how I met him

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8. reporters

'why are journalists out there?''

''well um, dad..Justin is a singer''I said

drrnn drrnn
Justin's cell phone began to ring
'' sorry'' Justin said and answered
wazzup Scooter'' he said
'' switch to E TV you should see this''
'' okay bye''
'' bye''
'' Can you please turn on the TV and switch the TV on E'' justin asked
''of course son'' dad said
Justin was surprised when my dad said 'son'' to him

* News celebrities *

'' After advertisements your heard what's going on with Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend''

We all looked in the TV and waiting for news to start

''Here we are back in the world of celebrity good evening'' said the head of the show

''Today we will talk about Justin and his new girlfriend''
''yesterday they were seen coming out of Justin's house and she seemed like she was crying, they went into a white Ferrari with which they come to the arena where he has concert. ON the entrance to the arena  they stopped by journalists who are asking rude questions Justin get angered and turned around, it seem like he wanted to hit the reporter, but  his girlfriend Lara calmed him down, he looked at her and saw that she is crying he hugged her and they entered the arena of the reporters asked Justin: ''SO THIS IS YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND?'', Justin heard that and respond with rough reply ''this is not your fu****g problem'' 


Justin turned off the TV and said ''how did she know about that all and I didn't said that...''

''Hun why was you cried when you got out the house?''mom asked
''um...I.. I didn't, they are lying''

Justin hugged me and said ''oh babe, don't be sad..everything's gonna be alright''

''Justin?'' I asked

''Hm?''Justin replied


'we need to go but how we will get out of here..the reporters  .they are everywhere''

''you can sleep here''mum said

''thanks mum love ya''I said and hugged her

''thanks ma'am''Justin said

''oh c'mon you can call me mom'' 

''okay MOM ''bye

''bye, sweet dreams


____________________MY ROOM__________

''Justin can sleep with me on the bed'' I said with a smile on my face

''okay babe'' he said and kissed me

he undressed his pants and got into the bed  in the boxers

i was laying on the bed with my back turned to Justin. He pull me closer to him and kissed my cheek..

''good night babe''he said and held me tightly
''good night too ''I said and closed my eyes
''love you'' he said and I didn't replied 



''JUSTIN PLEASE DON'T, PLEASE JUSTIN DON'T''I started to scream and cry and then my parents come and they stood in  the corner while Justin was shaking me and trying to woke me up

''JUSTIN I WON'T TELL MY PARENTS PLEASE DON'T RAPE ME PLEASE''I screamed again and my parents were in the big shock..

Justin woke me up and when I saw him i hugged him and said ''omg hun I'm so happy this was just a dream, I don't want you to rape me..AGAIN''

my parents heard that and they were totally in the shock



''I um,she, we..'' Justin was stuttered
'' I was dreaming him how is he raping me before, nothing happened'' I said to save Justin's ass

''okay? um we are going to sleep again , you woke us, bye hun''dad said 

''bye''I said and laid back in the bed

''Lara, thank you''Justin said 

''no prob..'' I said and kissed him

 I laid on the top of him and started kissing him with my tongue he laid on me and said ''I love you Lara''

''I love you to Justin'' I said and he laid on my chest and felt asleep.......

my legs was wrapped around his waist and that's how we fell asleep..


read next to hear what's going on with LARA AND JUSTIN'???

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