear dominated my heart . The brazed guy , said angrily :
''Who's Clara Parker ?''


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