Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


10. The Ice Cream Fic

"Do you want an ice cream?" Magnus asked suddenly, Alec, who had been off in his own imaginary world, looked up at Magnus. "Hm?" He questioned, and Magnus smiled. "Do you want an ice cream?" He repeated. And Alec’s blue eyes went wide. Magnus knew that look. It meant he didn’t know what he was talking about. Magnus pointed towards the ice cream van, and put his hand in Alec’s, who reluctantly let himself be led.

Magnus pointed up at the board above the van, listing all the flavours. “Pick one.” he told Alec, kissing him on the cheek. Alec looked at him with large, owl-ish eyes. “I don’t know…which one to pick…” He stammered. Magnus laughed. “Hows about I order for you?” And Alec nodded quickly.

"So what is ‘ice cream’, anyway?" Alec asked as they sat on the edge of wall nearby. He stared at the ice cream cone as if it were some alien species. Magnus chuckled. "It’s like cold flavoured cream. Just lick it and find out." So Alec did what he was told. "How do you find it?" Magnus asked, licking his own mango flavoured one. Alec smiled warmly, "it’s really nice." He commented, and eagerly lapped at it.

Magnus laughed as he looked at Alec, whom blushed furiously. “What is it?” He asked, and Magnus continued giggling.

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