how I met him

just read it..:)


4. thing....

I got dressed and went downstairs .
I stepped into the car and Justin began to drive .
'' so .. um. Do you still mad at me about yesterday?please don't, you know that what happened yesterday was not on purpose''
'' Yes, I'm mad , and I'll never forget about that , for God's sake you raped me , I thought you were different '' - I am, I just .. - '' don't interrupting me please ''
'' Forgive me please ''
'' look Justin , I just wanna go home, you were my idol , I trusted you , I couldn't wait to meet you, but not in this way ''
'' I'm sorry please don't do this , you can't go home ''
'' Why not .. Don't telling me what to or where I can go, you don't own me  ... I want to see my parents ''
then Justin stopped the car , got out , and I for him, and we entered the arena .
as we walked paps took pictures of us and came to the various questions '' Justin who is this,your new girl ? how you are together ? ,in which club you picked her?, Is she whore??''
Justin stopped and his fists clenching ..
'' Justine , don't turn around please ..''
'' what did you just say?
that she's a whore?''

' Don't Justine please '' tears were starting to trickle down her cheeks ..
'' nobody gives you the right to talk about her like that'' he stopped and looked at me
'' hey hey .. Lara .. please do not cry ..come here,we're going inside.. * hug * ''
SO THIS IS YOUR NEW GIRL? one of the paps said
'' WHAT DO YOU EVEN CARE '' ..Justin yelled and went inside with me ..


one of the paps said ''SO THIS IS YOUR NEW GIRL?'' I just yelled back ''WHAT DO YOU EVEN CARE'' and went into the arena with Lara..-







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