Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


5. Masquerade

"Is this absolutely necessary?" Alec whined, turning the masquerade mask over and over in his hands. Isabelle sighed. She looked beautiful - even Alec had to admit. Her butterfly themed dress was black and gold, showing off the best of her figure. "Just put it on, Alec." She said, and reluctantly, he put it on. He felt out of place in a suit - too overdressed for his liking. But Izzy smiled at him, "You look good. Better than you usually do. Magnus would be blind to resist you." She grinned. Alec instantly regretted putting her in charge of his costume for Magnus’ masquerade ball. She’d gelled back his hair, and given him clothing he’d never had the likes to wear before. But all the same, he reluctantly shuffled out of Isabelle’s bedroom where she had gotten him dressed.

They walked the distance to the venue. Alec had long since given up trying to find out how Magnus hired such places. They wandered into the hall, and they were both stunned. The hall was decorated so elegantly and simply - there were flowers bundled together, decorating any possible space, and candles lighting up the space. There was a massive chandelier that gave off most of the light, though.

Izzy instantly caught sight of Jace, Clary and Simon in the corner, and the two Lightwood siblings make their way towards their friends. “Is that really Alec I see before me?” Jace joked, and Alec rolled his eyes. “Oh shut up, Jace.” He muttered, but his parabatai continued. “And by the angel, have you brushed your hair?” Izzy giggled, and Alec ignored the laughter. “Do you know where Magnus is?” He asked, and Simon nodded.

"He was waiting on the balcony outside for you." Alec nodded, and hastily withdrew from his friends, half-walking, half-jogging across the hall, towards the balcony.

Magnus was leaning on the railing, looking out into the darkness. The door opened and shut behind him, and he looked around, to see…”Alec?” He asked, and the boy blushed, and smiled.

"Izzy got me ready for the ball.." He explained, and Magnus smiled, cupping Alec’s face, and resting his forehead on his. "You look beuatiful." He commented, and Alec’s face turned a darker pink.


"You look nice too." He replied, because he did. Extravagant, in true Magnus form, but nice. Magnus smiled. He loved it when Alec complimented him. "Thank you, sweetie." And he leaned down and kissed his boyfriend softly on the lips.

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