Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


19. Meeting the Lightwoods

Magnus checked himself in the mirror again, and Alec came up behind him, resting his chin on the warlock’s shoulder. “You look nice.” He told him, kissing his cheek. Magnus smiled meekly.

“I need to look perfect. I’m having lunch with your family, I have to be perfect.” Magnus told him, sighing. Alec interlocked his hand with Magnus’. “You’re perfect for me. Honestly. My parents don’t care about me dressing the way I do in public. I strongly suggest that if you dress up anymore, you’ll be too dressy for my family.” Alec told him, looking up at his boyfriend’s face. Magnus was very much toned down, unlike his ordinary self. He wore neutral makeup, and a simple shirt and trousers. Alec wrapped his arms around his waist. “I love you.” He murmured in his ear quietly. Magnus smiled. He wasn’t used to Alec being so affectionate, but since the mortal war, he’d become a lot more open about it. He even invited him to have lunch with the Lightwoods, so he could come out properly to his family. He felt that simply kissing Magnus was not enough.

They went via the subway to the Institute, where Isabelle was waiting for them. “It’s so nice to see to see you two again. Since Alec has hardly been home since Idris.” She winked, and hugged her brother all the same. She showed them into the dining room, where Jace and Clary were already sitting. Magnus was a little surprised, “Killing two birds with one stone this evening, are we?” He asked, smiling warmly at Robert, who nodded stiffly back to the warlock. Magnus and Alec took their places, as far away from the Lightwood parents as possible without being awkward.

Conversation rolled from this and that, and soon conversation turned to Magnus and Alec’s relationship. “So, when did you start seeing each other exactly?” Mayrse asked. Alec stiffened a little. “Ever since I healed Alec from his wound caused by the greater demon when they retrieved the Mortal Cup.” Magnus answered, and Robert turned to look at his son with an element of surprise. “That long? I never noticed the change in Alec.” He murmured, half to himself. Alec cleared his throat, and set down his knife and fork. “That’s because you were in Alicante, dad.” He reminded him. Jace and Mayrse stiffened at the tone of Alec’s voice. Robert paused, “Are you saying if I was here I would have noticed? I don’t remember your mother mentioning that she saw you change.” He commented back, although there was a harsh undertone. Magnus slipped his hand under the table, and grabbed Alec’s hand, which was knotting in his lap. Alec trained his eyes on his plate. “She wouldn’t have noticed a change.” He shot back. Jace and Clary had stopped their private conversation, and the whole table was sat awkwardly as Robert and Alec began to argue. “Alec, she would have noticed a change. You weren’t….like this, before.”

“Like this? I’m sorry, do you mean I wasn’t gay beforehand?” Alec snapped. Robert sighed,

“Alec… you might have feelings for this man now, but…it is just a phase. You were meant to be with a woman.” He said softly. Alec sighed, but Magnus cut him off.

“I’m very sorry, Mr. Lightwood, I know that you would have liked very much for Alec to marry a woman, but… I think the reality is he wasn’t meant to be. He’s happy with me…and isn’t that best?” He asked. Robert stayed quiet. It was Mayrse who cleared the silence. “I for one am pleased about Alec being happy. And I don’t mind whether it is with you, Magnus.”


They arrived home, and Magnus slumped onto the sofa, Alec followed, slumping onto Magnus’ shoulder. “No wonder you stay with me so much. How do you cope with parents like that?” He grumbled. Alec sighed, “They weren’t always this harsh. It’s just because you’re a downworlder, and a man.” He replied. Magnus rubbed his face.

“I think I need a drink.”

“Me too.”


“Maybe some vodka, too.” Alec added, smiling up at his lover. “My parents may not be exactly happy with you, but I certainly love you.” He replied, pressing his lips hard to the warlock’s.

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