Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


2. Caught

Magnus sat across from Alec, staring at him. “…What?” Alec asked curiously, Magnus chuckled. “You look nice today - it’s been a long time since you looked this well - all those fights you’ve had… well, you may heal quickly, but the bruises stayed. It’s nice to see them gone now.” He explained, leaning forward, kissing Alec softly on the lips. He pulled away slowly, and Alec’s arms locked around Magnus’ neck. He made a soft, questioning sound, staring into Alec’s blue eyes, which were filled with lust. “My skin hasn’t been this bruise free in a long time, and won’t be this perfect forever,” he whispered, “You might as well enjoy it now.” He licked his lower lip, and that was all the encouragement Magnus needed.

He pressed his mouth hard to Alec’s, delighting at the sound he made. Within a few minutes, Alec was lying underneath him on the settee, tugging at Magnus’ shirt. “Off.” He demanded, and Magnus complied. Alec smirked, and ran his hands down Magnus’ bare chest, hooking his arms around his waist. Magnus stared at Alec, “yours has to go off too. It’s only fair.” he purred, helping Alec off with his too.

Magnus’ hand worked its way across Alec’s bare stomach, and he shivered with pleasure. “Magnus, I really think we should continue this-“

"Well, Alec, Magnus, this is a not so pleasant surprise." They heard a voice behind them. Alec tried to sit up so hard, he head-butted Magnus, and both of them cringed with pain. Magnus, still clutching his forehead, got off Alec, who had now turned an amazing shade of red. Jace was stood by the door, a look of pure horror on his face. "You guys do realise your bedroom is just over there, right?" He asked, and Magnus ran a hand through his hair. Alec was reaching desperately for his shirt. "Jace, by the angel, I wasn’t expecting you to-"


"And I was expecting you to still be innocent, Alec," he tutted, shaking his head, smiling at him. Though Alec, through years of knowing Jace, knew it was a nervous, slightly uncomfortable smile. "well, that innocent was lost as soon as I walked in." Magnus muttered, and Alec blushed once more, looked down at his lap, embarrassed by all the men in his life.

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