Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


11. Sick

Alec sneezed again, and Magnus turned to look at him. “Are you sure you’re alright?” He asked with a growing concern. Alec turned to look at him, his blue eyes shadowed, his skin ashen. “I’m fine.” He croaked, and sniffed. Magnus frowned. “No, you’re sick. I told you not to go off slaying demons in the rain! Without an umbrella! You might be part-angel, but you are still human!” He cried, and put his hand on Alec’s forehead. “how do you feel? Hot or cold?”

"Cold, I guess."

Magnus frowned even more. “You’re running a temperature. Come on.” And he stood up, pulling Alec off the sofa too. “Sick people have to rest. No demon-hunting until you’re completely better.” He warned, as he half-dragged, half-led Alec to their bedroom. He set him gently down in the bed, and pulled the covers up to his chin. “What kind of soup do you want?”


"People give sick people soup, right? What flavour do you want?"

"Errr…my mother always makes tomato soup, I suppose." Magnus was up, out the door and on his way to the kitchen before Alec even noticed.

He re-entered the bedroom a short while later, and heard Alec softly snoring. Magnus smiled, and set the soup down on the bedside table. He watched Alec sleeping. His hair was already getting tangled, and he was curled in on himself. But his face was remarkably serene. He looked young, and innocent. He looks like Max, Magnus thought to himself. He remembered holding Alec as he sobbed in the middle of the night. He remembered being the only one to see Alec cry about him, because Alec had felt the need to be the one of the family who didn’t shut down. The one who held them together.


Alec’s eyes fluttered open, and Magnus smiled at him. Alec gazed sleepily at him. “I’m cold.” He whispered, and Magnus brushed some hair out of his face. Alec caught hold of Magnus’ wrist. His grip was weaker than it should have been. “Stay with me.” He pleaded, already shutting his eyes again. Magnus slipped out of his shoes, and pulled back the duvet next to Alec. He slid into bed next to him, and grabbed his hand gently, listening to Alec’s gentle breathing.

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