Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


4. Goodbye

Magnus rounded the corner, his eyes scanning the crowds. “Alec?” He whimpered. He cursed himself for losing sight of him earlier, for letting him go off on his own at a time like this. He turned a corner, and there he found him. His face paler than he ever remembered, his black hair sticking to his face, his eyes sunken in, their blue darkening. But most of all, Magnus noticed the blood. So much blood. Alec’s hand was on his chest, trying to stop his own bleeding, but it wasn’t working. There was too much blood. Before he knew it, Magnus’ feet were carrying him across the distance, and he collapsed beside his lover.

He just stared at Alec, at all the blood. Alec’s eyes were fluttering. Magnus ran his hands through his hair - denting his spikes. His breathing was heavy, and he couldn’t control his thoughts. “Alec - Alec - wake up! Wake up! Don’t do this to me!” His eyes opened slightly, and Alec stared up at him. “Magnus…” He whispered. “I didn’t think you’d come.” A tear escaped, and fell down Magnus’ face. “Of course I came, silly.” He whimpered, running his thumb across Alec’s cheek. “Why wouldn’t I come? It’s you.”

Alec looked down at his open wound. “Magnus, I’m sorry, I-“

"Sorry for what?" Magnus cut him off, wiping the tear off his face,

"For getting hurt like this, I know I’m not going to survive this and I’m sorry for-"


"You’re not going to die, Alec." Magnus told him firmly, and Alec smirked sadly. "Magnus…don’t lie. I know that.." He was cut off, choking, coughing on his own blood. Magnus whimpered again, turning his head to the side so he wouldn’t choke too much. "Just… don’t leave me, Magnus." He whispered, his eyes too heavy for him to keep open. Magnus curled his hand in Alec’s bloody one, the tears smudging his eye liner and glitter. "I will. I’m never going to leave you, Alec." He said softly, leaning down and softly kissed Alec’s lips. "I’ll stay with you," He rested his forehead on Alec’s, listening to his shallow breathing, "until the very end."

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