Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


23. Cats

Jace swaggered down the corridor purposefully, and he turned the corner, turning into a corridor of bedrooms. He didn’t bother knocking before entering his parabatai’s room. “Alec, we really need to get going to-” He stopped midsentence. Alec sat on his bed cross-legged, staring at Jace with massive blue eyes, shocked. Surrounding him on the bed, were at least fifteen cats. They were on his lap, standing on his shoulders, lying partially on his thighs, and just  everywhere surrounding him. Jace was too stunned to talk, and Alec looked about the same. The two boys kept on staring at each other, before Jace cleared his throat. “Is this a bad time?” he finally asked. Alec just looked down, clearly embarrassed. “Does Church know how many cats he’s actually sharing the Institute with?” he was trying to get Alec to talk to him, so he would keep asking questions until he got an answer. “I think he’s had his suspicions.” He muttered to himself, and rolled his shoulder forward so the ginger and white tabby cat on his shoulder had no choice but to jump off. He then began to remove all the cats on his body, and stood up, the cats quickly falling into the empty space he’d left. Alec got off the bed, and wiped the cat hairs off him. “Can I ask why Alec Lightwood has maybe twenty cats in his room, and why no one knows about them?” Jace asked, leaning on the door. Alec shrugged as he bent down to pick up a little grey cat that was travelling around his ankles. It mewed as he did. “I found them on the streets. They were so helpless…I couldn’t just leave them there. So I took them home. And I just built up more and more cats…you have no idea how many people throw their cats out in New York!” he argued. Jace chuckled, and began stroking the cat in Alec’s arms.

“So do they just stay in your room?” he asked. Alec nodded.

“They don’t really mind it.” He said quietly. Jace stared at him.

“This is weird, you know.”

“I know its weird! Just don’t tell mom. I don’t want to lose my cats.” He pleaded. Jace smiled.


“I won’t tell about your weird collection of strays.”

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