Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


31. Together Again

Jace marched down the corridor, he didn’t even bother to knock first, he just walked straight it. “Alec. Up.” He commanded. He couldn’t even see his parabatai he was just a mass and bundle of duvets and bed sheets. There was a small pile of comic books Simon had reluctantly lent Alec sat on the side of the bed next to the bundle that was presumably the boy he was looking for. Part of the black duvet moved, and Jace heard a low moan coming from within. He smiled. It looked like a big black slug, if he was honest. “I’ll rip the sheets off you if you don’t get up,” he threatened. Slowly, the black lump uncurled, and Alec sat up out of the bed sheets.

His hair was askew, pointing off and curling in random directions. He had bags under his eyes, and the whites of his eyes were red. Obviously he’d been crying. His face was a pale colour that made his black hair look even darker, and his loose grey sweater was holed so badly a lot of the runes on his chest were visible. Jace felt a wave of pity. He’d lost weight. He was thinner than he remembered, which saddened him. He knew Isabelle left food outside his door every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and most of the time those means returned only nibbled or not touched at all.

He sighed, “We’re going out.”

Alec shrugged, “So?” He snapped back.

“All of us. Including you.” He said. Alec stared at him, and then wrapped the duvet back around him.

“I’m not going.” He muttered, lying back down in bed. Jace moved forward, and pulled the sheet off his friend. “Oh yes you are. I’m not going to late you waste away here.”

“I’m not wasting away.” He protested. Jace raised his eyebrows.

“You’re lost a lot of weight and muscle. You haven’t gone on jobs with us for a couple of weeks. You are wasting away.” He pointed out. Alec curled up in the fetal position.

“Just leave me alone. Not in the mood.” He muttered. Jace sat down on the side of his bed, and put a hand on Alec’s shoulder. “Just. I just ask for one thing, Alec. Just come with us to Simon’s band’s thing.” He pressed harder on Alec’s shoulder, and began padding, trying to get more irritating. Alec moaned. “You’re acting like Church when he wants food.” He commented, and Jace smiled.

“Is it annoying?”


“So I’ll keep doing this until you agree to come.”

He continued padding for about a minute before Alec reached out to hit him with one of the comic books. “Go ahead, hit me with that. Simon’ll kill you if he finds damage on his Batman.” He muttered, and Alec paused. “Fine. I’ll come.” He snapped, and Jace let him sit up. “Now get out, I need to get changed.” Jace smiled,

“maybe I want to inspect my parabatai’s body, I mean, it’s been so long since I saw your naked body and I almost miss the-”

“OUT. Now.” And he threw his pillow at him. Jace caught it easily.

“I told you you were losing muscle.”


Jace closed the door, and stayed there, listening until he heard Alec’s bathroom door open and shut, and the shower turn on. He jogged down the hall, and rang Clary. “Are you two on your way now?” He asked, “We’re almost there.” She answered, “So did you manage to get him to go?” Jace smiled.

“Guilt always works on Alec. Now, get to Magnus, quickly.” He answered, and clicked off the phone.



Magnus opened the door quickly, making both Clary and Simon jump. “What do you two want?” He snapped. “You look awful.” Simon cried, and Clary nudged him in the ribs, smiling sweetly.

“Magnus…how have you been?” she asked. He glared at her, his eyes unfriendly, unloving, and unforgiving. “If you’re here to pester me into getting back together with your friend, then I’m going to ask you to leave now.” He told them, and began shutting the door. Simon shoved his foot in the gap, and wedged the door back open. “God damn it, I hate you and your vampire strength.” He yelled, opening the door to let the two of them in.

“I’d offer you something but I literally do not give a shit about your needs right now.” He said, flopping down on his sofa. “What did you want to bother me with this evening?” he asked, resting his head on his folded arms. Simon cleared his throat, and took the flyer out of his back pocket. “My band’s playing tonight, and I wanted you to come.” Magnus reluctantly took it, and stared at him.
“Why would you want me to come? We’re not the closest, Daylighter.” He replied. Simon shrugged,

“When everyone else dies, it’ll just be you and me. I figure we’d start early in getting to know each other.” He lied swiftly, smoothly, and Clary felt unbelievable proudness for her best friend. Magnus raised his eyebrows. “I’ll have moved out of New York by then, I think.” He muttered to no one in particular. “Give me another reason why I should go.”

“The music is obscure and unique?” Clary pitched in. he raised one eyebrow,

“I’m High Warlock, not a Hipster, Clarissa.” He scorned. Simon shrugged,

“Hot men and woman and… other hot creatures?”

