Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


34. Silence

“Are you sure he’s even here?” Simon asked warily, and Jace turned and glared at him.

“Sebastian keeps his word. Alec’s here.” He spoke briefly, quietly, so the three ahead of them wouldn’t hear. “What I worry about is how badly he’s injured.” He jogged forward to catch up with Magnus, Isabelle and Clay. Magnus appeared to be on the warpath. He was stalking through the field at a speed surprising for somebody who wasn’t a shadowhunter. Jace could understand it though. He just wanted to get there as fast as possible.

The small shack Sebastian had described to them when they’d given him the book was coming up ahead of them, light shining through its small windows. They all broke into a run, although they were too tired to run at full pace, and Magnus flung open the shack door. He gasped, and ran in where he crumbled. Jace was next in, his eyes fixed on the thing at the back of the shack. He tried taking a step, but he slipped and fell to the floor. He tried getting up again, but his legs failed him. Clary felt something inside of her react. Nothing had ever made Jace inelegant or indignant. But now, watching him fall and try to get back up to his feet, was like watching a bird with broken wings trying to fly. He was broken without Alec. And with that thought, she tore her eyes from Jace, and placed them on the back of the shack.

She felt sick. There was so much blood. Dripping off the walls, pooling on the floor, and the instruments hanging up on the walls. Pliers, saws, whips, blades…all of them blood stained. Alec lay crumpled on the floor in the middle of it, a tray lay next to him, its contents scattered across the floor. It looked like human teeth and nails and…

Magnus lifted Alec’s head up, and looked desperately at him. “He’s going to die if we don’t get him out of here.” Magnus’ voice was shaking…wavering. Tears were forming in his eyes. “Jace!” he screamed, and the Herondale boy looked up. “Get the car! Get somebody! Please! Get him out of here!” the warlock yelled, and Jace nodded,

“we need to make a portal.” Isabelle said finally from her spot at the door. Her brother’s condition was too desperate, she felt sick looking at him. “Magnus, move away, I’ll take care of him. You make a portal.” She moved towards him and reluctantly put her arms around him. He moaned, and choked, his fingers twitching. “Quickly!” she yelled, and the warlock quickly began speaking some flustered words, and a portal opened. “Jace, Simon! Help me lift Alec.” It felt like some déjà vu, watching Alec’s bloodied body being carried away, and all Clary could do was watch, and follow behind, holding Isabelle as she went to pieces.


“How is he?” Clary asked Jace, whom was sat outside Alec’s room.

“Magnus is doing his best, but…there are something’s he won’t be able to fix.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, and looked at her. She’s never seen him look so defeated and pained. He could feel Alec slipping away from him, and he had no idea what he was supposed to do now. “He cut out his tongue with a demon blade, Clary.” He whimpered, and she put her arm around him. Jace rested his forehead on her shoulder, his nose digging in. “his nails were ripped out…some of his teeth too. He was whipped across the back with demon metal. Even if he lives…he’ll have to remember all of that.” He sobbed, and Clary nodded sympathetically, but she would never know how he felt. She hadn’t known Alec for many years, she didn’t love Alec to the degree that Jace adored him. She could never understand.

Magnus picked up a towel next to the bed, and began wiping his blood off. “Alec.” He said. The boy was breathing heavily, his face in a constant state of wincing. He opened his eyes, one of them was horribly bloodshot, and probably wasn’t working correctly, if at all. Alec had developed the thousand-yard stare, which Magnus was very familiar with in his line of work. He never thought he’d see it on Alec. Slowly, his eyes lifted and fell on Magnus. he couldn’t talk anymore, he knew that. “Are you feeling okay?” He asked, and Alec just continued to stare at him blankly. Magnus leaned forward and took his hand softly. Alec looked at him. “I love you.” He whispered, and kissed him softly. Alec was hesitant to respond, but he let Magnus kiss him. “I love you, no matter what that guy did to you, you will always be perfect.” Alec smiled weakly, and went to form words, but only gargled sounds came out. He gave up, looking down. “And you’re going to kill him. We’ll kill that son of a bitch, don’t you worry.” He said, and Alec nodded, looking down at himself. Magnus kissed him again, softer. More romantic. He had a feeling Alec was hesitant because of his lack of tongue. He smiled at his lover. “You’re alive. You’re safe now. No one can ever hurt you again.” He said, and Alec looked up at the ceiling. He knew what he wanted to say, I’m alive with no tongue, and scars that will impact my ability to do anything for the rest of my life. He has taken away my voice. what sort of life is that? But instead, he just squeezed Magnus’ hand, and looked towards the door. “I’ll go get the others for you – they’ll be glad you’re okay.” He said, and detached himself. But the actual fact was Alec wasn’t okay. He was never going to be okay. Not for a long time. 

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