Don't Be Afraid

This is a fanfic about Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Based on their relationship at The Voice.


5. Chapter 5

He missed her…

He thought about her every minute of the day. However, he wasn’t brave enough to call her, or even message her. He was so happy with her last words that he was afraid to call her and maybe hear something diferent. To hear that she wasn’t comming back for season five, that she could never be with him…to possibly hear a happy voice. He wouldn’t bear to hear that. So he didn’t called.

It always became less painfull when he was working with the band or coaching on The Voice. So he tried to be as busy as he could. But it wasn’t the same without her.

She missed him…

Everything reminded her of him. She wanted to see him so badly, but he didn’t called, and she was afraid to call him. Afraid that he could have moved on, that he didn’t missed her anymore, that he didn’t needed her anymore. But also she was afraid to maybe see that he was still waiting for her… Of course she wanted him to wait, but it made her feel bad, cause she didn’t knew how long she would take to broke up with Matt.

She only knew that she loved him, in a way she never did before.


By the time June arrived Adam became more worried about her return since he didn’t heard anything about her. Till he arrived the studio one day and saw CeeLo.

“Hey! CeeLo, good to see you man!” He said hugging him.

“Goo to see you too Adam. I was I little woried about you though, I haven’t heard of you in a while, is everything ok?” He asked.

“Oh, I’m ok…just…busy” he wasn’t good with lies and CeeLo knew that, but he prefered to not ask him again, maybe after. “So, what brings you here?” Adam asked.

“What? I came for the blinds shoot” CeeLo answered surprised with his question. At this moment Mark aproached them.

“The blinds? But I didn’t knew…” Adam started.

“We talked about that at the meeting we had a feew weeks ago” Mark said

“What meeting?” Adam asked, he hasn’t been at any meeting. He was so out of himself the last months that he didn’t even noticed that they were already in June. He didn’t noticed anything at all actually.

“So, it starts today?” He asked

“Yes” answered Mark, still looking worried at Adam.

“And…uhmm…C-Christina…i-is she-“

“Just arrived” said Mark looking at the entrance.

Adam’s heart almost jumped out off his chest. She was there, she was really there, so close to him. Hapiness, excitement, worry, insecurance… All the emotions he’d been feeling the last months hitted him by once. And for a moment he thought he wouldn’t be able to turn around, but the eagerness to see her was much stronger. So he did.

She was entering the room. So beautifull, so confident, so happy

Mark, CeeLo and Blake went to hug her, but he remained there, static, paralysed by the sight of her. Till at one point their eyes met, and then she started walking towards him. She stopped in front of him.

“Hi” she said

His mouth opened but no sound came from it, he just stood there looking straight into her eyes.

Then the other three joined them. “So, are you guys ready to start season five?”said Mark, cheerfully.

“Hell yeah!” Said Blake while Cee Lo stared from Adam to Christina. “I’ve planned for you guys to do some photoshoot and interviews today, and tomorrow we start filming the blinds.” And only then Adam looked away from her eyes and started paying attention to Mark, giving a brief look at CeeLo who was still looking at them.

When Mark explained the whole schedule, they went to do a photoshoot. And Adam started to feel more comfortable, hugging her as usual. It felt so great to feel her so close to him again. However he wasn’t able to talk to her yet. There was so much to say that he didn’t even knew how to start.

They took a break while Blake had to talk with his final contestant from season 4 since they were still at the finals.

Adam, CeeLo and Christina satted on the couches to talk.

“Is good to be back isn’t it?” CeeLo said to Christina.

“Yeah, really good, I missed this.” She said.

CeeLo soon realised that they wouldn’t talk with each other by themselves so he started another conversation.

“So, Adam, I heard about you and Behati, I’m sorry man” CeeLo said

“Oh, it’s ok”

“Can I ask you why was that?”

“Well…it just…”and then he looked at Christina.”lt couldn’t work anymore…things changed”

She looked back at him. It was the secons time their eyes met that day. And again he couldn’t take his eyes off of hers. But Mark had to talk to her and she left the room.

CeeLo got closer to him, looking at the sides to check that no one could hear them.

“Adam, I know I already did this but I’ll ask you once again” he said “What’s happening between you and Christina, man?”

Adam sighed. “Cee Lo, I told you, there is noth-“

“No, I didn’t asked if something is happening, I know something is happening, I just don’t know what it is.” He looked around again “you know you can tell me anything, right? Anything, you know I won’t judge you.”

“Cee Lo, we’re just brothers you know that-“

“Oh, she is like a sister to me too bro, but I don’t stare at her like that” Adam rolled his eyes. Cee Lo continued.

“Listen, first I thought you were together, but…you seem sad, i don’t know” Adam remained in silence, he didn’t want to talk about it, however it would be good for him to have someone to talk with. CeeLo realised he would have to keep trying to guess.

“You know, I’m not talking about that sexual tension I thought it was. Maybe a few season ago, but now…man, the way you look at her…that is deep man… Is love

Adam chuckled. There was no way out now. He already knew.

“Is it that way obvious?” He asked.

CeeLo laughed.”With shining lights man”

Both laughed. Adam was glad that he could now share his feelings with someone.

“Does she know?” Cee Lo asked

“Umm…yes.”he said

“Really? You told her?When? How was that? And she? What does she said?”

Adam laughed “Hey, calm down Cee”

“Haha sorry, I’m just curious”he said

“Ok…Well, I told her the night she lost her phone…” And Adam told him everything that happened between them. It was so good to finally talk with someone about that, it made him feel a little bit relieved, and laugh a bit at Cee Lo’s reactions.

“Well… What now? Did you talked with her already?” Cee Lo asked.

“No… I mean…I don’t know if I should”

“Of course you should…You have to talk to her, let her know how you’ve been feeling without her, how much you missed her”

“Yeah, maybe I should do that…When I stop paralysing every time I see her”Adam said, and Cee Lo laughed once again.

After the brake they did a few interviews with Christina Milian and talked with Mark once more.

Adam was at his trailer when he heard a knock on the door. He opened the door and saw her.

“Hi, Mark said that I left some things here and they put them in your trailer”

He took a while to process what she said and remember that her things were really on his trailer.

“Oh, y-yes, your things” he said “is just some papers and stuff” he went to his desk and start searching for her stuff “They left it here cause it is the emptiest trailer…”he said trying to hide the fact that he actually kinda asked to keep her things.

“Here it is” she picked it up from him, the hands touching a little longer than necessary. Their eyes met…

Then something on her neck caught his attention, and only then he realized the necklace he gave to her, right there, where he saw it the last time. He looked up at her, surprised. She smiled slightly.

“I missed you” she said, almost like a whisper.

He almost paralyzed again. Those were the words he’d been waiting to hear the whole day. But after a few seconds staring at her he smiled and hugged her tightly.

“Damn, I missed you so much” he said. They closed their eyes and remained there hugging each other…

“I was so afraid that you wasn’t coming back” he said. She looked up at him and caressed his hair.

“I promised, didn’t I?” She said.

“I know” he said and touched her face.

A few seconds later he began to slowly pull her closer to him. He downed his head a little bit. They were nose to nose…the lips had just touched when they heard an extremely loudly knock on the door.

“Hey, Adam, get out, we have to go prepare for the live show” they heard Blake screaming outside.

“Oh damn, I forgot about that” he said, cursing Blake on inside.

“It’s alright” she said, smiling at his reaction, and then looking back at him. “See you tomorrow”

She squeezed his hand and left…

Adam cursed Blake for ruining his chance to kiss her. However, at that night’s show, he finally seemed happy again…

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