Don't Be Afraid

This is a fanfic about Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Based on their relationship at The Voice.


9. Chapter 9

Three months have passed and nothing has changed, they were still completely in love, they couldn’t get enough of each other. Of course no one knew yet, they were very discrete and careful, and despite Adam’s urge to let everyone know, he didn’t told anyone, not even CeeLo. They usually met at his house once or twice a week, when Max was with his father.

(8 AM, tuesday…)

“So, you’re really not staying for season six…” Adam said. They were in bed, she was laying on his chest while he caressed her back.

“You know I can’t…I really wanna do Lotus tour” she said, still with a hoarse voice.

“God, I won’t survive without you.”

She laughed

“Is just a couple of months, is not like I’m leaving forever. ” she looked up to face him.

“I know, I just… I’m already missing you” he said running his hands through her hair and the then kissing her softly. “Well… It’d be easier if everyone knew, you know…”

“I know” she said “Actually I’ve been thinking… I guess it’s time for us to tell ‘em”

He smiled surprised. “Really?”

She chuckled at his reaction “Yeah, I mean…. It has been three months already since I broke up with Matt, I think the press already settled down”

“Can we tell ‘em today?” He said, clearly excited

She laughed “Today?!”

“Yeah… It’s results show, we’re in the middle of the live shows, there isn’t that final’s tension yet”

She pondered for a moment…

“Okay, I guess we can tell ‘em today”

“Awesome” he said, and kissed her again “So… How we’re gonna tell ‘em, you wanna do a formal announcement or just let them know gradually?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I mean, I don’t think it really matters how we tell them, once the press know they’ll get crazy anyway” she said and both laughed.

“Yeah, that’s true” he said and his face turned serious.

“Are you okay?” She asked, worried.

After a few seconds he turned to her and smiled slightly.

“Guess I have the perfect plan to tell ‘em” he said

She smiled. “A plan? What is the plan?”

He rolled his eyes, playfully. “You can’t know. It’s a surprise”

“What kind of surprise?” She asked, a bit suspicious.

“Well… It’s… A good surprise” he said “I just have to make sure of one thing”

“What is it?”

He moved a lock of hair from her face. “Do you really love me?”

She chuckled “Do you really have to ask?”

But he didn’t smiled “I really have to make sure. This is important”

Her face turned serious too and she touched his face.

“Listen… I love you… Like I never loved any other man, ever. I thought that what I felt before was love, but now I know it was like nothing…compared to my love for you…”

He smiled and kissed her.

“Is that enough for you Levine?” She said smirking

He laughed “Yeah.. That’s…Pretty good” he said and kissed her again.

After a few kisses they went to kitchen to have breakfast while Christina attempted to make him say what was his mysterious plan.

“You really won’t tell me, right?” She asked as saying goodbye to him.

“Nope, you’ll have to wait” he said and quickly placed his lips on hers.

“Oh, okay” she said and kissed him back.”I love you”

“I love you too” he said between kisses

“See you tonight” she said

“See you. Be prepared!” he said smirking

“I’ll try to” she laughed

They kissed again and she left.

Adam ran to call Mark and arrange the things for his plan.

(The Voice studio - End of the Live Show…)

“So, good luck to all!! We look forward to see you perform next week” Carson said as the contestants walked out the stage. “And now, our coach Adam Levine has an special performance for you”

Adam took a deep breath and stood up from his chair, giving a brief look at Christina while he walked to the centre of the stage (where a microphone and an acoustic guitar were already waiting for him).

After he prepared himself and adjusted the microphone he looked at her.

“I sang this song many times, but I never really had a reason to sing it… But now I have…This is for you Chris”

A few sounds of surprise came from the crowd till he began to sing “Let’s stay together”

He sang all of it looking straight at Christina. He sang it perfectly, even with his heart beating faster then ever.

But the best part was about to come…

As he finished the song he stood up and walked to her. She stood up from her chair, her heart beating as fast as his. And it almost collapsed when she saw him downing on one knee and grabbing her hand

“A few months ago I never thought I would be doing what I’m doing right now, but today it just feels… the most perfect thing. And I don’t wanna do this with any other woman but you. I know it’s crazy, but I never had more sure in my entire life.” He paused and took a deep breath. Her eyes filled with tears.

He moved his hand to his pocket and grabbed a small box. He opened it, revealing a bright and unique diamond ring.

“I can’t promise you a happy ever after… But I promise to love you, unconditionally, every day, for the rest of my life…Will you please marry me?”

A tear slipped from her eyes as a huge smile appeared on her face. And as him, she never had more sure in her entire life.

“Yes… Yes, of course!!” He stood up and she hugged him tightly.

“You’re crazy” she laughed and kissed him.

“I love you” he said

“I live you too” and they kissed again

And only after that they realised they were actually in front of hundreds of people, all uncontrollably screaming.

CeeLo came to them with his spread arms and hugged them both. And after him Blake did the same while Carson took the stage again (trying uselessly to calm down the crowd) and said his last words to end the show.

“Why I have the feeling that I missed something?” Blake said when they were talking at the backstage. Adam and Christina still hugging and kissing each other.

“I’m sorry we had to hide it from you guys, we just couldn’t take any risks” Christina said.

“Yeah, you’ve hidden it very well. I have to say I was not expecting that. Of course I thought you had something… but I wouldn’t even think about marriage. I’m really surprised”

And CeeLo said:

“Actually, I’m not surprised at all

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