“Okay. Another reason?”

“You owe us.” Clary said. Magnus sat up and stared at her.

“Why do I owe you?” He demanded.

“You’ve been stalking me since I was little, watching me, I mean, you’ve been helping my mother lie to me, you broke Alec’s heart-”

“I’ve healed you guys all for free, and I got stabbed for that one over there.” He nudged his head towards Simon. “What more could I possibly owe you?”

The two teenagers remained silent, until Simon piped up again. “Clary listed three reasons why you owe us. You only listed two solutions – you still owe us.” Clary smiled, feeling smugness. Magnus dropped his head a little, and looked up, smirking. “Fine, you win. I shall attend.” He got up, and stood close to the two of them. “Just make sure you won’t waste my time.” And he turned his back, picked up the Chairman, and made his way into his bedroom. Simon and Clary let themselves out, “That was vaguely threatening.” Simon muttered as they made their way down the steps.

“I just hope this is all worth it.  I don’t like the idea of angering a warlock as skilled as him.” She answered as they began making their way back to the Institute.


Alec sighed as Isabelle smiled at him, “I’m sure it’ll be fine – his band has really improved with the addition of that sexy werewolf.” She said. Alec sighed,

“And he’s taken – like everyone at the event will be. You, Jace, Clary, Maia, Simon, Jordan-”

“Not everyone there will be taken, Alec.” She soothed, and Jace smirked, turning from his conversation to join in. “For example, you, are not.” Clary gave him a rough shove for that one.

“There’s no need to be that mean to him, you know how much trouble he’s having.” She’d whispered in a hush voice to him. Alec shoved his hands into his coats pockets, looking down at the sidewalk. He didn’t even want to come, he didn’t want to leave. He was embarrassed, and going to a place where he knew shadowhunters accumulated, he knew they would make some cutting remark over it. Of course they would. He sighed, and Isabelle looked at him sympathetically. “You won’t stay single forever. You can move on. Look at it this way, there will be lots of hot men there. Some of them shadowhunters, which will undeniably be more of what mom and dad want. And since you outed yourself, and gave others the courage to do the same, I’m sure they’ll come see you if they’re interested.” She told him. Alec shrugged.

“And your point is? No one’s going to come see me, Izzy.” He told her.

“What do you mean?”

He smirked, “You and Jace, even Simon are all miles ahead of me. I’m not noticed that much, everyone will see me there after they see you guys.”

“Oh Alec-”

“No, don’t…don’t lie to me. I know it’s true. Which was what made Magnus so…amazing. He noticed me, and I mean, actually noticed me. You didn’t have to point me out, he just…he saw me.” He licked him lips, and his voice cracked, “And now that’s gone, I doubt I’ll get it back. I doubt I’ll even get anything close to what he gave me.” He wiped his eyes, and stared hard at his sisters face.

“Now, I’ll go with you to things. Simons…well, a friend, I guess, so I’ll support him. Just don’t give me false hope, or lie to me about things that won’t happen.” He told her firmly, and she felt so guilty for lying to her brother. She just wanted to tell him about their plan, and how she was trying to get him and Magnus back together, but she knew it was for the best. If she told him that, he would just turn around and go straight back home and spend another night alone. Hopefully, if their plan went as well as they were all hoping, he’d be spending the night in a certain warlock’s bed.

They arrived at the venue and they all found their seats at a corner table with a clear view of the stage, where the band was setting up. they sat making awkward conversation for about five minutes, until Clary noticed a man standing by the bar, in typical Magnus attire, and she squeezed Jace’s hand. He looked up and discretely noticed as well. “Well, I think I’ll go get drinks, Izzy, Clary would you accompany me to help me carry?” He asked before turning his attention to Alec.

“What do you want to drink?” he asked.

“Whiskey.” That answer instantly made Jace pause.

“I don’t think they have that.”

“Gin. Or vodka. Just something strong.” The three others looked at each other,

“We’ll just get you some lemonade.” Isabelle finalised, and they made their way to the bar. Clary broke away from the group and came up to the warlock. “You came.” She acknowledged. He nodded, “yes, well observed. Did they teach you this in your shadowhunting lessons?” he remarked, and she raised her eyebrows. “Well, you can stand here being moody, wishing you had your boyfriend back, or you can go and get your boyfriend back.” She told him. He sighed and looked at her, “I don’t need Alec ba-”

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll be gone for a good ten, fifteen minutes. Why don’t you go and at least talk to him?” She indicated to the table Alec was sat at, and walked away before he could answer.

