Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


8. Jealousy II

Magnus and Alec sat at the diner table at Taki’s, Magnus feeling particularly out of place there. He’d never been there before, and it wasn’t really his…style. But Alec seemed happy there, and so he put up with it.

They were enjoying each other’s company, and Magnus was actually beginning to enjoy himself, when a boy who was at least a foot smaller than Alec, with messy brown hair that seemed to stick out in all directions, and ashen grey eyes walked passed them, and turned back to look at Alec. “Alec Lightwood? Is that you?” He asked, and Alec turned up from his food, and smiled at the boy shyly. “Jonathon! How long has it been?” Magnus raised his eyebrows at Alec’s light reply. “Please tell me this isn’t another Jonathon Christopher.” He muttered, “Jonathon Herondale, Jonathon Mogenstern, Jonathon Shadowhunter…how many of there are you?” Alec shot him a look, but Jonathon just laughed humorously. He had a nice laugh, an infectious one - one that made you laugh yourself. Even Alec chuckled a little as he laughed, and Magnus bit back a sharp comment, instantly disliking this boy for making his lover laugh. “Jonathon’s a common name. Speaking of names, I never did catch yours?” Magnus shot him a sharp, fake smile, and sipped his drink. “Magnus.” He eventually answered, his tone harsh. Jonathon’s jaw looked like it could have hit the floor. “Magnus Bane?” He asked, and Magnus nodded. Jonathon smiled at Alec. “Wow - so this is the famous Magnus who stole Alec Lightwood’s heart.” He murmured, and Alec smiled, embarrassed.

"So, how do you two know each other?" Magnus asked, sipping his drink. Alec shuffled aside, and let Jonathon sit in the booth next to him. Too close for comfort, Magnus noted. “Jonathon and his sister have dropped down in on the Institute a few times. We used to play together.” Alec explained, and Jonathon nodded, launching into a full length story about something stupid him, Alec and Jace did when they were younger.

And Magnus sat there, bitter, as Alec and Jonathon laughed. He wasn’t usually the jealous type. But something about Jonathon wasn’t right (just like there was something not-right about the other Jonathons he knew). And when he reached out, and corrected Alec’s inverted collar, stroking his hand down Alec’s side as he did, that was the last straw for Magnus.


He stood up, “I’m very sorry Jonathon, but Alec and I must be getting off now.” He said, and Jonathon looked from Alec to Magnus. “Okay then, it was nice seeing you Alec, then. I’m in New York for the next couple of weeks, so maybe we should catch up sometime.” He said, standing up to let Alec out, who smiled in return. “That sounds nice, I’ll tell Jace.” And Magnus was yanking Alec out the door before he could say anything else.

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