Magnus stood, thinking, wondering. His mind was to-ing and fro-ing with ideas. He was rocking between the two ideas, and eventually, with the courage induced by a shot or two of vodka, he thought fuck it, and made his way over to the table. “Alexander.” He announced, and Alec looked up and stared at him. “Magnus…” He whispered. Magnus smiled,

“May I sit? I have a feeling we have something we need to discuss.”


Alec stared at him, even after he let him sit down. Magnus watched back. “I’m…” Alec stuttered and started and stopped and tried to get the words out but they wouldn’t come. Magnus put a hand on his shoulder, everything inside of him ached at seeing Alec like this. His hair was shaggy, messy, and was beginning to curl. His face was taunt, and he looked unwell. Not that Magnus had done any better since they’d broken up. “I’m so sorry Magnus, I never…I just didn’t think. I was too stupid. I didn’t think about any of it, I just wanted to be with you so badly. I was too stupid to think. I’m sorry. I never meant to upset or embarrass you.” He finally got out. Magnus stared at him, and thought. Of course he was angry at Alec. He’d tried to rob him of his life with complete disregard. And he was angry and distrustful of him. But when he had the boy in front of him, as he watched his face. His beautiful face, his perfect eyes, his innocence. Magnus’ love was complete and total for this man. He couldn’t think of anyone else he had loved more. He was brooding over what Alec had done for the past weeks, but face to face with him now, it all melted away, and he just felt lust and longing for him now. He took his hand off his shoulder, and it sauntered slowly and unsurely to Alec’s cheek. His hand was gloved, but he could still feel the warmth from his cheek. Alec blushed, and watched him. Magnus licked his lips, “Alec…I am angry at you.” The shadowhunter’s eyes lost their hopeful glint. “And I have lost some of the trust I had in you.” Alec looked down, obviously upset. “But… breaking up with you was a mistake. I don’t see why we can’t just…talk about our problems, and sort it out like that. I never let us try that,” he smiled sadly, “and if I had, we would probably both be so much happier right now.” He admitted, Alec tilted his head and watched the warlock.

“I love you. I can’t let you go, and I will never do anything like that to you again, I promise.” He begged. Magnus leaned in close, and whispered in his ear, “Now now, a little disobedient is always good. I do need reasons to punish you sometimes.” Alec’s face turned a similar colour to Clary’s hair.

Jace leaned back on the bar, and smiled. “Well, unless they’re angrily making out, I’d say they’re back together.” He commented. Isabelle followed his gaze, and raised her eyebrows.

“Well I certainly wouldn’t call it calm, that’s for sure.” She commented. And it was true. Both Alec and Magnus were grasping at each other madly – at their faces, hair, clothes, back. It was actually verging on grotesque. Clary winced, “one sound I will never be able to get out of my head is the sound of Alec gasping whilst he’s kissing.” Isabelle nodded,

“I suppose he won’t be needing that whiskey anymore.”

Even Simon on stage could see Alec and Magnus. It was quite distracting whilst playing, so at the end of the song, he muttered something to Eric, who smiled and spoke up. “Our bassist Simon would like to dedicate this next song to his friends Alec and Magnus at the back there, since at the rate they’re going, this is probably going to be their last song before they get out of here.” He announced, and Jace smiled yelled “Amen” before everyone in the room began clapping and cheering them.

Alec broke off and smiled, resting his forehead on Magnus’. “I love you.” He whispered again. Magnus smiled back, “I love you too. I never stopped, and I never will stop.” He kissed Alec softly again. “Will you be my boyfriend again?” he asked. Alec studied his eyes, the look in his own so affectionate and warm. He ran his hand down Magnus’ jaw. “Do you need to ask? Seriously?” he asked, Magnus grinned. “Is that a yes?” Alec nodded, and they were kissing again. He wrapped his arms around the warlock’s neck. “Well, for our first action as boyfriends, I’ve been deprived of your body for at least a month. I need you, now.” He demanded. Alec smiled,

“Aren’t we going to listen to Simon’s next song?” he unwound his arms from Magnus, who leaned forward and kissed him quickly. “I can’t wait. If you’re coming with me, now Alexander.” And he got up, and began swiftly walking out of the venue. Alec just up to follow him, and as he passed his friends, Isabelle slipped something into his hand. He met up with Magnus outside, and laughed as soon as he uncurled his hand. “What’s so funny?” the Warlock demanded, and Alec showed him,


“Isabelle gave this to me.” and he held up the condom in his hand. Magnus smiled and snatched it off him, “I’ll have that.” He kissed Alec on the cheek again, and marched forward, “this way to total pleasure, Alexander.”

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